This is disgusting. Biden clearly hates America and Israel.

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Seems the Biden Regime picked a curious guardian against hatred, one with enough baggage to sink a ship. It's like inviting a pyromaniac to a fireworks factory and expecting a quiet evening. As for what could go wrong? Picture this: the fox, fresh from the henhouse, lecturing us on poultry welfare while feathers still cling to its whiskers.

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they've figured out the re-election numbers for crucial states.

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I would say this is surprising and shocking, but nothing surprises me anymore

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Islam is nothing more than a death cult shrouded in a religion.

The sooner we realize it, the better off the world will be without any of them.

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"Essentially, the Biden Administration has tasked the U.S. ideological branches of Hamas to spearhead the “anti-Islamophobia” task force."

This incomprehensible decision by the Biden people is an overt slap in the face to the U.S., to American Jews, and to Israel.

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So Biden joining up with the most antisemitic groups in our country.

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The FBI had on a number of occasions declared that no offices of the FBI should have any connection with or communicate with CAIR.

They pose as a social justice group but are without a doubt a hate group whose sole reason for existing is to further their anti Semitic anti israel hateful agendae. Certainly not a reason to include this mob in anything, let alone dealing with Islamophobia, which to be clear, was a term introduced by the IIIT, (international institute of Islamic Thought) TO DEFLECT LEGITIMATE CRITICISM of radical Islamist extremists...

In Canada they changed their name to NCCM - National Council of Canadian Muslims to avoid the stigma of being associated with the US Jew hate group.

Either way very devious and a proven clear hate group, being included in anti hate initiatives that they THEMSELVES ARE ACTIVE WITH IN MANY WAYS , as far as Jews and Israel are concerned... More important is that a bill just introduced IN THE HOUSE, will charge any groups supporting or enabling terror groups aka Hamas which groups will be guilty of a crime and be sanctioned . Exact details as yet unclear, but THAT UNDOUBTEDLY INCLUDES CAIR A CHIEF PROPONENT AND SUPPORTER OF HAMAS.... LET THE GAMES BEGIN...

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Biden with Islam Obama pulling the strings.

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By their fruits ye shall know them

I don't need the government telling me what to think. I will judge a man by his actions...if he does good, or if he does evil. It's not that complicated. If a Muslim chooses to kill innocent people (or supports the same) or chooses to condemn attacks like the recent one, I will judge him by that, not simply because he's Muslim. These so-called anti-hate groups are almost always extremely hateful.

CAIR and others are just looking for a govt handout. When has anyone stopped hating another person just because the government said you couldn't?

Besides, hate speech is still protected under the First Amendment. I have the God-given right to love or hate anything I want.

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This would Jarrett’s choice.

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(sarcasm off the chart) Great... I feel so much better now.

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Biden angered many of his party members by supporting Israel strongly at the start of the conflict. In order to appease those people, he will start another boondoggle. The left coalition lacks any unified idea outside of taking Uncle Sugar’s money.

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This is the tell that Obama is still in charge. During his regime, every act of Islamic terror prompted a White House admonition not to indulge in "Islamaphobia." Obama was at all times more protective of and solicitous towards Islam worldwide than the citizens of his own country.

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There have been Islamists embedded in the U.S. for years, but it wasn’t until Obama was in office that it became fashionable. Now it is a cause celebre and Creeping Sharia combined with Marxism is a Red/Green Axis amped up to warp speed. This is a deliberate push for a global , despotic Brave New World. Long in the making. A fascist technocracy abetted by the elitist UniParty and the beast created as a “ peacekeeping” global entity, the UN. The WEF/Trilateral Commission/Club of Rome//Bilderberg- the kleptocorporporate multinational megalomaniacal monopolists, … History not only repeats itself, but does so with the same players generation after generation.

The treachery and corruption is of enormous scope. The silence is deafening. The irony is itself ironic. Where are the “ good guys”? Why havent the Republicans gone after Soros,Kerry,Omar,Tlaib,Becerras,Haines,Podesta,Watters,Burns,Kadlec,Powers,Grady,Plaskett,DWS,Bill Gates,Nuland,CAIR,the WEF?

