2 additional angles here. Tennis history is at stake because he is tied with Rafa and Roger for the all time grand slam record at 20. Given his age and improvement in the younger players, any opportunity missed like this tournament is massive. Sadly Human rights organizations have remained silent, affirming that they have been ideologically rotted and compromised by political agendas and corporate interests.

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What an awesome inspiration this man is. He insists on his right to refuse medical mandates, and his right to stay healthy. Why should one of the world's best athletes or any of the rest of us have to submit to some tyrants' injection, especially this one, which is known to be cardiotoxic and neurotoxic? We do not have to submit. We can stand strong like Djokovic, who is a civil liberties role model for people everywhere.

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A lifetime of good health and retaining your spiritual abilities/soul is worth more than any job or tennis prize.

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Jan 9, 2022Liked by Jordan Schachtel

He and Aaron Rogers need to team up because he was vilified by the Establishment too.

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Great article. Thank you for pointing out what Muhammad Ali suffered through.

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Well, he is a serb and they are not a people known for bending over for anyone.

Unlike some western former great powers I could name, serbs, poles, romanians, bulgarians, and hungarians still have backbones and dare say no to the forces of perfidy.

The serbs whipped the Ottoman Empire back in the day after all.

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Jan 8, 2022Liked by Jordan Schachtel

There have definitely been some bright lights in this dark time, and he's definitely one of them. Praying for him and his family!

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There isn’t enough athletes standing up against this. #massformation

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Ah, Djoker is a joke on us. His foundation funds the deadly hospital ventilators: https://www.atptour.com/en/news/djokovic-donation-ventilators-coronavirus-march-2020 and he has ties to the evil Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum: https://novakdjokovicfoundation.org/davos-2021-highlights-reimagining-education/ Wake up people... we're being tricked here.

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"The viet cong never called me nigger" - Ali

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Rafeal has a huge interest in Novak not playing at this Australian Open.

And Melbourne risks losing the Open as well, Sydney has previously expressed interest and it's likely Australia's northern neighbours are also keen.

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I don't like the Ali comparison. Ali by protesting also kept himself out of harms way. How convenient.

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What an evil, arrogant and ignorant cretin is Michael Gunner. Who the hell does he think he is?

Good on you Novak.

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No, he's not a hero.....yet.

Just consider, (as I've long pointed out), that if someone takes the jab, (which I would definitely not recommend personally), and it ends up harming them, then they've only harmed themselves.

If they truly "believed" it would help them be healthy somehow and it ends up harming them then that's a tragedy that they got duped but in the end they've only harmed themselves.

If however someone complies with "papers please" mandates then they are in fact harming everyone because they are helping to usher in the very tyrannical system that will enslave us all.

That I DO care about very much.

So how does this all apply to Djokovic's Australian Open situation?

Well if he goes there to play under an exemption, then he's STILL complying with the tyranny and as I just explained, that harms us all.

If he was REALLY some kind of hero pushing back against the tyranny then he would have told Australia to piss off.

He could possibly redeem himself if he manages to force a concession out of them by telling them to piss off at that point and leaving the country while telling them he'll never play there again until Australia is once again free.

(Note: I said this and the paragraph below before he ended up locked in a hotel.---->And let's not forget that if he does go there to play he could very well find out the hard way that the joke was on him all along.)

Just imagine how he will feel if he ends up testing positive as he's "complying" with their segregation protocols and mandates and his ass ends up in an Australian concentration camp.

My hope is that instead he takes this once in a lifetime opportunity to now tell them to piss right off!

But I won't hold my breath because you'd be hard pressed to conjure up even a handful of fingers worth of wealthy athletes and celebrities that have understood the point I've just made here who then offered any relevant and public pushback.

If he actually does go there to play, although he "might" manage to "save himself" from taking the jab, he will STILL be "complying" with their tyranny, and that is harmful to all of us.

That in its proper context is just selfishness disguised as virtue.

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Do not trust luciferian celebrities and Sports "stars"

"Whenever people need a hero, we shall supply him" - Albert Pike

Check his photos flashing masonic symbols.

Things are not what they seem. People are being MOCKED. The entire p.l.a.n.d.e.m.i.c is a prescripted ritual with human sacrifices .


The Olympics Rituals of 1992/2012 "Predicted" The Corona Operation


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Rodgers/Djoker 2024!!

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