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He lies. He is an unfaithful man. He is only out for his personal self.

He presents as if he is knowledgeable and wise- he is nothing like that! He is a follower not a leader. He is arrogant and foolish.

Wise up UK!!

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Same to him as to all other climate-fascists:

You first.

Give away all of your unecessary stuff and go live in a one room apartment in a council housing unit for 20+ years on minimum wage or welfare - and then, then you can mouth off on climate.

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He’s just another cancer on the human race. It’s not our population that needs to be culled.

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The evil WEF tyrants have infiltrated most of the biggest governments with their evil money & power hungry puppets.

They do not care about the earth or people or animals on it, they only care about their evil god & the money & power he gives them on this earth.

But someday very soon they will meet the Real God & He will judge them accordingly.

I try hard to pray for them & their salvation but they make it difficult for me to be forgiving when they are actively depopulating innocent people, including children & turning a blind eye to all the children being trafficked, etc...

The world definitely needs massive revival, especially those in powerful positions who are above the law & truly evil.

The WEF, UN, WHO & Pope have set themselves up against God and they may win some battles on this earth but Jesus will win the war... very soon I believe❣️

Hold tight to your belief in Jesus & love as many as we can til He returns & restores everything the way it was always meant to be.


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The arrogance of these self righteous hypocrites is astonishing. You must but we don’t

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Our children's children? I thought we weren't supposed to have kids or all the ice caps would melt somehow. Just like stepping outside without a mask in 2020 caused some granny in the world somewhere to fall over dead. Because magic. I mean science.

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Dec 25, 2023·edited Dec 25, 2023

Since he is officially political….. a WEF puppet…

I’m ready for the monarchy to be abolished. He has no idea how the people are suffering under all the new climate hysteria laws that only benefits the rich/corporations/China!!

He needs to go asap!! Put William in as king or get rid of it all.

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All those fuckers need to die.

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I am now convinced. He really is an idiot.

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Notice how none of the WEF folks ever talk about how much climate change damage the world’s military does? Tanks and aircraft use huge amounts of the climate change fuels and how many countries are they in doing this without our knowledge?

I live by an Air Force base and see jets flying for hours using up gawd only knows how much climate change fuel. When they start talking about this and their hypocrisy of flying everywhere by themselves then I’ll start paying attention to them. Until….

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Well, there’s one thing he’s good for.

We keep our alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom. Had to be up early today to get the turkey going. The radio played a clip from his sermon to the common folk. Never seen my other half move so fast to turn the damn thing off.

That distinctly ghoulish voice is not something one wishes to hear first thing!

We’re recovering from the affront to our sensibilities.

The turkey’s doing fine. That would be the one in the oven, not the one on the radio.

PS How dare that moron refer to ‘our children’ while still trying to murder them and us with his climate change nonsense. A veritable 21st Century ‘King’ Herod. Hope he ends up the same way.

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I just read an article on zerohedge.com about the Christmas truce of 1914. These 2 lines, from a poem by the author, is a fitting comment for an article about WEF Charles:

“…the ones who call the shots won’t be among the dead and lame

And on each end of the rifle we’re the same” — John McCutcheon

Also fitting is pointing out that on this day was born Jesus whose life was 'do as I do' not the 'do as I say' of our current dastardly leaders.

Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays to all here.

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King Charles is a Demon of Satan.

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Hello Jordan and Merry Christmas. I will try to make myself listen to the video but it will be a challenge. Here is a video that I am listening to at the moment.


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When will these so-called “Royals” disappear? They are good for nothing parasites 🦠. Earn a proper living without grifting from the people.

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His namesake and predecessor died executed for treason.

I see every reason to try the same behaviour, a king anointed to protect his country and citizens, working for (and having founded) an organisation specifically and documentedly dedicated to the destruction of the sovereignty of the nation he purportedly heads.

Wiser heads than mine may prevail.

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