This is yet another enlightening article, Jordan, as you highlight yet another way that psychopaths are trying to completely enslave humanity.

But can anyone here help to alleviate my concern that, if I invest in Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies along with hundreds of millions of other folks, the CON-TROLL-ers will take down the internet and prevent us from accessing our own investments?

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bitcoin is disease. only mentally challenged think it's freedom.

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"On one side, you have those who stand for human freedom, which is best represented in monetary terms by Bitcoin. On the other side, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one of the most powerful actors on the world stage that is fighting for the cause of total top-down authoritarian rule".

There are more than two sides to this story.

On which side does trusted, responsive, responsible, government stand?

On which side does national solvency stand?

On which side does anti-money laundering stand?

We, as heirs to the Roman political tradition, have always assumed that governments will be oppressive and have thus equated 'freedom' with anti-government activities. We have usually been right and, today, more so than ever.

The Chinese, as heirs to the Confucian political tradition have always assumed that governments will be compassionate, responsible, and devoted to the wellbeing of their people. They have usually been right and, today, more so than ever.

Thus our Roman government–always better at politicking than governing–is reaching its nadir just as their Confucian government–always better at governing than politicking–is reaching its zenith.

It's about competence and commitment.

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Hey, I'm no fan of China or anything but why in this piece did you ignore our own Treasury? Coins are dropping not because of China, imo, but because of Yellen.

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