It's hubris and politics with a generous helping of unfathomable cruelty. Lest we forget, the CCP killed tens of millions of its own people in the 20th century and ran them over with tanks only 30 years ago.

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Great article!

There is one more possibility. This virus first appeared in China and it is possible that China knows something about it that make it fear Covid so much. What it is, we do not know. But let's say that, just for an example, Covid would kill everyone by triggering a deadly cancer in 3 years. This would explain these crazy lockdowns also.

Looking at China makes me very worried for this reason.

I also discussed this and we can compare notes:


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Apr 13, 2022·edited Apr 13, 2022

And the people are just collateral damage to the CCP.

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Great article. It's genuinely difficult to know what's really going on in China, and I think many of these factors come into play.

I saw this happen in New Zealand once covid arrived so I am partial to the germophobe explanation. I am an American expat who was living there for 7 years. I got out before the first big lockdown happened over ONE CASE. New Zealanders have lost their minds over the past 9 months. I've seen libertarians in New Zealand become complete totalitarians over this. I'm pretty sure they aren't privy to information that China has about the virus, so in some sense this extreme authoritarian behavior in Australia, NZ, Canada is self-reinforcing because of insularity and mass psychosis.

There's one more possibility to add to the list. I saw a fascinating comment on Mathew Crawford's substack Rounding the Earth today re: China.

"If you study the long history of China you will discover periods where the entire country seems to be quite insane. The Cultural Revolution is just one example, and the system breakdown over COVID is another. Often the cause has been flooding or earthquakes or famine, but when the people see the omens they know that the Emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven. The Emperor knows, too. I think the CCP may fear losing the Mandate of Heaven and they imagine that the only solution is to impose absolute, mindless and fearsome tyranny to keep it. That worked in Tian An Men square. No Chinese teenager has ever heard of the massacre, but this will be harder to hide."

Link is here: https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/p/false-pandemic-hegemon/comment/6027774?s=r

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I think your third and fourth possibilities are the most likely. The internal politics is one in particular that I think plays a significant role but gets little coverage.

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Welcome to the satanic NWO There was never a pandemic. Plandemic, genocidal PSYOP planned years in advance. Population control and culling of "useless eaters" worldwide. Vaxx - bioweapon attack on humanity:

"The World Bank document titled “COVID-19 STRATEGIC PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE PROGRAM AND PROPOSED 25 PROJECTS UNDER PHASE 1” was made available to the public on April 2, 2020. According to this document, the expected COVID-19 Project Closing Date is March 31, 2025."

Coming to a city near you: Slaughtering "infected" pets, and caging, starving, and beating "infected" people. Wait till the next plandemic which will "get our attention" according to kill bates. “For the Greater Good”: Shanghai COVID Atrocities Foreshadow Things To Come


Meanwhile in Canada: Following the Footsteps of the Third Reich: Canada Announces Medicalized Murder of the Mentally Ill History Repeating: the use of weaponized psychiatry in the recent past


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Other explanations:

- They know it was a lab leak and know it could potentially get more dangerous.

- They want to hurt the western economies. (maybe covered in psyop)

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A fifth possibility: China is secretly ruled by Eric Feigl-Ding.

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Possibility #5: the carnivorous machine intelligence that is the global Covid regime is trying to kill Shanghai, as a trial run for killing every city on earth.

Make no mistake: the tortuous horror we see in Shanghai today is coming here, if we let it.

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The actual reason for this criminally insane terrorism is irrelevant. CHINA has become the most evil, monstrous regime on the planet! Global ENEMY #1.

CHINA epitomizes a criminally insane evil regime! NO SANE person or political entity should ever cozy up to these monsters. The Belt & Road Initiate is a one-way path to HELL!

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Was listening to Louder with Crowder today and a Anon resident of Shanghai,originally an Australian ,stated he believes the CCP is doing this to “save face” with there population.Hence the linear growth of cases by just a 1,000 or so a day ,then they will make it disappear.Giving the collective Chinese a sense of accomplishment and purpose.It’s one great big lie ,but the save face idea works in a few of your choices.

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Perhaps it's something else.

I watch a lot of foreign-language stuff on Netflix, and if you knew nothing of history you'd see little difference in representations of middle-class life in China, Taiwan and S. Korea. The common preoccupations of getting kids into good schools; married dissatisfactions; generational clash. People with good access to material goods; attractive apts., etc.

In China the class just below the elites seems to be doing quite well. Despite the CCP's control of the internet, there's still what you can call a sense of international awareness and connectedness; maybe the younger generation starting to think they're all just like everyone else everywhere. There's so much foreign investment in China, so many Western expatriates, that this generation may have good opportunities for mixing with foreigners of comparable educations and lifestyles.

And the mainland Chinese must be aware to a dangerous extent of the political situation in HK; how much people were risking to try to preserve some freedoms.

So maybe the CCP feels it's time to tighten the choke collars that had gotten a little too loose and remind everyone exactly who is in charge and what you'll lose if you forget that. If they can brutalize Shanghai, what might they do elsewhere?

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#5: The globalists already run the modern world and they're in the endgame of their New World Order (one world government, massive depopulation and Central Bank Digital Currency). The Ukraine war is helping to bring about financial and supply chain collapse. China is also doing its part with lockdowns that will make the supply chain even worse. Massive depopulation will happen due to the clot shots and famine. The satanic globalists believe in "order out of chaos" after all.


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Simple. A message to all pre communist/dictator states, this is how to crush freedom. Wait for it! September, probably, before 2022 mid term elections, the absolute necessity to house arrest all people for their own good. Mail in ballets, or cancellation of elections, because of the horror of a new dangerous covid or something. Emergency! Lock yourself up, at least! Canada is setting in place censorship laws for disinformation. Be very careful what you say from now on.

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These are crazy times. Sometimes it's difficult to figure out why something is happening, the way it is happening. Maybe that's the plan; to keep us guessing and confused.

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Personally, I think it's born from an increasingly-unstable economy. If the house of cards came down, CCP and Xi could face real problems. They could foresee that a lockdown of a city of 25 million people would relieve commodity pressures if it was aggressive enough, and that it would create a template to further reduce with additional cities as needed.

The internal political pressure from Shanghai's corner could've been a bonus or even suggested it as the first city.

Kyle Bass, a good China watcher, just suggested as much today - https://twitter.com/Jkylebass/status/1514264818685026308

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