The public is blissfully unaware of all the things in their lives that come from oil. Like fertilizer and medicine and pretty much every object they own with any plastic on it, as well as all the solvents and lubricants that make every device upon which they rely operate. The people doing this to them know full well, however. Nothing depopulates planets faster than the mass starvation that will result from a lack of fertilizer.

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What infuriates me the most is the gaslighting from BOTH sides. Jordan, you are 100% correct. This is by design, NOT incompetence. The Great Reset is rolling in at lightning speed and many won’t see it until it’s too late.

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The obvious solution would be to open up American oil leases and the XL pipeline again. Somehow, our brilliant leaders overlooked that option. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's because their goal is to destroy our country as quickly as possible, because the mid-terms are right around the corner. Sadly, we can't count on our standard Republican representatives to do much better.

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How dare you! Greta Thunberg did an amazing job making Europe dependent on Russia and giving Putin leverage. The elites will still eat steak in their private jets while the peasants eat bugs and get ruined by $6 gas.

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I really believe we have gone past the point of no return. Yuri Besmenov stated quite clearly that the destruction of the US wopuld come from within over 30 years ago. In order to have a functioning republic there needs to be a virtuous and educated people and we have neither. We have elected evil and greedy politicians for way to long and the results are beginning to bear the ugly results.

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For a number of years I have heard of the possibility of an EMP taking down our apparently still vulnerable grid. I remember seeing a report where a thinktank headed by Frank Gaffney determined if the US grid were taken down for a year or more, up to 90% of the population would possibly not survive. That's 270+ million people.

While I always considered such an event to be possible, but unlikely, I didn't worry too much about it. However, given what has happened in the past two years, along with the very obvious rollout of the Reset as well as the current events we are witnessing I now consider the possibility of such an event to be more believable. And to show how sad I think things have gotten, I wouldn't be surprised, if we do experience an EMP, that it wouldn't come from the expected opponents of the US, but instead be due to friendly fire.

I have a difficult time believing the current powers that be will allow the coming election cycle to take place. They have too much to lose if it does.

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Energy prices are the least of our worries. Just wait till the world moves away from the USD. Trying to kick Russia out of the global economy was idiotic. The west should have been spending ALL their energy to get away from the idiotic offshoring model we've built in the name of free trade. They should have been doing that for a long time now. Take note of the countries that refused to condemn Russia's actions (ie., abstainees) in Ukraine. Take note of their human resources and economic resources. And finally take note of the fact many of them have been making moves to get off the USD for a decade while the west has become more and more reliant on them.

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Welcome to the controlled demolition of the current world order , reducing it to ashes to usher in a new order of the ages. Putin is a puppet just like the rest of the world's puppets (leaders) this war was planned years in advance just like Corona Op. All part of the end game. The world is a Stage.

A Staged Russia/Ukraine Conflict Is Part of the Plan To Take Down the Current World Order


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It's clearer now that "#FollowTheScience can be code for "Follow corrupt & captured "experts" on a trail of bullshit that's not about the nice-sounding stuff we pretend it is". *But*, the fossil fuel industry has been poisonous and corrupt also, and manipulates "science", and lies, and captures regulators, and gaslights people sick from nearby drilling by pointing to familiar sounding ingredients in fracking fluid "We use guar gum - it's in Ice Cream. Shut up!".

I think it's important to acknowledge there is a problem of industrial pollution on a finite planet, which has sacred value in its own right. Doesn't mean the people flying private jets to climate conferences have the solutions - or that "the science" they cite doesn't need more scrutiny.

I think it's important to acknowledge that if there was actually "clean energy" that could be "transitioned to" realistically at scale, that would be a good thing. And then explain the difference between what we're told and what actually is.

And the good people (and there are many, many good people in grassroots environmental movements), who are working for solar / wind / geothermal to replace fossil fuels would be wise to acknowledge it's a huge and complex system, and these "clean energy" sources aren't as innocent as they sound, And are being used as pretext for an agenda that (like covid), is more about controlling the people and consolidating power than controlling the problem they point to.

But the cords of "responsibility to protect" are manipulated, successfully. And the narrative is on automatic, where any questions are derided as " ----- Deniers!".

The mass formation of climate and covid are hard to break through .. I hope there can be, which may reach that ~40% in the middle, meeting on the grounds that humans' impact on this planet (in many ways, pollution on all levels, not just climate, and not just via carbon metrics), needs to be addressed, but with skepticism of those in powerful places claiming certain of solutions ...

