This is the predictable result of a guy who's never once had to sit in front of a real reporter -- he actually thinks he's God because nobody's taken him to task for the evil shit that he's done.

Sort of like Gavin Newsom.

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$1M a month for security?!

Thank you for taking the hit for us. I cannot abide seeing/hearing that wicked man. I hope I live long enough to see him charged, convicted, and thrown in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

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Dec 1, 2023Liked by Jordan Schachtel

🀣 Thanks for the laugh Jordan. The title alone did flit for me.

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What a loathsome human being Lord Fauci is.

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Fauci needs to be prosecuted. Covid and the jabs are the greatest genocide in the history of the world.

It is past time for Nuremburg 2.0. There must be accountability.

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Following his own code of ethics means something I doubt he realises:

He can't foist blame on following some commandment, divine plan or religious law, nor justify his actions on something other than himself.

I wonder if he understands that?

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Anytime now, God's Death angel is going to be tapping Fauci on his left shoulder: he will have NO CHOICE but to go with that winged messenger, to await Judgement along with Henry Kissinger and the other miscreants whom Death is soon coming for. The way things look now, it won't be pretty.



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Not only is he amoral, evil...he's actually mocking his inferiors, which in his view, is all mankind.

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Someday somehow this asshole will be given his just rewards.

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That man is an evil wanker! Same as all the other evil wankers at the top of the shit piles of government, military, police and corporate business! We should herd them all up and bury them out in the desert up to their necks and leave them there for the critters to deal with....

Power crazed deviant fuckwits the lot of them. ☠️

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Ya, dr Fauchhh. Everybody, especially You, were endowed with Ethics from birth.

With ethics like those, WHO needs evil?


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Of course he's an ethical fellow! His Chief Bioethicist of the National Institute of Health wife is right by his side making sure he knows and is guided by good ethics!:


Christine Grady, aka Mrs. Fauci, wrote about how ethical it is to mandate injections of experimental biotechnology!


The guidance paper in her own hand:


And anybody questioning Fauci's ethics or a conflict of interest with her work and his work is just a hater! They are above reproach, ethical beyond question!:


And wouldn't you know, there's a philosophy of ethics that supports the Fauci's claims they are very ethical, amazingly ethical, ethcial beyond all imagination! Utilitarianism:




The ethics most of us commoners think of are known as Virtue Ethics or Kantian Ethics when we hear and use the word. Utilitarianism is the ethics conceived of by those who believe they are cut from a finer cloth of man. Blue bloods. Who believe themselves wise, dispassionate, calm, cool, capable of making the tough decisions required of leaders/rulers. The ethics of conceit and privilege.

All's ethical in service to a declared greater good. "Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet" thinking. Eggs = skulls. Stalin's quote. Another Stalinism they believe, "one death is a tragedy, one-million deaths is a statistic." All considered "ethical" under utilitarian ethics. We, the People think of Virtue or Kantian ethics when we hear the word, "ethics." Very different ethics.

Ends justifies the means, is what is taught in the Ivy's, the Rhodes Scholars, Oxford's, etc, to 'future leaders.' That leadership requires the cool, unemotional, level-headed ability to make difficult decisions that imperil some for a greater good. Human sentimentality has no place in leadership to them.

Lies are necessary to govern, they believe, the population too stupid or emotional to know what's good for them. And if caught in a lie then deflect by claiming benevolent intent, like Fauci and masking. They are taught this. The Fauci's set and follow their own ethics. Their own estimation of what a "greater good" is.

We'd be well-advised to educate ourselves on the subject of ethics so we learn that what we think the word "ethics" means is often quite different than what those in positions of authority think it means.

To declare that Fauci and governments haven't been acting ethically isn't sufficient; they believe they have been and have their own system of ethics they maintain. We must attack their *system* of ethics itself if we are to regain our freedom and liberty, our rights we are endowed with by our creator. A system of Utilitarian ethics where sociopaths and psychopaths decide what constitutes a "greater good" is the surest path to death, misery and slavery. Utilitarianism is the ethics of eugenics. Hitler adhered to utilitarian ethics, considered a very ethical leader by the eugenics movement that even leaders in the US publicly supported and admired pre-WWII. And apparently stealthily since.

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Thank you for watching this for us, Jordan. It will reduce the chances of my keyboard being barfed on! His ego is bigger than my butt at its fattest! And that is a biiiiiiig butt!! Of course, he is a giant @$$. I am doing my very best to never hear that smarmy voice again!

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There are interviews you can still find online of Kary Mullis talking about how much he despised Anthony Fauci, that he was a greedy, fraudulent, arrogant, amoral, underqualified bureaucrat who used his influence for money and fame. A life sentence for this monster could never make up for the diabolical evil he's committed. If only he would follow in Kissinger's footsteps and we never had to listen to this psychopathic shit heel ever again.

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Georgetown University is a nonstop source of embarrassment.

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Arrest Walensky, Birx, Fauci, Daszak and all DOD, CIA, CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA and big pharma and big tech. executives involved.

Fraud and homicide are ...not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

RICO laws apply now! The DOJ better wake the Fk Up and get busy!

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