Proof’s compliance must be one of the most disappointing aspects of this business. I hardly know anyone who thinks that there was anything wrong with shunning a significant minority of the population even when you tell them that it was not based on science and that the vaxxed were as likely as the unvaxxed to transmit the virus. The unvaxxed were simply not part of the club and as such it seems did not warrant any empathy in their plight.

I look at most people quite differently now - I simply do not trust that they wouldn’t do the same thing tomorrow if a similar situation arose.

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Just your daily reminder that Eric Adams likes to use the racist word "cracker" to refer to white people. That guy needs to go.

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Jun 30, 2023·edited Jun 30, 2023

Having worked with one or more of those contractors myself, they are EXPERTS in finding ways to drag out a project and get more money. And if you stand in their way and hold them to their requirements, they'll go above your head. And if needs be, run to the legislators with open checkbooks to buy, er, donate to their campaign, and they'll come down on your agency heads and they'll shove you out of the way for doing your job and holding their feet to the fire, while claiming that the schedule will slip and costs will rise. It's political fear-porn. And it works.

See how that happens?

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See what’s happening in France???? TPTB want that nightmare HERE in the USA!

Stand strong with Goodness and Strength!✝️

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Good golly miss Molly.

Ain't this something.

Myself am way down low on the food chain.

I do electric and gas work here in upstate New York.

Couple years back worked on a super rich guys pool this thing was 500 grand project.

All the bells and whistles. They guy was a politician, quite a powerful one up this way. His girlfriend owned some software company that did work for the state.

Also worked on another big project on lake George.

Now lake George is a place where they stri e hard to keep it clean.

Lots of regulations.

So this one house we worked on also owned by a software guy was having the governor over for a weekend bash it was that coomo guy me thinks.

But this house was half done .

No occupancy allowed till the localinspectors sign off.

But for the governor they brought I sod , landscaping ,it was like a movie set being built for a week. All for the governor.

Then after the weekend everything got ripped out and we went back to work.

Lots of money changes hands.

So this post caught my eye these so called rulers are not nice people.

The downside is us working type folks need to start saying no.

I recently got involved with ev charging stations.

It's all the rage now.

Good money.

Until during one of the classes the teacher said we all got to get onboard the Biden bus.

That was it for me .

That's how they float this shit.

We Re called employees but it is just a modern word for slave.

Did ya k ow the Hebrews in Egypt were under what was called bitter bondage.

They had to pay pharoah 20 per ent of their wages.

So they changed the word to protect the guilty

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Con-artists ... all of them.

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Jun 30, 2023·edited Jun 30, 2023

Oh, they had a vision; $250 million later, it's time for ours.

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What? corruption in 'government'? Surely not.

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I'm sure in the minds of the Covid tyrants it was worth every penny to ascertain the sheep's compliance in a state of "emergency."

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All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to stand by and do nothing. Be of good courage and good cheer!

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Used to love visiting NYC. Being a pureblood helped me to lose my love for NYC- that and the mayor. 🖕New York.

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Mote fun and games in the dystopic shitehole of the east coast.

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we shouldn't be surprised that people don't want this kind of sociopathic control. just curious: how do they manage all the non-data of those who don't have a Q-code because they don't have a smart/iPhone?

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Some city councilman has family connections or bought stock in the app development company

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Yes and my hospital just made all the Covid vaccination records disappear...after years of having them plastered in red on the front of the charts.


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Unbelievable. Modern-day segregation. And, if we ever wonder how travesties like the Holocaust happened, we now know. The vast majority will simply comply with anything under the tiniest bit of pressure.

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