Covid is a bioweapon created and funded by the US government.

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It ain't over til it's over is right. The long road to engineer the cover up is under way. We must give it to these sociopaths - they don't lack for imagination. Would expect they still have a few evil tricks in their bags.

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Give Them enough rope and They will hang themselves.


They are all, rhetorically, twisting in the wind, but They are still talking.

When is all this fakakta nonsense going to stop?

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Is this the conference where FRauDci will remember everything he forgot during the deposition?

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And the clown show continues onward 🤡

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Dec 7, 2022·edited Dec 7, 2022

The "zoonotic origin " narrative favors the Chinese government which bribed Joe Biden and favors the US CDC Administrative Bureaucracy and the allied Pharmaceutical companies hich have made, literally, billions of dollars from COVID "vaccines' promoted by the CDC itself.

There seems to be quite a bit of evidence that the SARS CoV-19 virus was engineered and escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab, a joint venture of CDC and the Chinese government.

Cui Bono from the "zoonotic origin" narrative and who is at risk from pursuing the evidence of a Lab leak.

Thanks Jordon good reporting that I have not seen anywhere else.

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He's not wrong, really ..

The 'pandemic' is fictional, invented by certain humans, to subjugate the rest of the humans..

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As I write this, there are 14 comments.

None of them are calling for legal or lethal penalties, for the perpetrators, of this genocide.

All are parroting the narratives and talking points of the numerous substack posts and pundits on talk shows, but no calls for consequences are among them..

This is not unique to this Substack at all. I've watched the slow decline to acceptance, that nothing will happen to these actors. People slowly transition into rhetoric, instead of outrage. It's imperceptible to many.

This transition, is how we've arrived at this place and time, in our respective societies.

Drooling joe brandon is an example...as soon as they floated the catch phrase..."oh that's just old joe", for all his screw ups, it was a done deal. From then on, anything he said or did, was explained away and people...instead of being outraged at his antics and crimes...parroted the planted tag line.

Today, instead of being outraged, that we have a dementia patient running the country...we have sunk into acceptance. Instead of being in the streets demanding our government back...or at least in competent hands...we sit and watch netflix, college sport, order door dash or post those ever so effective snarky memes and say, "we showed them...they can't get away with it anymore."

The scamdemic is the same thing.

While some are still demanding justice, for this genocide and crime against the populations of the world...many have slipped back into the manufactured daily distractions and mind numbing material, the system feeds them.

The criminals and regimes know as long as they give the sheeple comfort, convenience and entertainment...while simultaneously floating these ridiculous tag lines and narratives...the sheeple will go back to sleep and/or line up happily for their next jab or global emergency.

Sure they'll bleat for a while, as they are pushed into line, but the bleating will be the repeated, contrived narratives, that have been planted for years...designed to give them a false sense of control and that they are pushing back, against the injustice.

The truth is, they are not.

We should all be calling for trails, jail time and executions, no matter how unlikely, the possibility may be. Otherwise, we are telling them, we are happy to line up for the showers and ovens, so long as they let us gripe and complain, while in line.

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Not science, scienceism. Is anyone really surprised that they would try to link Covid to the BBBBS agenda?

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Pandemic it never was! Scamdemic was the Plan = it worked for 80% but some of us can join dots!

CRIMINAL! To inject babies (anyone) with a dangerous experimental substance that is killing 1000s every day to achieve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! UK Government has just agreed to this baby CULL!

The only motivation for agreeing with this murderous stupidity must be financial!

How can an unqualified wealthy individual be given credence for such a serious and complex - even dangerous subject as HUMAN HEALTH? Absolute nonsense - but obviously a 'sales opportunity' to re-double Gates's wealth!

This meeting and it's ideas and conclusions must be scrutinised before the Golden Goose is reloaded by Gates & CO.

We the people hereby reject, in its entirety, the determinations and decisions made by the unacceptable and self-appointed 'representatives' of our nation/s. These ridiculous assertions are made by unscrupulous, super-wealthy individuals that are influenced by the WEF (New World Order) NOT BY SOVEREIGN NATIONS! Our decision is irreversible!

Covid & DEADLY Vax both part of The WEF Depopulation program. 'RETRIBUTION' = Severe and incessant. 'Forgiveness' = NEVER!

Great to see the truth coming out after an interminable THREE YEARS???

The most egregious and inexplicable element of the VAX DEATH ARGUMENT? 'NO LIABILITY' for the makers of this DEADLY DEPOPULATION CONCOCTION! Unbelievable nonsense!

LIABILITY must be reinstated - NOW! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots and realised the deadly farce!

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Beware the word "science" ca. 2022.

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Let them keep showing us

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A "Who's Who" list of the elite class plotting against humanity. If only the Bat Lady could be kidnapped and offer to testify in exchange for freedom from her government's oppression. I can dream, can't I?

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The USG culpability for the COVID-19 GOF research, outbreak and response (including unsafe and ineffective therapeutics that are not vaccine) has been clearly revealed by former EcoHealth VP Dr Andrew Huff in his new book.


The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History – Dec 6, 2022 at Amazon:


Any other explanation is simply another Deep State psyop to coverup mass murder and a biowarfare coup d’etat.

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Time to ARREST Gates, Fauci, Castreau, Schwab, Tedros, Guterres, Ardern, Andrews, Biden, and every single member of the World "Economic" Forum and the WHO, that's the only way we can go back to normal.

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