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Incredible to look back and see how crazy they were. Nice article Jordan! I have to admit I kind of bought into the 2 weeks to slow the spread but I never changed my lifestyle and kept going into work. Also I’m not a doctor. What blows my mind is how few doctors spoke up early to explain how viruses actually transmit and how everything we were lead to believe was wrong. We need to hold these people accountable.

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I was in NY. Retired MD. Trying to convince people in my community, my family that this was complete BS by Fauci the Chief Hack who I knew was a criminal back in the AIDS days and used that playbook for Covid. I was called , well you know...Now those same people can't look me in the eye as their friends drop dead from heart attacks or turbo cancers.

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The hysteria was always far more deadly than covid itself. One would imagine that, given the extreme nature of shutting down society and defenestrating centuries-old traditions of liberty and law and forcing everyone to hide inside their homes like a bunch of agoraphobic recluses, the unprecedented decision to impose lockdowns would be based on a causal relationship between lockdowns and the trajectory of the virus. But nope.


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A succinct and accurate summary. Like Jordan, I was among the early antagonists of the policies in my own country. I take no solace whatsoever in being slowly vindicated.

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All of this true, sames, from the very start, anyone who did their own research discovered the truth very quickly. I had worked in public health policy at the state legislative level for nearly two decades, sat in on countless health committee public hearings, closed and open door meetings with legislators, regulators, first responders, insurance government affairs teams, hospital association leaders, nursing home leaders, I had more knowledge than most about who was in those roles and what body of information they were supposed to be drawing upon. And I had academic and professional training in media communications, relationships with reporters. I smelled a rat from the very start.

When I tried to engage many of these very people who should have known better after I saw them going off the best laid plans that millions, billions of dollars of research and preparedness planning had put together, thrown out in the blink of an eye based on observations in a crisis that hadn't been scrutinized or validated I was treated like an ignorant Neanderthal. Told I didn't know what I was talking about and people were going to die, I was being selfish.

My friends, coworkers, neighbors, family all said I was being paranoid, it would just be a temporary thing, we'd get back to normal quickly. Having seen what was really happening, the massive infrastructure being built for an extended suspension of our way of life and lack of debate I knew better. For saying the truth I was called a conspiracy loon. It didn't matter how much I tried to communicate I spoke from a position of intimate familiarity I was dismissed. Young, uneducated people working in retail tried to pretend they knew more than me, professing their authority on the subject...from watching TV talking heads. As if!!

As you said, voices of sanity were seemingly few and far between. I could find a few on social media if I looked hard enough, but very little structure to help us get our footing and share ideas on how to reclaim our world from the grips of the mania. Not having the benefit of knowledge about the entire system that had already been conspiring for this moment. But never backing down, never giving up, never questioning myself.

So I spent months that went into years researching all I could about what was coming together. Knowledge is power. And I needed more power. The first thing I keyed in on was the role of the behavioral scientists in amplifying the mania, NPR's April 3, 2020 story on masks raised every hair on my neck for its reference to masks being, "honor badges."


Being a student of the history of WWII and the Holocaust those words meant something different to me. The yellow star they were forced to wear in Germany was taken up as a "badge of honor." That's when I began to understand our peril. It wasn't just mistakes being made by people caught up in the mania. It was for another more sinister purpose.


And here we are, three years later. Yes, they've pushed the Overton Window to make baseless intrusions on western liberal democratic values. Collectivizing individual health risks that impose harmful restraints on our rights for symbolic equity purposes. Don't you dare say the obese and diabetic should make healthy changes to their lifestyles to avoid bad outcomes from infectious disease! It's your responsibility to protect them! Wear your damn mask! Get your damn shot! Do your part! Together we can achieve Zero Covid! All lies in service to another agenda, building back better and all.

We are in the early rounds of a dangerous war for the future of mankind. The pandemic response was an experiment, as Birx told DeSantis. They found out how many people they can manipulate and coerce to believe absurdities and self-harm when directed to, and how many (or few) will resist. How to best compel businesses and buttons of control on society to enforce their edicts. How many will willingly place their necks into invisible yokes and chains, submitting to authority and becoming enforcers of authority. As in any prison, inmates are enlisted to help keep control of other inmates with perks and privileges the rest don't get since there's not enough guards.

With outlets like Substack and a few other free-ish speech platforms we have a sense of connectivity now that we did not have. We are building our counter movement, helping the newly awakened find community and ideas on how to join our cause. But our connectivity is fragile. The key infrastructure still belongs to them. They can turn off Substack if and when they want, and other platforms where "dangerous dis/misinformation" is shared. The model for it has been active in China for a very long time. And while freedom advocates there are in a never-ending game of cat and mouse, trying to stay a step ahead of authorities, they are always having to adapt and change to greater and greater censorship. With technology tools for authorities that have been developed by the same major tech companies that we rely on. Infrastructure and controls are already built, they just need to get the OK to flip the switch here.

So part of this time must be spent on developing more secure, hardened communications for a resistance to grow and remain connected. Which means local. Reliable low tech. Local sourcing, self-sustainability so if/when society is closed off to the disobedient we can survive. And we must gain allies who won't obey. Who will take risks to join those targeted by the state in a show of solidarity, even when they aren't targets. Courage. Bravery. In the land of the free and home of the brave. If we really are.

How many of our friends and neighbors, family and colleagues will do this when the moment calls?

