I’m shocked that people who’ve been displaced and are living in an open air prison subject to routine deprivation and humiliation by you know who might want to back a militant response. The nerve of these people.

Let us not forget that BiBi and Pfizer together have killed more Israelis than anyone else since WW2. Just saying. Who do we bomb for that little caper? Asking for a friend

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So why do palestinians behave the same when living in other nations, towards the asylum-giving nation's people?

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Because they are drunk on a violent ideology. There is no making peace with that. There are the few stories of those who come out of that but it's rare.

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Cult indoctrination will stick to a person their whole life unless they wake up from their programming.

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They could adopt a peaceful outlook attempt to better their situation vs beheading someone just because of their religion.

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I have always thought they’d be better off with a non violent resistance movement but I don’t live there

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The Israelis do.

Let them handle their business.

Gaza has made its choice.

BTW - the living conditions are pretty much run of the mill for most of the world.

And Gaza had open borders from 1969 until the 80s, working in Israel freely, until the uprising started. They weren’t in camps.

They chose war, they lose and lose, they existed at the mercy of their enemy they would not leave in peace, and then idiotically showed no mercy.

Show no mercy, expect none.

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Just imagine if any of the countries the US has invaded/bombed/murdered people for their resources were to be able to retaliate against the US. They should show US citizens no mercy because they/we voted in the war mongers who make millions with their insider trading of war machine stocks. I know very few people are capable of empathy, but try to think beyond yourself.

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I’m not thinking of myself.

Nor hopefully being emotional as you suggest I should be (no).

I am thinking of America.

My actual country, my sworn and disappointing duty.

What would happen if... you ask-

other countries went after 🇺🇸-

but they have... Every single country you see , all of them, including the Eskimo, including certainly the American Indians HAVE done all these things with whatever weapons were at hand.

To others, to each other, for all the history and archeological and now DNA evidence we find.

We the living are the beneficiaries of ancestral successful ruthlessness- if you’re reading this means you.

If you ever drew breath, this means you.

To return to the subject; Israel has the right to exist, it is not in our interest to betray this ally , it is not in the American peoples interest that this ally more than most be betrayed at this time.

By America, By DC, by Uncle Stab. More than most times, this point in time no. This ally by the way is quite healthy, unusually honest and loyal, and has suffered enough because of our fantasy of Peace with the Palestinians.

We need do nothing but not betray further, it seems indeed we are letting them close this account (which we’ve been paying too BTW).

We only need let it be, they need us for nothing but non interference.

Let them settle it, we meddled enough.

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That attitude shows absolutely no regard for how the Jews got the land. I’m not an Islamic apologist and I don’t hate the people residing in Israel. But your hyperbolic bullshit is over the top.

So the Lavan affair, deir yassin massacre, king David hotel bombing, the night of the trains, night of bridges, USS Liberty and many other atrocities they don’t count for shit?! Bullshit!

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No. They don’t count. They’re a drop in the ocean of blood that even the Middle Eastern sands can barely soak up. Some of those events do however prove that we 🇺🇸 certainly didn’t create the State of Israel, which wasn’t an ally or particularly popular here until after the 1967 war.

Those were not the actions of an ally or client.

BTW how do you think any people anywhere got their country and kept it? Even the Inuit (Eskimos) fought wars!

We can all be “decolonized.”

I don’t mix morality with war, I don’t recommend that, you’re really looking in the worst place.

I posted on the main page; my main interest is that we 🇺🇸 stop betraying allies and for that matter our own people. That a rally of any nation as a nation, even an ally will strengthen the cause of my people 🇺🇸 and weaken the globalists in DC who degrade us all. We 🇺🇸 need a victory, we need someone to say NO and secure their nation.

If you’ve been watching the Right- it could be Orban in Hungary, France, Meloni in Italy, BREXIT, Bolonsaro in Brazil- suddenly it’s Israel.

> If you don’t understand the background Israel has been put through this at our behest, as the price of being our ally they did not pre-empt 1973 (they knew) they gave back the Sinai, then Lebanon and then Gaza and the West Bank as “land for peace” and it failed with the Palestinians.

Israel doesn’t need us, we don’t need to do anything but not betray this time- and what an opportune time psychologically it is... conversely a betrayal now that unravels Israel will be highly demoralizing to we Americans who want our country, not an Empire. Israel was on the South Africa plan prior to 10.7, this is a threshold moment for them.

If Israel deserves to perish from weakness or enemies so be it - we should not betray yet another ally despite their imperfections.

> as if we 🇺🇸 were the Immaculate Conception?

We 🇺🇸 the USA were not, not any people on earth.

My answer is betrayal of this ally is not in Americans interest.

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Israel is not an ally. The US has no allies, only interests. And I'm sure that is how israel looks at the US. Your "ally" has done great damage to the US through acts of serious espionage. But you go ahead with your nonsense rambo.

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See - that interesting and intelligent, but the fruit cakes will just ignore it and put their broken record back on. It turns out that not everything on substack is worth reading. There are a lot of dingbats out there.

