Aug 10, 2021 • 25M

The Monopolist: How Bill Gates wields enormous influence over COVID policy

The Gates network has manipulated the masses through its institutions.

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Jordan Schachtel
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Today on The Dossier Podcast, we discussed the dangerous amount of influence that Bill Gates personally wields over American and global “public health” policy. Everything from failed COVID modeling to “the science” (junk science) behind lockdowns, masks, and the like tracks back to Gates money and Gates influence.

For more on this topic, read my piece on the Gates network in The Dossier:

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How the Gates Foundation seeded America's COVID-19 policy catastrophes
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is finally facing the heat for his botched and criminally negligent coronavirus response policies, yet no one seems to be asking why Cuomo and select governors made the fateful decisions that led to the excess deaths — and the coverup campaigns — of tens of thousands of senior citizens in New York and elsewhere across the …
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