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I am not sure that they are receiving serious blow back from the US civilian population. Many people think that Biden is awesome, that gender is not real, and the earth is boilin' hot.

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The Mastercard center for inclusive growth sounds like the name of a burning man drag queen orgy

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“Why We Need Battery Passports”

lmao just lmao

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"The World Economic Forum is a fanatical political organization masquerading as a neutral entity, with specific policy goals that involve centralizing power into the hands of hand-picked global elites as the only means to save the earth from a claimed climate emergency."

This is the best terse summary of the WEF that manages to capture all its objective evils (and evil objectives) without being close to a run-on sentence.

And of course Al Gore is there. He's the godfather, patron saint, Dalai Lama, whatever of the climate grifters. (I need to get used to being called a climate-change denier anytime I use the term "climate grifter" in left-of-traditional-center settings, as if scammers can't capitalize on both extant and supposed phenomena.)

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Anyone know the internet funding site to pay for the mercenaries to eliminate Davos attendees?

Asking for a friend.

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I'm fervently trying to manifest a flying saucer landing at the Davos airfield, from which Michael Rennie and Gort emerge to vaporize the private jets and save humanity.

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If Klaus Schwab wants to "F" us over then he'd better get ready for Americans to come looking for him, because we have had enough of that sick Fuque trying to corral us like cattle to satisfy his sick NAZZI EGO. Does that moron actually believe we'll just bow down and Kiss his and the WEF participant's feet? They had better get their heads our of their rear ends and wake the heck up, because if civil war breaks out in America there are going to be a whole lot of dead WEF CEOs. Is that what you boys really want, because you will not be exempt from paying the price for your actions against us !!!

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Thank you and shared.

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Russia has my permission to nuke the WEF at Davos!

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What a list of insane issues and would be demagogues. Their father the devil is the father of lies....and the truth wins in the end.

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I think we need some drones.

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Has there ever been a group of more evil people gathered together at one time?

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2016 X-Files Predicted Government Vaccine That Erases Human Immune System


December 18th 2022


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Jordan, which UniParty US politicians are attending? I’ve been banging my head against a wall for 3 years attempting to contact our “ elected officials”( I use the term loosely).

The ONLY reciprocity received has been with Gov. DeSantis, who to date is the sole true leader fighting for “ We The People”

More curious is the abject silence regarding Event 201, which is a literal who’s who + WHO is are the architects of COVID, the Surveillance State and the Huxleyan Great Reset aka Build Back Better aka Brave New World transhumanist feudal system of the Kleptocorporate multinational monopolistic /global government WEF/UN/US/EU/China/NGO tyrannical mass murderous ruling elite “ Fourth Reich” technocracy.

Where’s Trump, the “ Stable Genius” who promised to drain the Swamp and expose the cabal? He filled it to overflow, never cleaned house, appointed bad with worse and essentially expedited the end of the Free World. Why is he railing about how he’s been wronged when he had the power to do the right thing?

His first major error was choosing Pence. Next, Sessions, then Wray, Rosenstein , Haspel,Cippilone,McMaster,Pompeo,Tillerson Barr, Bolton, Volker,Milley,Esper,Azar,Gottlieb,Grisham,Alyssa Farrah, Fiona Hill, Bill Gates, Bloomberg,Zuckerberg,Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Birx, Redfield, Jerome Adam’s,Slavin Kadlec,Gottlieb, Nuland, Jerome Powell,Vindman,Price, Kellyanne Conway, Dick Cheney, Rick Gates, Henry Kerner… surrounded himself with the most corrupt- Lindsey Graham, Christie, the dummies- Meadows, Collins,Gingrich, McDaniels, Hannity, Federalist- the far right fundamentalist zealots- Tony Perkins, Pastor Jefress, Falwell, Franklin Graham, Greg Abbott, Father Pavone, Cruz, Kobach, Mike Lindell, has beens O’Reilly,Limbaugh… ignored the diverse, young, energetic, culturally connected grassroots crossover movements I.e. Jexit, WalkAway,Blexit,Dems For Trump, LGBT For Trump, Muslim Reform, Haitians For Trump, Dems For Trump, Latinos For Trump, The Persistance, Sonnie Johnson, Student Reform, Blacks For Trump, Diamond and Silk, Dov Hikind, Isaiah Washington Legacy Republicans, Log Cabin,Hindus For Trump, Pastors Scott and Burns +. Journalists Ian Miles Cheong, Andy Ngo, Lara Logan, Sharyl Attkison, Revolver, Dan Greenfield, Ami Horowitz,Kim Iversen… nary a peep of recognition or appreciation. Ditto Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Epoch Times, Judicial Watch, Giuliani, Dr Robert Epstein, Jonathan Turley , Russell Brand, Mark Steyn, Neil Oliver, Bret Weinstein, Trish Regan, Tammy Bruce, Posobiec,Tulsi Gabbard, David Schoen…

He threw Flynn, McFarland, Ezra Cohen , Toensig, DiGenova, Straka, Dr Simone Gold, Ashley Babbitt , Elon Musk Caerter Page, Papadopoulis under the bus.All the fabulous medical experts…

Yet silence on the WEF. I guess he didn’t want to upset his old pal Klaus Schwab and his Young Global Leader compadres, Ivanka, Newsom, Pritzker,Avril Haines, Fiona, Nuland, Angela, Boris, Macron, Ayers, Larry Summer, Nikki Haley, Rutte,Stefanik, Stoltenberg, Zelenskyy, Kadlec, Bourla, Gates, Zuck, Bancel, Dease, Dimon and on and on and on

Crapping on Musk and DeSantis was really special, too.

Why haven’t any Republicans or so called Fox/ Newsmax idiots called out the WHO Pandemic Treaty, Biden’s Transhumanist EO or the truth behind the Migrant Inasion? The bill Biden signed creating a “ reunited Americas continent ceding sovereignty to crate a single government entity of Noth, Centeal, South America and Canada?

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Praying Americans will unite to stop the WEF, WHO & UN Elites from taking over America for their NWO Great Reset.

They will not stop election fraud & the corrupt FBI & government from trying to take over America for their communist plans.

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Guess we know where the Woke agenda comes from...

WHO director general, Dutch PM, CCP news network, CNN, CSNBC, TikTok etc, etc. What no Fox News? No Italy PM? No World Health Council? No Great Barrington Declaration authors? No GB News? That is not a hidden bias agenda that IS the new elites world order centre of power.

Now juxtapose that with the Twitter files, the FBI collusion with the Biden/Obama/Clinton led Democrats and social media and MSM to drive destruction of the US constitution and the move by central banks to introduce eCurrency wallets (aka online digital ID), with controls in where and how you can spend YOUR money and the “health” passports apparently approved by the G20 (the UK have to get rid of Sunak ASAP) and the Dutch lead of stealing farms from individual farmers and Gates buying up all the farm land in the US, except for that which Biden is helping the CCP to buy and what does it all add up to.

Oh and let’s throw in a fake climate threat and a fake viral threat and see if we can impose lockdowns and dose everyone with an experimental drug while we are at it.

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