From Stalag 17, released in 1953:


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A respected friend expressed very cynical doubt about the lockdown concept in April 2020 and I credit her with shocking me awake. There are many people who have so much of their lives invested in all this nonsense being true that they literally can’t accept evidence otherwise. The cognitive dissonance is too great.

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Here are a few items that strain credulity surrounding the "Covid" phenomenon:

How was it that this "virus" spread across thousands of kilometers within days and peaked synchronously in selected locations?

How was it that this "virus" was able to spread so fast across thousands of kilometers, peaking at the same time in those selected locations, yet wasn’t contagious enough to spread to nearby locations?

How was it this "deadly lab-leaked virus” caused no mass death in the original place of the “lab leak.”

How did this “gain of function” hypercharged “virii” migrate to N Italy from Wuhan skipping over Pakistan, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etc?

How was it as has been demonstrated from all-cause-mortality figures analysis – that the "virus" obediently stopped killing people at jurisdictional boundaries?

Killing lots more where the ’emergency measures’ were fiercest, and killing far fewer in the next-door-contiguous jurisdiction where they were much milder?

How was it that this deadliest of virii impacted only the poor and disabled. How did this GOF virus stayed away from upper middle class and wealthy people?

How was it that this most transmissible of virii occurred exclusively in hospitals and nursing homes and not out in the general population?

How is such a virus so selective?

How is it that such a "virus" in fact did not spread widely?

How was it possible that all countries in the West and beyond adopted similar measures virtually "overnight” mirroring the Italian template with measures resembling a de facto police state rather than health initiatives?

To ascribe this convergent set of circumstances to a "viral event" beggars belief and defies all known epidemiological history and flies in the face of all established biological science.

What can do this is a coordinated campaign by powerful interests.

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More like public health terrorism...using a totally fake emergency under totally false pretenses. How are the DOD and HHS any different than terrorists staging an attack on this country? People are still murdered either way. For some reason, your lovely country is in love with murdering you. How does that play in the future? What else can it be?

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This Coronavirus Task Force did not have the collective intellect nor the wisdom to be making these broad brush decisions. - love this!!!

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It’s all so disappointing. It makes me look at the people who have believed this BS hook, line and sinker as if they’re just the stupidest people created. And the people I know that followed all the MSM jargon and ‘facts’ are really intelligent! We’re talking PhDs and successful professionals. I truly believe they all became vulnerable to the MSM when Hillary lost. They yearned for their anti Trump rhetoric and, true or not, their candidate not winning threw them into the falsehood abyss. They’re most likely not coming back. That would say they were wrong and gullible, which they don’t want to admit.

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Yeah, Jordan, the data accrued very quickly. I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't anything close to as bad as everyone feared. This was while I was still mourning for my sister who died from a sudden onset respiratory illness. She had multiple comorbidities, and her death was the sort of thing I've seen many times in the last six decades; someone whose health is weakened, gets finished off by a virus. We stumble forward, our vision blurred by our tears, and keep getting food on the table for the next generation. It were always thus.

So instead of protecting people like my sister, they weakened as many others as they could. What we're seeing in the aftermath is precisely what we knew would happen if the hysterical panic and lockdowns weren't halted after a week. One week was bad enough; anyone with two brain cells to rub together, knew that the one week would take years to recover from.

Now, we're watching all of the various agendas revealed, one by one.

Those who never saw regular folks as being anything more than lab rats are covering their tracks with "mistakes were made" non-apologies, which are what used to be called the "I"m a moron defense" while they consolidate their gains of money and power.

Oh, sure, there was and is plenty of incompetence going 'round, but opportunists leveraged the chaos for personal and organizational gain. These predators and parasites are always quick to avoid letting a manufactured crisis go to waste.

No amnesty.

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Those of us who called this scam out by March 2020 were later removed from big social media. It's likely far more people were skeptical of the scam than you now believe. The apparent lack of protesting voices was due entirely to censorship and social pressure.

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"The Spread" of Deception:

ZERO Evidence of Transmission of Respiratory “Viruses” - ScienceDirect

They’ve been lying to us for centuries by presenting the unsubstantiated germ theory as a scientific fact. The “germ theory of disease causation” is a Fraud


Dr. Michael Yeadon: Every Single Thing We Were Told Is a LIE

'The “Vaccines”Have Killed Millions... Personally I No Longer Believe There Was Any Novel Respiratory Virus... If we can’t persuade people of that, humanity is going down'


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Jordan, I was in Arlington, VA yelling at the TV during the "15 days press conference." I had lived through SARS 1 in 2003 in Taipei and already knew what pandemonium could be created by press and outlandish pandemic models. I knew the CFR number was meaningless and began a desperate search for anyone not on board with the pandemonium. You were the first one I found. Eventually, through your public work and the connections I found through Twitter, I became a part of those anti-lockdown structures and sent all the best articles I could to anyone in D.C. who would listen. I remember referring your account to a few journalist friends. Thanks for sticking your neck out. I'm sure countless connections were made because you had the courage to be one of the very first to take this on so forcefully and openly. Ultimately, without the resistance that was sparked, who knows how much longer the madness would have continued.

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"By March 16, yours truly was already pretty fed up with both the governmental and societal “response” ..."

I knew this was a scam at that same point in time, at which I was visiting Chicago to help my daughter prepare her house for sale. Illinois went as crazy as New York. I met not one single person who wasn't sucked into the COVID narrative. The two things that struck me first were the ineptness and obvious dishonesty of the task force - for which I primarily blame the useless Mike Pence - and the unbelievable lack of any concrete data-driven exit path from the hell they established.

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