Why didn’t a single Republican call out the Charlottesville false flag set up? If I recognized the frontmen, Jason Kessler and Jesse Spencer as the Soros frontmen of Occupy Wall Street and Kessler’s longtime presence in the DNC..often appearing on CNN as a consultant and contributor, how is it possible they didn’t? How is it fucking possible nary a Republican representative nor spokesperson was aware of the real Jamal Khashoggi? The Muslim Brotherhood Wahabbi jihadist mentored by Bin Laden who barely spoke English, wasn’t a “ Saudi Dissident journalist”, instead, a traitor working as an agent of Qatar/Turkey/Iran, barely spoke English,his propaganda written by Al-Jazeera under the guise of his “ editorials” published by the WaPo?His desire to wipe Israel off the map, destroy the West, take out MBS, Sisi,working to create a global caliphate? He was a bigamist being issued a second marriage license from the Turkish embassy. And still the GOP establishment rails about his being “ murdered by Bin Salman”.Why didn’t they back Trump’s effort to have the FBI label the Muslim Brotherhood a terror entity? Because Lindsey Graham, MCCain, Flake,Portman,Corker,Toomey,Collins,Murkowski,Ayotte,Hyde,Kerner,McMaster,Kramer,Kent,Atkinson,Cofer-Black are also in bed with the MB. McCain,Graham,Cofer-Black,Romney,Bush,BoltonMueller,Barr are in bed with Ukraine.Romney,Mitch,Lee,Huntsman,Ryan,Liz Cheney,Murkowski,FlakeBurr, and others in the GOP are in bed w/ China. All are in bed with the Establishment Dems. All of the Dems are in bed with every malignant entity. Charles Koch and George Soros are in bed together. And the Swamp has effectively destroyed America.

Monarchies, theocracies, anarchists, sadists, sociopaths, psychopaths ,ideologues, malcontents, wannabes, imbeciles, cowardice, incuriosity and the inevitable scapegoat- the Jews.

The most contemptible are the self-loathing abilifiers and enablers. Gertrude Stein, Marx,Mandel, Soros, Kissinger, Bloomberg, Blinken,Lew, Zelensky,Fink, Mayorkas, Bernie,Jill Stein,Gergen, Weinberger, Steyer, Ehud Barak, Thomas Friedman, Beinert, Chomsky,Medea Benjamin…

The so-called “feminists” , “ human rights”, “ Civil rights”, “ social justice”, “ diversity, equity and inclusion” activists and organizations showering hatred upon Asra Nomani, Zudhi Jasser, Maajid Nawaz, Ayaan Hirsi-Al,Imam of Peace, Max Alvarez, Brandon Straka, Eric Clapton, Michael Shellenberger, Tulsi Gabbard, Neil Oliver, Qanta Ahmet, Drs Risch, McCullough, Ladapo,Malone,Gold, Makary,Stella,Battacharaya Montagnier,Ionnides, Levitt ,Kuldorff,Cole, Nass,Yeadon,…once iconic authors, playwrights,journalists.. Huxley, Orwell,Bradbury,Tolstoy,Mamet,SalingerHesse,Kipling,Solzhenitsyn,Sendak,Rushdie,Chayefsky,Lean,Dr. Seuss, Dostoyevsky…

The CIA, NSA, NIA, DHS, FBI, DOJ, FCC,DOD, Dept of Education, Fed, IRS, USAID,SEC, ATF,INS,State Dept, EPA, NIH, DA, CDC, HHS, … The entire system is corrupt and doing the bidding of China, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, WEF and every evil plaguing the globe. America Last

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Change the channel.

The truth doesn’t bear publicity, the public knows it and doesn’t want to...

Not to mention No One who ever Drew Breath, not Jesus, Not Buddha, Not William Penn; could hold back laughter at Civil Rights and Racist Racist Racist and Rules for War and Police Brutality and above all OPEN BORDERS USA-Europe has any time for this- all of it lies meant to harm us.

CAIR isn’t here because we wanted them here...

In America we have self defense, and guns. Good thing.

They’re your Golems, you deal with it... we’re all on Uvalde rules in 🇺🇸.

We have no sympathy.

Of course not.

Change the subject, what 🇮🇱 needs is to vanish off the scope.

🇮🇱 is not like their cousins, moreover we simply need to not betray them, they need to proceed with no publicity.

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