All this cash is nothing but a slush fund that goes back to intelligence agencies and other black operations that consume billions.

Ever wonder why the government never complained about the lost weapons in Afghanistan? Guess who is profiting from the sales of those weapons.

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Maggot invested, peace loving hippies now support Big Pharma, Censorship of Speech, The Military Industrial Complex and The Man telling them what to do. What a strange world we now live in. I saw an article this weekend about how some of the arms intended for Ukraine are going to Africa. Who would have guessed? I'm sure the Progressives won't care about another genocide in Africa as long as we are helping Ukraine fight the good fight against Russia.

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No difference between dems and repubs. All self serving, stupid, power loving grifters.

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Stop this madness now! No more money for the corrupt government here and in Ukrainian President 😡🙏🏻🇺🇸

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Madness. Where does all this money go? I'd like to Zelensky's Swiss bank account. He has mansions in Miami, Switzerland and Israel.

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All this money is supporting a laundry operation where a lot of the money comes back to them, as we have seen through campaign contributions through FTX. This is pure corruption. Biden and NATO provoked this war and are leaving the Ukraine people high and dry. They don't care about the destruction of Ukraine, as they are getting their coffers filled. In the meantime, everyday there is not negotiated peace, Ukraine is one day closer to complete destruction.

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Why should we expect anything different from the same fat cats who sat around doing NOTHING diplomatically as Russia methodically amassed forces in obvious preparation for its Special Military Operation?

1991 - NATO 15 members. 2022 - NATO 30 members, including all former Warsaw Pact nations, two bordering Russia. War games in the Black Sea too. How is that not aggression? And biolabs in Ukraine?

Who sparked this war?

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From one endless war to the next.

Viet Nam; Iraq; Afghanistan.

Have I missed any.

Now Ukraine.

Because of US gov provokations:

germ warfare labs.

Right in Russia's back yard.

Not what the Founding Fathers envisioned.


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It's only insane if you're oblivious to the real reason. The 'open secret', that's been openly discussed in Israel for the past decade, but nowhere else, is that the Ukraine government and Russia are cleansing southern Ukraine of its Slavic inhabitants to make way for a "new Israel". It will be built with a $trillion stolen from the US and Europe once the Slavic inhabitants are sufficiently removed. Zelensky calls it "big Israel", and the press pretends it's only a loose comparison. The reason Zelensky knows it will be a heavily militarized police state is because he knows the Slavs that survive will be the new Palestinians, and there will be perpetual conflict.

This is why we're seeing the strange phenomena of Israel remaining neutral regarding the war and the press and other governments saying absolutely nothing about it, while criticizing and punishing every other country that wants to be neutral..

Jewish settlements to Odessa have already begun, under the leadership of Igor Berkut. The governments of the US, Britain, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and of course Israel are all involved in the planning and execution of the project.

There will be more strange twists in this war that don't make sense unless you understand the real plan. The Russians totally evacuating the city of Kherson and then just leaving without a fight was only the start of what will become a pattern. Kherson is the center of the new Israel maps, and it now sits vacant. Just watch what happens.



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It simply does not matter which party is in charge of Leviathan.

The only thing that changes is the price of gas as someone so presciently pointed out to me recently. That’s it.

When the R’s are in charge gas is relatively cheap, when the D’s take over the price of gas goes up. Nothing. Else. Changes.

The only solution I have found to keep my sanity is to not pay attention to them anymore. The entire system is completely beyond salvaging.

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Great job of following the money. The Ukrainian Laundromat. Steal from working Americans and give the money to those who least deserve it. I will say this for the Ukrainian government it is just as corrupt as ours, and that is about all we have in common.

The Uniparty is real.

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Money laundering, but legal since it's the lawmakers and the clans owning them that does it.

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Dec 6, 2022·edited Dec 6, 2022

And then the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ runs out Z will be like a catfish who abandons

its prey and moves on

There is no reference to Ukraine's history when it comes to Russian involvement

nor does anyone acknowledge what they were like during WWII (and BTW that same

unit is working now in Z's little resistance corps)

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You would hope that, watching this, a few more people would learn how their "government' really works, but banking on hope is a losing proposition. Besides, politicians don't run anything any more; their sole purpose is to pass legislation that siphons more money out of the country into foreign bank accounts and, eventually, back into the country in the pockets of their cronies. They have no other useful purpose any more.

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Without that investment, how would we get to enjoy stuff like "The Morning Pikachu Dance?"


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