Never forget that Bernie and The Squad voted for the $40B proxy war package. Progressives are nothing more than The Current Thing Party, wholly owned by their corporate masters.

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Can we just stop with the old “costing taxpayers”?

it costs the Federal Reserve NOTHING to create “dollars”! they are a bookkeeping entry!

- the taxes pay the interest!



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Excellent post!

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Honestly, I don't understand what's going on? Russia could obliterate Ukraine in one day if they wanted to. Why is it being dragged out like this? Why would Ben Stiller travel there? Sorry, I'm at a loss for words as to what this means.

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So what else is new? The Ukraine Con-spiracy is fact and not theory. Our government and most everything connected with and to it, is corrupt on all sides of the aisle. We shouldn't have spent a nickel over there. There wouldn't even be a war if we hadn't forced the issue to cover up all the lying, cheating, stealing, and setting the table for finishing us off back home.

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Shameless and shameful war profiteering underwritten by both parities and without an ounce of shame, a shred of self-awareness, and no accountability (or even pretense of offering accountability) for such a staggering sum.

These politicians are corrupt and brazen in their corruptness. Their political interests are, individually and collectively, selfish self-interest, and the sooner we turn them out of office, the better.

Thanks as always, Jordan, for shining a bright light on the hypocrisy, greed, and corruption of our major institutions, and hope we can collectively foment a sea change in national governance this November.

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Jun 27, 2022·edited Jun 27, 2022

The Ukrainian government has negotiated successfully with the Russian government and were told to go back on those agreements by the West. This only proves what Russia feared, that the Zelenskyy regime is a puppet organization fighting a proxy war for the West. I think unconditional surrender may already be the reality. The vile toady Zelenskyy and his band of film producers he calls a government are simply trying to secure their mansions on the French Riviera with the wallets of the US citizenry and on the graves of the Ukrainians.

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" has no hope of independently regaining territory"

Ukraine has no hope, period. They are now drafting woman & disabled.

Weapons that aren't destroyed on entry are sold for cash or abandoned as cannon-fodder conscripts flee for their lives.

Remember how Rumsfeld claimed Iraqis would welcome liberators with flowers?

Well after 8 years of IS-backed Nazi attacks on Donbass & Lugansk, videos show Ukrainians welcoming Russian liberator with flowers & victory flags.

Russia us now targeting training centers & decision makers (50 generals & their officers in a single strike).

The time for negotiations is long past. Putin gave multiple opportunities, but once his hand was forced, that was it.

Unconditional surrender is the only end that Russia will accept.

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AND now one conservative site reports

crackdowns are underway by Zelensky on any opposition

and confiscation of their wealth etc.

That is what dictators do

There IS a need first for the family and then

to lend a hand to a neighbor down the street

BUT to tell your family "YOU need to just

tighten your belt so WE can fund xxx down

the street" should not work for any American

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Demanding 5b a month. Translation - myself and squad need new villas In Switz. in case we got to split the scene.

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Waaaayy past time.

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Jun 28, 2022·edited Jun 28, 2022

Excellent Article.

President Trump would never waste away the money of Americans like this for this cesspool of money laundering operations, Bioweapons Labs, and pure corruption (Soros, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Zelensky).

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"And it’s quite likely that none of this money “for Ukraine” will actually in any way benefit your average Ukrainian citizen. As the great Ron Paul once explained, “foreign aid [in its current form] is taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”"

I saw something a couple of months ago that addressed this - that not only would the money not go towards the welfare of the average Ukrainian, but that likely it would be used to kill them.

I wonder about that story of the mall attack a couple of days ago. I am to the point where I am extremely cynical about any news reports that have a bent on tugging the heart strings. While it could have been Russians, the timing if it with the G7 is a little too convenient. 'Look, look how the horrible enemy is treating us - we need X billion more this month!'

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Don’t trust Zelensky one bit. Nope don’t trust him.

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