Thank you for highlighting a courageous governor. It takes courage to stand against the fake "science," the corrupted media, the woke mobs, and the whiny "safety at all costs" cowards in his own party.

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Jordan; what is our “fate”?

“ That could have been our fate..”

Sir; you need to step back from the details and ask WHY is this happening? And what is America’s Fate?

The Core American political problem is our Rulers have a global Empire, but their own people do not kneel.

THAT is our Fate that hangs in the balance.

As evidence I offer your own account of the fate of the provinces- Especially the Anglosphere. Of course they are wracked by convulsions, the convulsions from America, the center. In this case amplified instead of attenuated- but either proves the point.

As for DeSantis , Kemp, et al...regardless of their motives they are the foils in a strategy of tension. Fauci et al are only clowns if taken literally- if judged by Effects the dancing fools are the rest of us.

The questions of science and medicine and the rest are rather like men in dresses distractions and disruptions.

Stop dancing to their tune, they’ll just keep changing the music.

This isn’t about truth, or Science. Its about POWER.

And do look up Strategy of Tension. We’re in one.

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Yup. But Newsom hasn’t kept mask mandates in place in CA for psychological reasons, not really.

He’s kept them in place because the teacher’s unions told him to.

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Brilliant exoneration of a brilliant Governor!

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great write up. thanks for sharing.

the number of lies and their magnitude is astounding. Trump was not a populist nor representative of the people, BUT he was accurate when he called the media the enemy of the people. the past 5 years and all of the lies have proven it. It is just sad how many delusional lefties / "blue anon" and crazy right wingers / qanon cant find the truth. this divide on identity nonsense is exactly what those who wield true power want to maintain the status quo: concentration of wealth among the few at the expense of the rest of us.

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It is times like these where real men and true leaders step forward and do the right thing regardless of the consequences. A proven leader in the military and now in politics. I would call him Presidential material.

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He is saving America and I believe he will save the world. In 2024 he'll wipe out the "build back better" clowns, restore America to its historically dominant position and save the world from a Marxist takeover.

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Another great article. I hope Desantis runs for president in 2024!

This link below suggests that COVID-19 really was a Plan-demic and the primary goal is depopulation. Why? Perhaps the global warming fanatics truly believe the population has to be reduced to 1B max in order to be "sustainable". I hope these lawsuits are real- even if they fail, enough embarassing info might come out to end the "Great Reset".


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