It will never end. The DNC is using it as a massive money laundering scheme. The Ukrainian leaders skim off billions for themselves and then allow a few millions to flow back to DNC groups and think tanks and politicians as their thanks for allowing them to continue to steal from the US tax payers

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Ukraine won, Zelensky won, they received over 100 Billion from us tax paying suckers!!

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You missed the part where in 2014 Victoria Nuland funded, armed, and backed a coup overthrowing the democratically elected government. The Coup government then went on a rampage in the ethnic Russia regions leading to a civil war in the Donbas and a stalemate. Russia retook Crimea as they were leasing their naval port they have maintained there since Catherine the Great in the late 1700s and everybody who had a functioning brain cell knew they weren't going to give it up. They did lose control of Crimea twice in history. The periods after the Crimean War (1854) and the Nazi Crimean Campaign (1942). Russia was OK with the situations still and Russia then tried two peace deals (the Minsk accords). After it became clear to Russia that the West was arming up Ukraine for a war they tried twice to reach the Biden administration to prevent war. December 2021 and January 2022. The Biden administration not only refused to even talk to them but after the second attempt screamed to the media that "the Russians are going to invade!" They knew this because Russia told them they were going to invade if the US didn't come to peace talks. As the US had spent the last 8 years arming and training up the Coup government's military the USA thought they were ready for war and would win. The whole train of thought was laid out in Rand's 2018 paper Operating from Advantageous ground (get the Ukrainians to die for their country and watch Russia bankrupt and weaken itself...we'll party like its the Yeltsin years again). The USA orchestrated the war. Demanded the war even. Help start it off by increased artillery shelling of the Donbas as recorded by the OSCE before they were forced to leave in Feb 2022.

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Agreed, and the Ukes lose a generation of KIA alpha males. Putin is a thug but Putin is also a nationalist and he did what Prez Kennedy was willing to do during the Cuban missile crisis.

Kennedy didn't want Soviet missiles on his back porch and Putin didn't want NATO missiles on his front porch.

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both parties are all in on the grift. that will not change.

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My favorite argument is if we don't defeat Russia now they will attack a NATO country next! Pure and absolute propaganda. At the rate they are going in Ukraine, they will be at the doorstep of Great Britain by the year 2345! According to the Left, humanity will cease to exist from climate change and some weird robot-computers will control the world in 40 years anyways, so what is the actual point?

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We’re being scammed by Congress and the President.

They are all self interested grifters bowing and grabbing the cash from the MIC Lobbyists. Ef them all.

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Where will this $60 billion end up? There is zero accountability.

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Please stop wasting our tax money! We need it here!!

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The notion that DC could defeat Russia on Russia's doorstep is delusional. Keep in mind we are talking about the DC which was not only defeated but humiliated by a relatively small number of tribesmen armed with little more than small arms in Afghanistan. We are also talking about the DC which can't even control a static one dimensional border.

Might be worth noting my criticism isn't of US service members (I'm a US Army vet). The cloistered nitwits in DC are the problem, including the military brass.

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According to the 2013 data, the areas in "Russian occupied Ukraine" wanted to be with Russia. They supported pro-Russian parties and spoke Russian. The West provoked this war by funding/facilitating the 2014 Euromaidan) coup. And extending the NATO presence eastward - in spite of promises made in 1992 not to do so. After the coup, Ukrainian authorities forbade the speaking of Russian and discriminated against Russian speaking citizens. More recently, Zelensky (that paragon of democracy) has arrested members of the Orthodox Church. The Ukrainian secret police (SBU) has carried out a campaign of assassination and terror against those who criticize the Ze;ensky regime. The USA (starting when Obama was a Senator) funded biolabs in Ukraine -at one time using Metabiota (Hunter Biden) as a cutout.

According to inside sources, the USA is now preparing to out Zelensky and replace him with Zaluzhny

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- F O R G I V E U S A L L


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Kiss him already, Z, you know you want to!

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It’s ending. Ukraine is ending.

(_____ is doing demining training and ops- it OVER.

El Sur. No nukes, no Muslims.

We are pivoting to the south.

We found a sparsely populated country with mucho oil, and THEY SPEAK ENGLISH!

Guyana 🇬🇾 is America’s 🇺🇸 latest vic... er... trusted Security Partner.

They need us, as our latest comic foil Venezuela 🇻🇪, the bane of our existence, is next door.

We know they’re the bad guys, cuz their dictator has a mustache, also his name ends in a vowel.

It’s got everything.

Oil 🛢️

Speak English? Si !

Women 💃🏻

Cerveza 🍺

And Comic Foil.

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Joe Biden, the most corrupt politician since Lyndon B. Johnson, and Zelensky have paired to fleece the American taxpayer to the tune of billions. It is a disgrace what they are guilty of and both men should face treason charges. Their worry has never been about Ukraine security. Their concern has always been about enriching themselves and their cronies.

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All true


You are overlooking some matters beyond Ukraine.

(Analysis isn’t Advocacy).

1. Using the war and future war with China hard after Covid has caused a massive wave of reshoring industries to USA 🇺🇸.

This will ease perhaps the 🇺🇸peasant Jacquarie ... real jobs take the sting out a bit.

2. We 🇺🇸 have secured Europe, indeed crushed any spirit of independence in Europe, especially the rapprochement with Russia advocated by France, driven a wedge between Germany and Russia, and crushed any Chinese buyout of Europe. In short we secured our Atlantic Flank and put down uppity allies (who now know they’re vassals). Much of the reshoring of industry to 🇺🇸 comes at Germany’s expense.

We’ll get more than some of 🇩🇪 surviving industries here.

Already it happens.

What was a competitor is now burning wood and soon eating roots.

🇩🇪Enjoy the Turnips.


3. We in the process of Ukrainian war sanctions broke it off with China to our advantage, Japan rearms, Australia is chastened, in short we also secured our Pacific flank. Australia had strange ideas afoot with France,🇫🇷 something about submarines.

Well, that’s handled.

4. Like England before us, it seems we cannot bear hostiles gazing across the waves - to them 🇬🇧it was the Belgian littorals and canals- neither France, nor Germany, nor Spain before them are allowed purchase there- nor any truly Independent Ireland (East and West).

5. All this was done for a drop in the bucket. $300B in the Federal budget is - a month at best.

Analysis isn’t advocacy.

Ukraine is no longer a nation and barely a people.

Empire is ugly...

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