Don’t worry, they will all get imported to America and Europe.

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Nothing new here. The Gaza residents are disposable pawns in the struggle to eliminate the Jews.

The tragedy is how the west is fooled again, and again to sympathize with the plight of the Gaza residents after Israel retaliates.

Remember before there was a Palestine there was a Judea. So stop whining about the plight of the “Palestinians”.

Expand your horizon and educate yourself on the long, long history of the Middle East.

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Consider this: Sweden alone with a population of 8.5mn swedes and 3mn migrants and their offspring has donated - freely given without any demand for proof how the money is spent - annually more than all other arab nations put together to the plight of the palestinian arabs.

That's how much other arabs care. However, something not commonly known outside the arab world is this: palestinians have about the same status among other arabs as gypsies used to have.

They make a convenient excuse for Egypt, Saudi et c to attack the jews and their american allies, and that's about it.

Now, when the swedish parliament is debating cutting off aid to the palestinians to audit how the aid-money has been spent (about €50 000 000 annually has gone directly to Hamas, I'm shamed to report, thanks to our Socialist Democrat, Communist and feminist groups in parliament), palestinian and other arab and moslem pundits and "community leaders" in Sweden are threatening us: "If Sweden audits its donations and demands proof from Palestine, and cuts off the money, there will be trouble!" they say.

Threatening violence to the people of a nation who spends 3% and more of its annual GDP on migrants, foreign aid and who lets "refugees" live for free, all expenses paid, for unlimited time in said nation.

This is how the arab thanks you.

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They have to stay in Palestine so that the billionaire leaders in Qatar can stay on the gravy train. If there weren't masses of children dying in Gaza with Israel to blame, the funding for the fight would stop. No more solid gold cars to ride around in.

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Jordan, this is correct. The idea of a Palestinian race or people is a fallacy. These are Arabs only and have been from the beginning. The hate organizations use them, as you have outlined, for the purpose of gaining wealth and prestige. The only reason the nefarious Palestinian movement exists is because of the credulity and complete and utter stupidity of certain people who cannot think their way out of a torn and wet paper bag. The ultimate question that you just asked cannot be answered by an inane Palestinian supporter. They can't admit that these ragged people are used as political pawns to gain support from the ill-schooled knuckleheads swimming among intelligent humans.

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What if: All the know it all college students protesting Israel and lamenting the Palestinians went to Burning Man Event and were massacred by Native Americans. Would they die happily knowing that they died for DEI?

The great silent majority best start speaking up and use their peer group pressure to silence and educate these youngsters who profess great wisdom.

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Comments from March 13, 1977 “in Holland, the newspaper Trouw ran an interview conducted by James Dorsey with Zuhayr Muhsin, head of As-Saiqa. Muhsin, although born in Tulkarm, headed this “Palestinian” terror outfit created by the same Syria that did not recognize “Palestine” as a separate country, and therefore the people in it had no national identity separate from “Syrian.” Muhsin said: There is no difference between Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity, because it is in the interest of the Arabs to encourage a separate Palestinian identity in contrast to Zionism. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new expedient to continue the fight against Zionism and for Arab unity.”

From Phantom Nation by Sha’i ben Tekoa

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Wow, justifying a genocide before our very eyes because no one would take them? I figured there was a neocon in there somewhere...

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Yep, the Arab states against Israel will fight to the last Gazan.

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Theoretical civilians (aka women and children) in Gaza need to be filmed dying in gruesome fashion for the narrative. Especially after their men over-shot on the terrorism of theoretical civilians. The only way to put that crazy back in the can is to have injured and dead Gazan civilians in the news and on social media every single day until Israel becomes the villain in other-than rabid jihadi clans.

Watch for it. The 90% support will be 50% by the end of the month.

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A simpler way to thing of the people in Gaza: CATTLE FOR THE SLAUGHTER

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The Arabs have turned their back on the Palestinians since the late 40's when they refused to arm them. The Arabs figured they'd win, claim the territory for themselves and screw the Palestinians. The PLO was purged from Jordan and eventually from Lebanon after destabilizing the situation in both. Arafat throwing his backing behind Saddam before "Gulf War 1" was the stupidest move I've ever seen a Palestinian leader do. Cost the Palestinians living in Kuwait and elsewhere their jobs and place to stay.

Sadat was very smart when he refused Gaza. "Those are not Egyptians. Why should they be my problem?" was his reasoning and it was accurate.

However the old Israeli position that "There are dozens of Arab countries. Why don't they move there?" is very weak. Their HOME is where they are. Palestine. It was theirs until they were driven out by the panic that ensued from the Stern Gang & Irgun mass murdering whole villages of old men, women & children (wait until all the young men left for work and then attack).

If you want the Arab countries to solve YOUR PROBLEM then what are you offering in return? 5 cantons with all access controlled like that one joke of an offer? It will have to a real country for Palestinians.

Here is my opening position. Everyone will feel the pain because they will have to give up that which they value most.

1) The Palestinians will give up the right to return, recognize Israel and keep their side of the border demilitarized and safe. The Israelis can mine their side if they want.

2) The Israelis will come clean about their nuclear weapons program and open up to international inspections. This will hurt and cost $3 billion a year in aid because the US law doesn't allow foreign aid to nuclear countries.

3) After that it is land swaps for the NE illegal settlements and Gaza. Palestine gets one contiguous area of land and Israel gets the ocean front.

4) Jerusalem will be the capital of both countries. Run by the elected mayor with an international force to secure it.

Make me a counter offer.

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no arab country did in 1947. they purged their jews, but refused to take in any arabs. 70+ years as “refugees”.

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Hamas attack was triggered by plans to demolish Al-Aqsa and build "third temple". Hence the name for the jail-break - "Al-Aqsa Wind":

Extremist Politics in Israel and Ukraine - Alastair Crooke, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

https://rumble.com/v3okn3w-extremist-politics-in-israel-and-ukraine-alastair-crooke-alexander-mercouri.html Oct. 11, 2023 – VERY good

‘Al-Aqsa Flood’: The surprise is that some are surprised -- The cry for Al-Aqsa resonated across the entire Islamic sphere. Why did the West not get it? -- Oct. 8, 2023


Israel-Palestine War: US Faces Catastrophe in Middle East! -- Oct. 12, 2023


Why Is The West Supporting Israel Over Palestine? | Understanding The Art Of Propaganda

Armageddon update - preview -- Oct. 11 - https://rumble.com/v3omjt9-menu-armageddon-update.html

https://rumble.com/v3olmdv-war-crimes-moats-with-george-galloway-ep-281.html -- VERY good

Seymour Hersh – Oct. 12, 2023 – Netanyahu is Finished -- The Bibi doctrine—his belief that he could control Hamas—compromised Israeli security and has now begat a bloody war


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Why have no other Arab countries come to their aid. Obviuosly they don't care. The whole thing is sad since 1948. The Arab states should have left Israel alone from day 1 and found homes for the 650,000 displaced Muslims in Palestine. The surrounding Arab countires threw the Jews out of all their countries after 1948 but Israel was able to relocate the thousands in Israel. Anti-semitism, here since the days of Constantine, will never end.(everyone else needs a Jewish scapegoat).

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Tell this to Mike Adams at Brighteeon.com who accuses Israelis of "Bloodlust."

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