It's become another PC issue. You have to be Pro-Israel or you're an anti-semite or you must be Pro-islamist or you're islamophobic.

You're ready to be labelled as racist. The Neoliberals will attack at first light

It's simple ignore the liberal populist demand and make up your own mind. You have a right to your opinion.

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It's in our interests to disengage from that world.

The Saudi's are no one's friends, but no one in the Middle East has friends.

I think you're overlooking a couple angles in an otherwise right on piece.

1] Khashoggi was a journalist, and so a sacred person of the left wing faith.

2] Extortion as now everyone in MENA will pay more, all of them. Don't underestimate the venality and indeed so many venal hungry beaks to feed in this administration. DC is DC's true and now only constituency. The last election and 'inauguration' and the Green Zone DC make that official. All that happened in January was de facto became de jure in DC.

3] After they give Iran the Bomb and form alliance with them, the neoliberalism plus ruin and drones in Drag of our other allies will descend upon Iran, they'll be sorrier than ever that they ever heard of America.

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He was no saint, and when you jump into that arena, the stakes are high. You can make powerful and dangerous enemies. Many operatives pose as journalists for cover. It is an ancient trick.

The people who control Biden are the same people who controlled Clinton and Obama, so we can expect a foreign policy redux to the Obama years. Appeasement of the Iranian government is back.

A side note here that Iran and China have made nice through diplomatic channels is not just a coincidence.

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Are you denying MBS killed Khashoggi and had him chopped, or are you arguing it doesn’t matter because he “deserved” it? Mr. K may well have been a dangerous Islamist, but MBS is no saint. Your objections seem very disingenuous.

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Again with this BS? A muslim kills a muslim on muslim soil.

How is that even a story?

Who cares if the Saudi's off a triple agent of theirs, the CIA's and the Washington Post.

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Jordan Schachtel ... a bottom feeder

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Jordan...the armchair quarterback....trying to make a buck.

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