Cheers to Substack. Time to start looking into these reader numbers. No way he has 174,000 real subscribers, before the hysteria he had little engagement on his posts. Same goes for Katz.

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I have run across some 'commenters' who I think are trying to 'poison the well'. It doesn't take a whole lot of smarts to make idiotic comments and then point to those comments as 'proof' a 'Stack needs to be censored.

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That monkeypox pic 😂

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Oh noes, some self-important human that I never heard of and don't care about quit Substack in a public temper tantrum because they won't run their servcce the way he thinks they should!

Whatever shall I do? Read articles, go find a meal and keep on living my best life, I guess.

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In other words, he’s taking his ball and going home. What a baby, but his behavior is on par with the other leftist crybabies out there.

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Why not abide to Mr. Newton and the like.

" To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture."

Thomas Paine, The American Crisis

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The false-flag technique for swaying public perception described in Saul Alinsky's (infamous) "Rules for Radicals" comes to mind - that is, dressing up as KKK and appearing in the audience of a targeted adversary.

I sense analogous behavior here.

Also suspect: the invocation of the term "Nazi" - which has become a reflexive cudgel on the part of Antifa (amongst others).

Your average current Antifa street theater useful idiot operative is presumptively blissfully ignorant of the fact that "Nazi" is/was an acronym for "National Socialist." And blissfully ignorant of the fact that Antifa originated in 1930's Germany as the Communist street-thug counterforce to the National Socialists' "brown shirts." It was all an internecine struggle between two forms of Collectivism - Fascists / Communists - as to which would be top-dog in Germany.

But then, the Communists (Lenin?) didn't refer to their blissfully ignorant allies as "useful idiots" for nothing.

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NYT journalist quits substack?

IMO, absolutely no lose. . . . save maybe for him

I have not paid attention to the NYT since they 'covered' Vietnam.

I clearly remember their 'coverage' and Washington Post's

and not only shut them down but TIME, NEWSWEEK and network

A pox on them all

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I always thought Nazi's believed in censorship. So who's the real Nazi here?

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Well, free speech has meant this for journalists:

"I'm free to speak, and you're free to believe me"

Sounds harsh? Then consider the past 35 years of climate scam perpetrated via journalism. Or that the replacement migration - which started as a UN project in the late 1990s! - is a conspiracy theory.

Journalist simply means "paid liar", nothing more - and it never did mean anything else.

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Here is what I want to tell censoring snowflakes.

I may not really mean what I say, but I will say it to piss you off. I say it because I can. And until you can calm the fuck down and relax, I will keep saying it, because your over reaction amuses me. You are silly.

Not everything is an existential threat, not to the climate, nor to our so called Democracy, and not everyone is a Nazi or Fascist, and words are not violence.

Saying there only two genders is not a call to genocide, but that is the cliff you lemmings jump off of when faced with opposing ideas, thoughts and opinions.

It's time the hall monitors get shoved back into their lockers.

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Props to Substack for staying true to their mission of NO censorship of speech or ideas.

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moldy fig newton somehow believes he can be pro lethal injection and anti nazi at the same time

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Casey Newton? Who cares? Which DIE-infested (so-called academic) indoctrination center does he hail from? Hell! He scribbles for the NYT where all “news” is literally “fit” (as in predigested and regurgitated as if from a mama-bird to her chicks) to print.


Won’t miss what I never saw. 🫣

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Did that maniac actually get a frickin monkeypox jab?????

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Well I do censorship because anything from the mainstream media in any form does not compute into my awareness. If the government is talking, I usually am never listening. I reserve the right to filter out the garbage I do not want coming into my sphere. That includes all woke and most liberal nonsense. The second I see any wokeness on TV, I switch it off. As you can guess, other than older movies, I don't watch much TV.

I have been "xed" out and banned from a few substack sites. Some of these writers cannot accept anything that challenges their supreme arrogance. If I was to write articles for public purview, I wouldn't care who said what. I am offering an opinion, and anyone who does or doesn't agree is fine with me.

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