On the one hand, generations of kids trained to hate America and the American way of life, and actually bought into it, are now attaining positions of great power and influence. (As I saw it said, Rittenhouse is lucky his judge is a boomer because when millenials take the bench we will be living in a very different county.

On the other hand these people are in DC because they are grifters who can't make an honest living and neither know nor care what impact their policies have on anyone outside their privileged circle.

And then there is narcissism. I always go back to Peter Thiel's observation that narcissists are inherently reactive, short term thinkers. So despite their best intentions to wreck the USA they are too self-absorbed to actually do it methodically and it may mostly backfire. That's a sort of "third option" but might be the best of the lot.

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I think it is both. In the early Obama days I suspected him to be a planted sabateur. When he lost the house in the midterms, it slowed him down somewhat. Same thing happened with the Clinton administration. Obama is on tape in an interview about having a third term via proxy, and mentioned an ear piece. The video is out there. All of this has been planned for years. The Trump thing was only a mere speed bump for this horrible and destructive agenda. Great reporting Jordan.

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I lean towards intentional. Not even blowing the airstrips at Bargram is insane - particularly when one of the most geographically strategic bases on the planet will soon be controlled by China. The leaving of equipment only adds to that suspicion.

The energy price run up was predictable. There was always going to be some inflation from Covid cash. However, we are seeing intentional constraints to exaggerate and increase shortages which also drives prices up. No one is dumb enough to “accidentally” drive up energy through lightening speed regulation combined with instant supply cuts, block enormous amounts of consumer goods sitting in the ocean, and drive labor shortages to ensure all kinds of distraction to basic goods and services - hitting the food supply, public safety, and healthcare (especially hitting emergency care difficult).

The CDC has gone from publishing biased studies to outright provable lies in the last month (lies about vaccination on your risk from all cause mortality as well as lies about natural immunity). They’ve gone from misleading to fraudulent.

Biden is appointing openly Marxists activists to the very positions those same people can cause the most damage. They are finding every way possible to purge the armed forces.

No one wants to believe it could happen here. People in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, and countless other places thought the same thing. That said, I don’t think we are doomed. To save ourselves it’s necessary for people to speak up, stop complying, vote, and for the sake of the country, flood the polls as poll workers and watchers.

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Alas, I fear this goes beyond the Biden Administration... sometimes a conspiracy really is a conspiracy (in other words, a collaboration between human beings done without advertising their real goals.... like it has been throughout our entire history).

https://tessa.substack.com/p/great-reset-dummies (I made sure it's well-sourced, etc.)

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Jordan, I'm glad your thinking has started to lean toward this being mostly intentional, at least at the top of the top. The mid-level lackeys are just mind-controlled puppets; they no longer know their head from their you-know-what. (Did you see Nancy Pelosi's MK-ULTRA programming break down recently on a live national broadcast?😳)

And so, the wanna-be-masters' motives seem clear to me: To crash the economy (they've already made significant headway), making all but their rich elite puppets dependent upon the ultimate slavemaster — the government — for basic survival needs. Their "Build Back Better" plan has a logo that uses three lowercase cursive "b"s and reveals a 666 in plain sight. If people who are still ensouled don't wake up today and FULLY DECLINE THIS ENTIRE AGENDA, life on Earth is going to become extremely difficult, and soon: The CON-TROLL-ers' plan is to be in place by 2025, with the Trans-Human agenda completed by 2030.

I suppose I can harbor a bit of hope; at least I'm aware of the situation and doing what I can for my family and like-minded tribe.

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Here's an idea. The elitists in Washington have been promised handsome retirement packages by the WEF billionaires if they bankrupt America and let them snatch every natural resource up.

You will own nothing...including your own body.

"You don't have the right to make everybody sick by existing in your non modified human body."

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My theory is that you can see what they are doing by what they are not doing. Example: the Biden Admin has had a disastrous two months with polls sinking faster than the Titanic and they continue to double down. I don't think this is brut stupidity, I think this was the agenda from day one. As new and lower polls come out, you would think they would flinch for fear of the midterms but clearly they are confident that politics will no longer matter by next year or 2024 - the damage will be baked into the cake. Excellent article and advice Jordan: buy Bitcoin, find local food producers to buy meat and eggs from and grow a close network of people who are not still asleep. If you don't understand Bitcoin, find time.

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This is undoubtedly intentional and part of the "Great Reset". "Build back better" is the slogan for the WEF and every politician of the so-called "free world" is mindlessly chanting it.

If this doesn't convince you that conspiracy came true, then nothing will:

1) Ernst Wolff's speech on why the Deep State/globalists are trying to wreck the economy:


2) Here's the Monopoly video, which Mercola recently highlighted. Vanguard+Blackrock control the world.


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If the pre-1990s formula for inflation was used, the rate right now would be over 20%

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The Davos crowd put out a video in 2015, on how the world could change by 2030. They said you'll own nothing and be happy. They also said America will no longer be the world's super power. This is being done on purpose imo.

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Both and they will get what they deserve but it won't be pretty for us until we throw the bums off the planet. Their narcissism can't be overlooked or underestimated either- they believe their own bullshit.

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I see no reason to conclude much of the destruction we see being implemented these days is not intentional. As children many of us played with toys, and as children will do, when they don’t like something they might possibly tear it up. That’s what the left seems to be trying to do; tear up the existing society and build back “better” [sic], where they are the big cheese. After all, children will be children.

One of the most interesting aspects of current events is the fact that, at best, 50% of Americans are still content with Biden; polls are meaningless. And a large portion of the other 50% are the type who are still willing to go along to get along; and I don’t think those folks have the capacity to change. Eventually they will, happily, get what they deserve.

As for Bitcoin. I don’t know too much about it but I’m skeptical about the promises it is reported to offer. If I buy, from Bitcoin Inc?, or someone who owns a slice of a bitcoin, a % of a coin, for $1,000.00, then the current monetary system is still involved in the transaction. Am I incorrect in thinking as long as the current system is included then Bitcoin isn’t an independent option?

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