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The time is long overdue to put the "Ruling Class" back in the dirt, from whence it came, and to where it rightly belongs.

We the People are a Democratic Republic.

Our Sacred Laws are the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Golden Rule.

They come to us and turn our lives upside down.

We should do the same to Them. And doubly so.

They have nothing.

We have created everything. By our labor.

The "Rulers" are parasites.

Noxious parasites.

They are energy vampires.

For Them, too much is never enough.

They must be stopped.

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It's a fait accompli, no matter what laws states pass to try to ban it, the crisis they engineer will get everyone begging for it, like the dummies begged for the vaccine "cure." FedNow will be the settlements system (blockchain without transparency). FedCoin will be the "currency" that is a weapon of mass enslavement. The plandmic octopus always had a CBDC as the last arm. That's why they trialed UBI "relief checks." The rest of the world already knows Bretton Woods is dead because global reserve currencies never last a century, but as usual Americans will be the last to figure it.


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A timely warning. I think though that that is more Fire than they want to drop on the dry tinder of the American people right now, but I could be wrong.

I think that rather than making such a move openly they will nationalize the banks a la unlimited FDIC guarantee in exchange for even more control of banking. I expect that they get all of the backend up and running in the banks and hold off on the face of Beastcoin for now.

As an aside, is there a point where we say enough is enough? Or is talking as far as we will ever go?

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CBDC combined with ESG is a digital social credit score gulag. Here are the receipts on SVB: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/svb-linkedin-receipts

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Journalists like yourself, and others in a position to ask questions, should ask the experts: Why CBDCs rather than a gold standard? CBDCs are just another "currency" tethered to nothing of actual value. Isn't the root cause of the problem the fact that there is nothing stopping governments from abusing their power to create money?

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Thanks so much for posting information about members of Congress who are actively opposing a CBDC. Prior to this I'd heard of only one. Under the Constitution, which by the way doesn't mention "the Fed", Congress has the sole power over coinage. Congress need to wake up and take back the power they have for too long ceded to the executive branch. Here's legal scholar's article laying out why only Congress can implement a CBDC: https://bpi.com/legal-authority-to-issue-a-u-s-central-bank-digital-currency/

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It will take years to develop, debug and fully deploy a CBDC system even if there was enough public support on implementing it, and I suspect there is not. On its current trajectory, our fiat currency system won’t last that long. It’s not going to be pretty either way.

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CBDC's will destroy what is left of the country. It will be a living hell. To get your fake digital dollars you will need to submit to all mRNA injections, as many as they demand. You will need to pledge allegiance to the leftist democrat party. You will need to disavow Trump and all republicans. You will need to surrender your gas vehicle. You will need to surrender your guns. You will need to surrender all of your freedom to move about. You will eat only the garbage they allow you to eat. You will give up your religion. You will gladly submit to any and all demands made by the state at any time. Got it?

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Use cash as much as possible.... for everything you can.

The more people using cash, the less likely it is that they will try to do away with it.

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A) Seems like the Fed fears the Venmo’s of the world.

B) Bitcoin scares them and would be a threat if it ever escapes the speculator mentality

C) Potentially the main benefit to the elites and control driven bureaucrats is the social credit system

D) This tactic of launching CDBCs will make cash King, unless they outlaw it. Then we’ll see how much the populace cares.

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Here’s the play: As non-favored banks begin to fail, as they will very shortly, ( SVB obviously a highly favored bank consisting of 99.9% hefty lefty donors and PC power brokers and influencers) the Fed will claim FDIC can not (true) and will not make depositors “whole” ...but as a “caring and gracious” overlord they will offer a generous alternative: ( take it or leave it) every dollar of deposit lost will be backed by the full faith equivalent of CBDC’s.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of a carefully manufactured crisis being utilized to bring forth the planned implosion of the American dollar.


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How are faster payments going to solve the banking crisis? FedNow might serve as a government platform but isn't the same as CBDC.


"a CBDC would take far longer to get off the ground than FedNow due to regulatory hurdles"

(especially, the Fourth Amendment)

They're trying to pass laws on a state level to redefine "money":


Oppose those bills NOW in your state:


The SVB collapse was caused by 3 factors: 1. mistakes made by the management 2. Federal Reserve raised the rate too quickly 3. panic. It's justified to be concerned but watch for those spreading panic, they're not your friends.

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The worst of all this is the debasement of savings.

$12T were issued for "COVID", per the St. Louis Fed Reserve Bank's M1 statistics.

Who received these funds? Who DIDN'T receive a penny?

What about the recent unlimited bailout of depositors at SVB? Who paid for that?

Why the savers did. A way out of this would be to restore Double Liability for Bank Shareholders, Directors and Officers. They would share PERSONAL LIABILITY for their actions.


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It is going to be the retailers that enforce CBDC's. If States/Provinces allow other forms of currency to be used and that retailers can opt out of using digital exclusively, it will kill any control measures they have in mind. for the time being anyway.

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Buy lead, lots of it!

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Is bitcoin a hedge against this, as gold previously was (could still be?) to the dollar?

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