Never forget that Bernie and The Squad voted for the $40B proxy war package. Progressives are nothing more than The Current Thing Party, wholly owned by their corporate masters.

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Raytheon did not approve this message.

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Raytheon is not going to deliver any replacement weapons without raw materials from Russia & China, nor with a broken supply chain.

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Oh, I believe they'll have enough materials. Not all the ordered weapons will get there and not all those that do will be used in the war. Some will be captured by Russians or destroyed right away. And I've already seen Javelins being sold on the dark net. Probably going to some terrorist organizations and organized crime!

However I'm pretty sure Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and the others are going to still get their nice share of taxpayer money.

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin—Former Member of Raytheon Board of Directors—Has Awarded Over $2.36 Billion in Contracts to Raytheon Since His Confirmation in January https://covertactionmagazine.com/2021/04/19/defense-secretary-lloyd-austin-former-member-of-raytheon-board-of-directors-has-awarded-over-2-36-billion-in-contracts-to-raytheon-since-his-confirmation-in-january/

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Can we just stop with the old “costing taxpayers”?

it costs the Federal Reserve NOTHING to create “dollars”! they are a bookkeeping entry!

- the taxes pay the interest!



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You are quite right. But the dollars do come out of the wallets of the American citizenry in the form of inflation. End the Fed- Agreed!

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Great minds . . .

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Excellent post!

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great photo. and you're probably right ;-))

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Pathetic movie

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Honestly, I don't understand what's going on? Russia could obliterate Ukraine in one day if they wanted to. Why is it being dragged out like this? Why would Ben Stiller travel there? Sorry, I'm at a loss for words as to what this means.

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Russia wants that the west and USA throw all their money and weapons into ukraine which is a black hole. Russia probably either takes most of the weapons or destroys them and their real eye might be at weakening the west militarily, Economical, financially.

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Ok and

Ben Stiller? The guy is a two bit freaking actor...ummm I guess him and Zelenskyy have one thing in common

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Stiller has a crush on zelensky..

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...or the other way around

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Putin is just playing his part as the macguffin. Russia is totally on board with the depopulation agenda. This guy does great work breaking it all down:


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Obliterating s country & leaving civilians to starve is the American way, & works nicely on the opposite side of the world where a narcissistic attacking population is protected from consequences.

Ukraine is Russia's next door neighbor, largely cousins & close kin. They don't want to obliterate them; only eliminate the Nazi infiltration & threat.

Russia is trying to avoid civilian casualties. They are freeing Ukrainian conscripts who lay down their arms, sending them home to plant their fields. They are rebuilding cities as they go: infrastructure, finance & government, as well as feeding & treating civilians. They got Mariupol's port de-mined & back in business within weeks. They will do the same in Odessa.

In the south & east, they are greeted as liberators. Video after video shows tears of gratitude & WW2 victory flags waving.

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It’s a scam, like Covid. The objective is to pump the treasury dry, bankrupt the country, trash the economy and thus usher in The Great Reset.

Nothing is about what they say it’s about.

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Putin has outsmarted the world

He knew exactly what the sanctions would be if he invaded and he did it anyway

WHY - because as any political Scientist will tell you - He wanted to decouple from the west and allign with China

Well done Putin - the West is being crushed with inflation

The war will fundamentally alter the global economic and geopolitical order should energy trade shift, supply chains reconfigure, payment networks fragment, and countries rethink reserve currency holdings. Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil and other nations are now in a position of being forced to create another mechanism for trade and commerce. the scale of the U.S. debt and deficit is so large that a massive reset is needed

March 31, 2022 -the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Deputy Managing Director says the sanctions against Russia are likely to undermine the US dollar’s global dominance as a trade currency.

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Shameless and shameful war profiteering underwritten by both parities and without an ounce of shame, a shred of self-awareness, and no accountability (or even pretense of offering accountability) for such a staggering sum.

These politicians are corrupt and brazen in their corruptness. Their political interests are, individually and collectively, selfish self-interest, and the sooner we turn them out of office, the better.

Thanks as always, Jordan, for shining a bright light on the hypocrisy, greed, and corruption of our major institutions, and hope we can collectively foment a sea change in national governance this November.

