I am encouraged that the overall tone seems to be triage. They are spending their time addressing the problems their own, often deliberate, mismanagement has caused. I think we are all safer if they are busy bailing water compared to if they were planning new means of subjugation.

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Their problem is they are high from sniffing each other’s farts. If they would just get outside in the mostly-fresh air, they probably wouldn’t be so batshit crazy.

Thanks for keeping an eye on this, Jordan, and I look forward to seeing which traitorous pieces of shit from our so-called elite class of self-important asshats further beclown themselves by attending.

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Please consider signing this related petition:

The Peoples’ Proclamation of Opposition to the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration

We, the undersigned, proclaim our opposition to the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration, as a gross violation of national sovereignty, individual liberty, health freedom, personal privacy, and the right to travel.

The G20 Declaration intends:

- Global digital vaccine passports and digital IDs connected to global digital health networks to travel

- Central Bank Digital Currencies to track and control purchases and behavior

- Escalating internet surveillance and censorship using the pretense of “disinformation”

- Expanding global governance through the Trojan Horse of a Bio-Security apparatus

- “Reforms” in food production and distribution which will harm small farmers and dictate what foods we may eat

We call on all elected officials to take a stand with ‘we the people’ and publicly denounce this latest attempt by global elites to advance their dystopian vision of a techno-feudal state with us as digitally branded subjects.


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Time to give them a shock! Don't accept tyranny and let them know they're in a war!

We, the people, do not support Bill Gates's World Health Organisation's intention to take over the Sovereignty of each independent Country in order to declare the next FALSE PANDEMIC and again enforce ridiculous reactions that will no doubt, mirror the Covid 19 farce!!

The WHO is financed by Bill Gates (being the highest financial 'contributor' = 'INFLUENCER'). Bill Gates states "The most lucrative investment I ever made = VACCINES".

Bill Gates believes the Planet is vastly over-populated! Join the dots! The WHO will be 'influenced' by Gates to invent the next pretend SCAMDEMIC in order to reintroduce LOCKDOWNS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, (aka 'House Arrest'), MANDATORY (Profitable) Injections, Mask wearing, further unreasonable destruction of Nation's finances through stupid money printing. This will further impact 'the ARTIFICIAL INFLATION" that was required by the WEF to speed up Poverty and reach Adolf Schwab's insane theory that "THEY WILL OWN NOTHING, but THEY WILL BE HAPPY" and "LET THEM EAT BUGS".

The WEF is out of control and trying to create a depopulated planet whose remaining survivors (mainly the UNVAXXED) will become SLAVES to the (self-described) 'Elite'. Sorry, but time's up WEF! We don't need your insanity, so bow out gracefully or face the inevitable!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed - Bring it on!

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It is ironic that my favorite edible bug (the lobster) is becoming increasingly expensive and unavailable due to Biden policies.

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I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

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To steal a line from Veep, the talking points are noun/verb gumbo. Just a word salad of incoherent globalist mush designed specifically to continue the campaign of demoralizing and confusing the public into staying in their rented FEMA trailer and enjoy the bread (crickets) and circuses (whatever the CCP's Disney can pipe into your home).

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Don't understand why the WOKE left is still accepting these white guys as controlling them.

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I keep seeing the news of Klaus Schwab passing away. Most likely fake news, but if we all take a deep breath and collectively wish upon a star...

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Many people are fighting for the right to remain debt slaves instead of becoming digital slaves, I don't see the point. And being happy to keep the status quo of wrecking destruction on Earth and causing extinction or immense suffering to every individual of every other species except our pets doesn't do it for me either . Nothing short of individual personal awakening and a global revolution is gonna cut it. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/slice-one-broom-in-half



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Sometimes discussing things feels like fish are talking to each other in a restaurant fish tank, guessing who is going to be eaten first.

The agenda, including the next potential moves, has been clear for several months:


The psy-op, in the meanwhile, is making progress:


And what could be done about the end game?


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Has anyone considered a well placed air drop of something spectacular in Davos in January 2023?

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Love your translations. They are amazingly accurate.

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I wonder who will be shivering in the dark as rolling blackouts are used to make sure that there’s plenty of power going to Davos.

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What I'd like to know is who put these people in charge of solutions for anything? I don't remember voting for them, and signing on to elevate them to these positions.

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Who is the person in the middle of the last image "Crushing It ... Freedom"? Or is he just a figure to represent the exploited third world?

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