“When the next big power grab arrives, we should hope for much more courage and bravery than last time around.”

Well said.

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No bankers went to jail for NINJA or liar loans for the massive fraud that occurred in the lead up to the 2008 financial crisis. Nobody went to jail for the phony pre-text for the 2003 Iraq invasion. How many people died for a war built on lies? Nobody has gone to jail for all the wasted life in Afghanistan. Nobody has gone to jail for wildly exaggerating the danger of COVID and forcing experimental injections that are unsafe on people who do not need it. Nobody will go to jail over all of the Russiagate falsehoods or suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story in order to win the 2020 election. Look at Fauci. He forced a harmful and dangerous drug on people during the AIDS epidemic and denied them safer alternatives for financial gain. How many died for that? He continued the same during COVID. This country is completely lawless for those in the ruling patrician club. They can do what they want without negative consequences. This place has become one big scam.

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It’s Sisyphean Task to pull people away from black holes of fear, especially when they lack basic girding faith. By undermining religion, and then destroying education, the powers that be have serious advantages in this fight. In the end, though, like all Evil, they will lose.

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It ain't over yet...and I mean on both sides. Some of us don't forget or forgive.

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Fauci got away with murdering 300,000 gay men with his bogus AZT so why wouldn’t he get away with murdering thousand more people with remdisiver? And the FDA just approved it for treating the kidney disease that it caused?

Covid went away overnight when the new thing was to support Ukraine against Russia after people had their brains fried with 4 years of Russia Russia Russia. Many of my friends who had been anti war, anti big pharma and pro free speech most of their lives and suddenly switched to the opposite were the same ones who believed in the Fauci vaccines would return us to normal. We can thank the intense propaganda campaign on Obama for rescinding the Smith-Mundt act.

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My family, friends and I have been resisting this garbage almost from the beginning. We aren’t stopping now.

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Find your local vaccine mandating politician or business leader. Protest them. Let them k ow you will never forget. If no one starts then it will happen again. The messaging is strong for a climate hoax next.

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Any plan to defeat evil that does not include turning to God is destined to fail. These demon worshipping baby torturing child raping cannibals did not arise in a vacuum. They exist because many hundreds of millions of people have turned away from God, turned their backs on God. There are consequences. God knows.

If you truly believe that you are going to organise to defeat evil through education, then may God bless you and your families. But if you don't accept the reality that the people you are fighting represent spiritual wickedness in high places, then you have not actually accepted reality. You have accepted a fable about how some people gained power over you and then abused that power. Perhaps you still imagine that you are going to elect a different set of wicked scoundrels and they will be more lenient, only raping and murdering and stealing a tenth as much.

Yes, accept reality. Yes, educate the masses. Also arm them with prayers and rosaries and goodness. And by all means arm yourselves, as Jesus teaches in Luke 22: 36, and teaches still, by selling your extra garments and buy weapons. You'll need them.

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Well said. We're much better organized today than we were in 2020, and the public is MUCH more apathetic.

Not to mention, we see "cases rising" this time EVERY SINGLE YEAR, because the summer sunbelt spike is a thing. Soon we'll be moving into fall and cases will rise AGAIN!

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Since covid, it's become very clear to me that when governments around the world are pushing a narrative that will

1) give them more control over the people and/or

2) give them an excuse to raise taxes or steal land from the people,

they are LYING!

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"The Science" can never be questioned. Just trust him. The Sacred Miracle Elixir is safe and effective. So says "The Science."

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Suggest reading Patel Patriot’s Devolution series 1-24

The disclosure phase is well underway, becoming more obvious to the duped every day.

Trump indictments set precedents for prosecution of the real criminals, no longer having protection from the office they have held/hold.

The MSM will go crazy with bizarre headlines to try to recapture the sleepers as they stretch and yawn - seeing reality outside their windows for the first time since their schooled daze.

Meanwhile we need to expose everything we can find that stinks of fraud

THEY have been lying about loads of stuff.

Eg don’t eat salt - only sodium and chloride are no 1 and 3 on your blood test

Sodium no 1 mineral required to maintain blood volume and hydration

Chloride necessary for producing stomach acid HCl

Hence salt and pepper were set with every meal

And we breathe air not oxygen


Oxygen and nitrogen were invented as remedies for metallurgy problems. Metals are compounds not elements. Water decomposes their metals and exposes their fraud. Hence THEY must eliminate moisture/water in the foundry. Hence Oxygen and nitrogen are used in place of air.

Cruel joke on us, that THEY have convinced everyone we need to breathe a very very dry gas to survive

When in fact oxygen is toxic to our lungs

Research oxygen toxicity and know it’s effects arise because oxygen dehydrates.

Yes! that why premie babies in 100% oxygen tents became blind- their eyes dried up. Eyes are sensitive to moisture in the air, you’ll print have experienced dry air conditioning causing your eyes to dry out. Big pHARMa loves selling products they created a market for.

Winter brings colds and flu because cold air holds the least moisture. The respiratory system struggles with dry air.

We each have a puzzle piece that has been sitting waiting for these days.

Dig on your hunches!

Find the fraud/s that is sitting right under your nose, scrutiny is your friend.

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There is a huge portion of the populace that defends this tyranny and an even bigger portion that continues to roll over and play dead. So unless we can critically mobilize against this shit, why would anything change? I don't see a barrage of lawsuits. I don't see marching in the streets? All we have is social media comments, and a few opposition leaders holding hearings that go nowhere. So depressing to watch the tidal wave approach and think you can out swim it.

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Education is key! Just takes time, as it did with teaching people the unhealthy side of cigarette smoking... If you could educate more folks of the toxicity/chemicals (not to mention animal and fetal tissue) being injected, entirely unnatural, repeatedly into their children and adults as well, keeping you $ick & di$ea$ed and as a result, guinea pigs/lab rats w/i the cartels of Big Pharma/Medicine/Gov’t, we could set ourselves free! It takes time, the CV scam, I am hoping, sped this education and awareness up!

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No evidence of sudden spread of a novel deadly coronavirus. Force NYC to release the names of the dead. They need to prove the number they are claiming died in an 11 week period. Biggest mass-casualty event hospitals in a U.S. city ever experienced...with tons of financial incentives involved. Disclosure needed.

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There never was a chance in hell that these people would be held accountable; they all work for the team in power, and that power is awesome and all pervasive. They got away with it because they own nearly the whole world, all governments, all institutions, and all the people who work there. If there ever was a time when the rest of us deplorables feel hopeless and helpless, this is that time.

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