And Israelis voted for the first 2 of these and they've done way more damage to Jewish Israelis than Hamas ever could:


PS. I condemn everyone who intentionally targets civilians. I am not selective in my condemnation of Hamas & Israel. I have principles and one of them is "Civilians are NOT to be targeted". Both sides do it and both sides suck.

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Anyone who didn't already knew this, should consider themselves disqualified from having opinions on the situation re: palestinians and israelis.

It has been well-known and well-documented for decades now, that the majority of palestinians support the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the jews, wherever they may be found.

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The indoctrination to hate the Palestinians receive is from Israel. No one has to teach you to hate your jailer or the murderer of your family.

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The People of Israel and Gaza are pawns on the Geopolitical Chessboard of the Globalists. Globalists have no regard for the lives of pawns and accomplish their goals by enabling both sides to destroy one another. The Madness stops when the Globalists are stopped.

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How many americans supported/support the terrorism done by the USofT in Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Syria... just to name to most recent ones?!

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Wars are brutal and proportionality is modern fiction.

Was there proportionality in bombing Dresden?

Was there proportionality in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Was there proportionality when the British set up the first concentration camp and some 20 000 Boer women and children died in the camps?

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Do you think when USA was bombing Germany or Vietnam we were worried about collateral damage called civilians? I'll answer, no. That's what happens in war.

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What do you think is the reason that a large percentage of Palestinians express support for terroristic acts like those on Oct 7th? 1. Genetic trait among the Palestinian population that causes them to be stubborn, aggressive, bloodthirsty, and uncivilized. 2. High rates of religious extremism among the population. 3. The poor living conditions brought on by the Israeli blockade? Or, do you think that there is another reason? I'd say that the Palestinian support for the Oct 7th attack, which they view as an act of resistance against the occupation, can be attributed roughly 95% to the poor living conditions brought on by the Israeli blockade, and maybe around 5% due to religious extremism. It seems that a lot of my Israeli, evangelical Christian, and conservative friends are leaning towards option #1 and #2, or that genetic traits and religious extremism are the underlying cause.

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It's getting harder to believe Israel apologist are ignorant.

First of all they denied water and power in a concentration camp they are responsible for, then they blow up hospitals, the refugee center - supposedly to kill a Hamas commander - and red cross ambulance and a UN school.

You justification for this is Hamas "human shields" with the IDF as a source.

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Maybe if the Palestinians didn’t support mass murderers they wouldn’t be in the position that they are in.

It’s now obvious that a two state solution cannot work, so that leaves two choices for Israel.

They can have continued, low level, war with Hamas and the other terrorist groups, which will go on and on.......and wait for the Iranians to finish their bomb, with unknown consequences, or

They can thoroughly and utterly destroy the Hamas terrorists.

They don’t exactly have great options.....

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So round and round we go with the blame game. You started it. No you started it. Well you're worse than we are. No you are worse. Childish really don't you think? How about we talk solutions? Crazy idea because "the other side will never agree". The lack of interest every time I pose this is really indicative of the attitudes on both sides.

To solve this issue a deal must be struck that will pass referendum on both sides. Once the majority of people on both sides say "I can live with this" the extremists will have little if any support.

Just my SWAG but here is what I think could pass on both sides. A true solution will hurt both sides as both will have to give up that which is most precious to them.

1) Palestine gives up the "right of return" and Israel comes clean on their nuclear program. Full open inspections.

2) The West Bank, all of it, goes to Palestine or land swaps for those illegal settlements at a 2-1 ratio. No it is NOT a concession to give the West Bank up for Israel. Jordan ceded it to Palestine. To quote Sadat "Giving me back something that belongs to me is not a concession".

3) Gaza can stay or do a land swap while retaining mineral rights to the Mediterranean sea floor mineral wealth. I don't know if the "Pakistan / Bangladesh" setup would work. Maybe trade some of the settlement land for a transportation corridor to the West Bank. Israel can put walls and minefields on both sides on Israeli land if they want.

4) Jerusalem will be under the control of the elected mayor with an international force of 10,000 to protect. It will be the capital of both countries. I would love to see their parliament buildings across the street from each other.

If you don't like it make me an offer LOL.

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And -- for decades (ever after murder of Rabin) majority of Israelis prefer genocide of Palestinians.

Isn’t THAT shocking ?

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This comment board is so overrun by trolls (or perhaps actual Jew-hating sociopaths) as to be unreadable.

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of course Hamas represents the Palestinians! They voted for them in recent elections.

maybe their support of Hamas has more to do with being abused for the last 75 years than "cradle to grave hate indoctrination". Just a thought.

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I heard the same about Ukrainians. They’re attacking innocent Russians invading their country.

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If it happens in any town, not a city, the USA, they will be making a deadly mistake.

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