(Meant with respect and appreciation of your work ...)

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BOHICA as we used to say in the military. Bend Over Here It Comes Again. The Great Reset is indeed on and you are going to feel the pain.

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Mar 8, 2022·edited Mar 9, 2022

There are, inevitably, "winners" and "losers" with every policy decision, which is undeniably the case with the propositions proffered by the eco-radicals currently dictating policy for the entirety of Executive Branch and our country. While there may be some true believers who have completely onboarded and internalized this wholly irrational (and largely unfalsifiable) dogma, a dogma that will undoubtedly victimize the most vulnerable in our society, I believe (although I cannot absolutely prove) this is ultimately about wealth transfers and accumulation and consolidation of power.

Consequently, I find the Biden Administration's myopic, tunnel-visioned approach to our current travails to be, on one hand, self-serving, self-congratulatory bullshit that recklessly disregards the vast majority of the polity, and on the other hand a grotesque and stomach churning grift that reveals their avarice and very low opinion of the American people's capacity to think and reason.

Taking a step back, and putting this calamitous lack of leadership in perspective, it is evident the Biden Administration possess neither empathy nor grace for the citizenry they assert they serve. They are utterly and hopelessly beholden to their ill-considered policies which, as I remarked, are primarily focused on accruing power and wealth. My uncharitable assessment derives from observing the harm experienced by the poorest among us and by small and medium business owners (who lack the economies of scale of large conglomerates) from the following policies:

1. Endless lockdowns precluding employment and ability to sustain small- and medium-sized businesses.

2. Vaccine mandates that invariably targeted those individuals and businesses with the most to lose and who would suffer the most from these unwarranted, heavy-handed measures.

3. Rampant inflation in a short period of time, largely due to gross mismanagement of our supply chain and profligate spending devaluing the dollar and dramatically reducing individuals' and businesses' purchasing power. Not to mention eroding people's rainy day and retirement savings.

And, most recently, turning a blind eye to obvious solutions to an alarming rise in commodity prices (i.e., making every effort to increase oil and natural gas production to reduce fuel prices) and lying about it.

The fecklessness of this Administration was recently underscored by Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris publicly exhorting American's to invest in electric vehicles as a near-term solution to historically high gas prices. That would be comedic if it weren't so tragic considering most people cannot afford an electric car (many of which cost north of $35,000). Also to consider is that citizens' incomes most certainly aren't going to come close to keeping up rising prices occasioned by inflation and increasingly scarcity due to an increase in demand. They are vapid, mindless drones parroting Administration talking points, and I perceive they offer negative efficacy in helping and instilling confidence in the American people.

The word "freedom" is bandied about a lot these days, and I'm afraid too many people don't take a moment to soberly reflect on what it means, particularly when put in the context of being an American citizen. Its denotation and connotation vary with context, and I think it is constructive and instructive to consider whether, a year into President Biden's Administration, you have the freedom to: save for your future; purchase what you need to feed your family; drive anywhere in the U.S. because it is affordable to do so; to start and maintain a business; and to raise or lower your thermostat without breaking the bank depending on the time of year.

I'd wager most people have far less freedom than they used to, and hopefully those coming to that realization keep that firmly in mind come the November mid-term elections, and again in 2024.

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Excellent as always Jordan... can't wait to be endlessly sloganized with this wonderful new phrase energy transition. Translates into $10 at the pump and nothing to eat. Sure hope the zoom class can't get their avocado toast delivered this time.

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The lib masses will love it - as they did with the lockdowns, masking, injections....

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As someone who has been harmed by several of these bad ideas, I'm very concerned about the potential destructive impact of this.

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What are they going to do when people start starving and freezing to death.

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"Since the beginning of the Biden presidency"

No, No ,No

The destruction of reliable energy began a long time ago and was codified in 1992 with the Rio Agenda 21 Treaty signed by Bush Sr.

Bush Jr can be credited for putting out "Grid 2030" in 2003 and the follow up report Technologies Roadmap in 2004



Oil and gas need to be destroyed to achieve their Smart Grid plans - this is nothing the Biden admin thought up, they are just playing their part in this sick play.

There is no real "left right" "democrat-republican". There is the global cabal and us.

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