Russia has my permission to nuke Davos. Do a good job!

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Sinema... figures.

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Of course the top heads of US intel are there… They’re not even hiding the treason anymore. They’re convinced that their global coup is a fait accompli.

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The WEF 'hit list' includes most non-members = Our Planets population. They started their Cull by Vax in 2020. We've got some catching up to do but our list is far shorter! Thanks!

We all know the truth but it's continually swept under the carpet because they (the WEF = New World Order) have announced to the World that they are in charge, so get used to the depopulation by vax, the controls, sub-humanisation, hunger, cold and impending SLAVERY!

I built a vacation home on a Florida barrier island 2003/5 but can no longer enter the USA because I chose to avoid the obviously dangerous Covid jabs that do NOTHING but are killing thousands (A WEF CULL?). This ban now seems to be PERMANENT - even though I'm fit & healthy and have probably got natural Covid immunity!

ONLY the USA and North Korea still impose these eccentric 'no-entry rules', for fit & healthy foreigners that decline the ever more dangerous injections. Apparently, this might be a permanent World Economic Forum rule which the US Gov't (Biden) is obeying = No more Inter-Continental travel = less carbon pollution = less Global Warming! Mandating of the DEADLY JABS - ('vaccines') = Coercion!

The US Department Of Defence is the 'smoke screen' that's protecting Big Pharma and their DEADLY INJECTIONS, plus all others in the SUPPLY CHAIN, from any/all LIABILITY - from design, right up until the deadly dose is injected into the unsuspecting Muppet's arm.

I've extrapolated my discoveries and beliefs of how and why Big Pharma enjoy 'IMMUNITY FROM LIABILITY' and persists without Governments, Politicians and the public having right to question the unacceptable and ridiculous restricted entry rules. This train of thought leads me to reach the following conclusions;

The world is 'overpopulated', (I can't disagree)

Big Pharma enjoys making money with absolutely no risk or consideration for Public Safety,

Big Pharma enjoys having an amazingly profitable product that requires no quality control, no checking of formulation and no consequence for any DEATHS that follow the poisonings that seem to be increasing.

Fauci's 'Gain of Function' is a Department of Defence Bio-warfare derived project;

'Gain of Function' is a DOD Bio-warfare activity that has no rules that would apply to proper medicines.

The World Economic Forum (Elite) have a long-term strategy of a reduced world population that suits their Global Warming beliefs and their need to elevate themselves still higher in their 'Ivory Towers'.

The WEF have a strategy that removes 'useless eaters', by injection, leaving those that survive the 'Cull' by ('Vaccine'?) as programable SLAVES - for the increased convenience of the Elites.

The World Health Organisation is now controlled ('owned') by Bill Gates, by way of him being the WHO's largest benefactor = Influencer. Gates is part of the Ruling Class (the WEF Elites). Gates is heavily financially invested in dangerous but highly profitable 'vaccines' that will continue to multiply his wealth, whilst the planet is depopulated.

Big Pharma and the complete supply chain, to the point of entry, (THE 'USELESS EATER'S' ARM) is protected by US Military Secret laws (= No LIABILITY) that were specifically designed to protect the USA's military bio-weapon activities and deadly potential.

'NO LIABILITY' discourages any consideration and expense of Controlling the quality or efficacy of the injected shit that they produce. In fact, 'NO LIABILITY' is now just Big Pharma's 'Licence to Kill' whilst continuing to make excessive profits with no consideration for the Muppets that are unaware of how they are being impacted ('TERMINATED') by this poison - called a "VACCINE".

This seems a bizarre analysis of how the Covid, Vax, Depopulation, Control and SLAVERY PLAN is being achieved, but it seems the most logical, if not insane, reasoning that we find ourselves experiencing. Coronavirus was first PATENTED (over a decade ago) and then Fauci started using 'Gain Of Function' experimentation to modify the virus to become as DEADLY to humans as they dared make it. All in collaboration with and direction of the World Economic Forum and their Plan for their New World Order!

LIABILITY MUST BE REINTRODUCED for ALL MEDICINES made by Big Pharma = those profiting from our harm or death.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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The traitors club meets once again to figure out ways to destroy and imprison humanity.

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New additions to "the hit list". Wish someone could flip just one of them (or at least install post-hypnotic instructions) and convince them to carry in a suitcase n*k* and "let her rip" once everyone is in attendance...

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Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Christopher Wray should be investigating these people instead of collaborating with them.

The WEF is a foreign organization that is trying to influence American government policies.

Those attending should be (and I believe are) required to register as foreign agents.

From Wikipedia:

The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) (2 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.) is a United States law that imposes public disclosure obligations on persons representing foreign interests.[1][2] It requires "foreign agents"—defined as individuals or entities engaged in domestic lobbying or advocacy for foreign governments, organizations, or persons ("foreign principals")—to register with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and disclose their relationship, activities, and related financial compensation.[2]

Seems to me that American citizens, especially government employees, who support and take part in WEF activities are required to register....

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Someone needs to light a curtain on fire at this conference of rot

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Do these government nitwits really believe they are going to be part of the “it” crowd if the WEF crew realize their goals? Truly a bunch of useful idiots.

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Excellent idea and also Washington D.C. during the state of the union address .

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Get a rope.

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Treason. Traitors. We do not work for the WEF. Arrest them. ??? Just kidding. Send them all to Canada.

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The usual suspects aren’t publicly listed, only these lowlifes.

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Please vote and share or Cross Post if you can. We need to collect more data on this pattern of deception. Mind War.

The public is being forced into a panic -- looking at individual trees than the overall forest, the overall pattern, the overall threat. Mass Formation Psychosis. A strategy of the WEF and the Radical Left.

It's not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It about Freedom vs. ruling Globalist Elites.



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Either they’ve been penetrated or wish to be penetrated!

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