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Jun 27, 2022·edited Jun 27, 2022

The Ukrainian government has negotiated successfully with the Russian government and were told to go back on those agreements by the West. This only proves what Russia feared, that the Zelenskyy regime is a puppet organization fighting a proxy war for the West. I think unconditional surrender may already be the reality. The vile toady Zelenskyy and his band of film producers he calls a government are simply trying to secure their mansions on the French Riviera with the wallets of the US citizenry and on the graves of the Ukrainians.

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" has no hope of independently regaining territory"

Ukraine has no hope, period. They are now drafting woman & disabled.

Weapons that aren't destroyed on entry are sold for cash or abandoned as cannon-fodder conscripts flee for their lives.

Remember how Rumsfeld claimed Iraqis would welcome liberators with flowers?

Well after 8 years of IS-backed Nazi attacks on Donbass & Lugansk, videos show Ukrainians welcoming Russian liberator with flowers & victory flags.

Russia us now targeting training centers & decision makers (50 generals & their officers in a single strike).

The time for negotiations is long past. Putin gave multiple opportunities, but once his hand was forced, that was it.

Unconditional surrender is the only end that Russia will accept.

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And in 128 days, Russia has taken over/liberated 20+% of Ukraine, much of the Russian speaking, Independence seeking territories in the east & south. Rebuilding towns as it goes, including physical infrastructure, internet, local government & economy. It has de-mined the port at Mariulpol & restored operations there. It will do the same when it takes Odessa. It appears to be re-making Novorussiya.

The US military has admitted they don't know where the weapons we send are ending up. If they check intel slava z, they will see munitions depots blown up before the arms reach the soldiers. They will see weapons abandoned when the Ukes retreat. They will see them surrendered with surrendering soldiers. And if they check the classifieds on the dark web, they will see them offered up for sale (to terrorists).

US/Nato sanctions that were supposed to turn "the ruble into rubble" have clearly backfired & will destroy Europe & deeply damage the US if continued. We may never dig out of the hole they are shoving us into.

The UK is getting worried about US escalation. Russia's precision hypersonic missiles are real. Sarmat is real & could wipe out an area the size of Texas...in seconds. They would never know what hit them.

The WEF/Davos crowd behind this proxy war are cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Instead of grinding Russia down, Russia is grinding them down. Russia makes its own weapons, from raw materials to design to manufacturing.

Our stockpiles are running low. We can order all we want...but the weapons won't get made without rare earth metals from...Russia.

Unfortunately, it's the normal people that will pay the price for wef/davos fantasies.

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AND now one conservative site reports

crackdowns are underway by Zelensky on any opposition

and confiscation of their wealth etc.

That is what dictators do

There IS a need first for the family and then

to lend a hand to a neighbor down the street

BUT to tell your family "YOU need to just

tighten your belt so WE can fund xxx down

the street" should not work for any American

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Demanding 5b a month. Translation - myself and squad need new villas In Switz. in case we got to split the scene.

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Waaaayy past time.

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Jun 28, 2022·edited Jun 28, 2022

Excellent Article.

President Trump would never waste away the money of Americans like this for this cesspool of money laundering operations, Bioweapons Labs, and pure corruption (Soros, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Zelensky).

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"And it’s quite likely that none of this money “for Ukraine” will actually in any way benefit your average Ukrainian citizen. As the great Ron Paul once explained, “foreign aid [in its current form] is taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”"

I saw something a couple of months ago that addressed this - that not only would the money not go towards the welfare of the average Ukrainian, but that likely it would be used to kill them.

I wonder about that story of the mall attack a couple of days ago. I am to the point where I am extremely cynical about any news reports that have a bent on tugging the heart strings. While it could have been Russians, the timing if it with the G7 is a little too convenient. 'Look, look how the horrible enemy is treating us - we need X billion more this month!'

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Don’t trust Zelensky one bit. Nope don’t trust him.

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They are pouring on the money because they are too chicken/too smart (pick your poison) to send troops and engage Russia in war, steamroll it, and get stuck running Russia the way the US plodded around in Irak and Afghanistan.

And yes, if the EU nations alone were to attack Russia in a real war sans nuclear weapons, well then it's curtains for the russians in no time. The combined militaries of the Scandinavian nations, the Baltic states, Poland and Romania are greater and more modern than Russia's combined military force.

But as Putin figured out when he was working as consigliere between the mayor of St. Petersburg and the mobs controlling the docks, the West is corrupted by capitalism and lacks the will to fight for anything itself: offer them a cheap and/or profitable way out without getting into any real danger and western leaders will jump feet first at the chance.

Even if it is, as now, into the bear's den.

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