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Defying the Davos agenda, with Noor Bin Ladin

What do the anti-humans have up their sleeves for the 2024 election?

Today on The Dossier Podcast, we had the privilege of having a wide ranging conversation with the one and only Noor Bin Ladin.

As a woman who possesses the most controversial last name of the 21st century (Osama was her uncle), Noor describes herself as a “freedom loving Americanophile and patriot at heart.”

Today, Noor is a Switzerland-based journalist and commentator, focusing on the global ruling class and its efforts to impose its agenda upon humanity.

On The Dossier Podcast, we discussed Noor’s recent reporting from the World Economic Forum’s 2024 gathering in Davos. We also talked about the long history of the anti-human agenda, and what to look out for as the 2024 elections come around.

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