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Globalists have no ally s just corporations and central banks are the reason wars exist

USA is not a country but an entity beholden to the city of London

Maybe you should read up on the globalist plans , the Fabian society and INGSOC that we are about to be living in

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The Jews have occupied that land, Israel, since God gave it to Abraham about 3,000 years ago. On the other hand Palestine and Palestinians are a relatively new concept having been around for maybe a century. So to summarize the Jews were given modern day Israel and more btw by God 3,000 years ago. The "Palestinians" were given Gaza by British Plebiscite about 100 years ago. In 1947 the UN created Israel and Palestine. Whether you agree with that or not is irrelevant but it is a fact. Israel fresh from Auschwitz et al. were grateful, accepted the deal and went to work. The Arabs (Gazans, "Palestinians") vowed to accept the deal IF and ONLY IF Israel ceased to exist and almost immediately began attacking the Jews in their new internationally recognized nation.

Now, with the empathy you muster, explain to us all why not one single Arab nation has offered to accept refugees from Gaza i.e. "Palestinians".

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They rejected Christ. There is no dual covenant, they are not the Jews of the Old Testament. Let me guess, grew up going to baptist church where the preacher preached from the scofield bible. Or perhaps just a Sean Hannity lackey. You are weak on history.

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the Jews were there 2000+ years ago. Check out the New Testament some time.

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Do you have any idea where the Jews from Eastern Europe come from? Do you know how they become Jews? Do you know anything about the khazars, who they and how they became “jews”. Stop your bible thumping because you don’t know what you’re talking about, like most of the evangelical Christian zionists.

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I have no power to prevent anyone from handling their business. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

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Look you guys don’t have to agree with Jordan, but he’s presenting facts from reliable and readily available sources. I disagreed with his take on CoVID, and said so. That’s what civilized adults do. They don’t start caterwauling and flinging shit like spider monkeys every time somebody blows up their unicorn and leprechaun fantasy.

I’d tell you to grow up, but you’re emotionally arrested for a reason.

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There are facts that can’t be ignored with regard to Israel. This is not about emotion. History is filled with false flags and propaganda and I have no desire to go through the laundry list of them. Before we begin Armageddon, how about a little reason.

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If you did live there you wouldn't live long.

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The march of return was peaceful, and it was rewarded with cold blooded murder. Every Palestinian would be Gandhi is murdered or imprisoned. 

If you're a typical Zionist / Israeli supporter, you're probably being less than honest anyway, you want the enemies of Zionist to be destroyed. Period. The justification is unimportant. 

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It is not a religion. It is a insanely hating group of 7th century thugs who oppress women and cut little girls' clitorises to prevent them from ever enjoying sex. Why are all the feminists saying NOTHING about that?

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If I'm reading those polls right, that's about what 42% of them are trying to do. Clearly an uphill battle.

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Please stop. The Palis have been like this since 1948. 'Displaced'? From where to where? Is it because they refused a two-state solution? Repeatedly. Read Hamas' charter before indulging in an illiterate Jew-hating screed. Read the history of the region, and let me start it for you by pointing out that Palestine is a region, a territory, never a country, never an ethnicity. And it is not even about nationality, or ethnicity, or anything but RELIGION. It's baked into their *holy* book---the extermination of not *just* Israeli Jews, but ALL Jews, and beyond that, all unbelievers, albeit those may be allowed to live provided they pay jizya.

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One last point. The "Palestinians" whom you describe as if they were living in tents in the desert and not allowed to ever leave -- chose Hamas to govern them. Hamas chose to turn Gaza into an armed camp both above and below ground. The fact that Gazans i.e. "Palestinians" are being forced to stay inside Gaza against their will is proven by the number of "Palestinian" temper tantrums being held around the world including the United States, Russia, France, the UK and who knows where else. And now a question: wherever did you come up with that last paragraph?

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Maybe ask them why they rejected a two state solution multiple times? They don't want peace. They want total takeover. They have no historical claims to that land. Say what you will about Israel and their major issues but the chances for peace have been numerous and rejected. I'm still waiting for people to ask the Christians what they want. It's always about the Jews and Muslims for fighting to claims when the Christians have claims to that land long before Islam does.

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America does not protect Israelis. It subjugates them as a foreign policy tool. Qatar is the puppet of USA and harbors all the filth of Hamas and Hezbollah. It aids Iran it aids in destruction of Jordan Lebanon and Syria - it serves only globalists

USA and Saudis have been bombing Yemen for 8 years 500k dead - crickets !

USA is playing both sides of the conflict. The staged and obvious intelligence breach - the so called “Hamas attack” was an international globalist event to trigger world war 3

While Israeli government was ordered to STAND down and allow it






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According to you every Nepalese Vietnamese Chinese Russian Cambodian etc should be strapping in bombs for the cause

I think the mentality of Muslim degeneracy and innate stupidity sets them apart when it comes to “long term “ grievances

Where’s the outrage over Yemenis getting bombed by USA and Saudis for 7 years

600k dead

Crickets from virtue signaling assholes

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Pfizer and stand out order - Israeli govt is NWO tool

Palestinians aren’t saints - these are Muslim hordes that exist for one reason and purpose only - as directed suicide brigades by all Arab nations

Muslims are degenerates when it comes to value of life.. they have zero respect for life and have shown it through history by destroying one another and ethnically cleansing the rat.

That is visible everywhere east west north and south

EU has been wiped out by the infusion of this diversity experiment - they have multiple Gaza ghettos where natives would fear to tred - in every city in Europe at this point

Mogadishu is safer than some of the ghettos Muslims created in ever tolerant Sweden

Lebanon and Jordan had to deal with Palestinian uprisings where Christian’s were beheaded for fun

And what about Yemen ? Saudis and USA bombing Yemen for 7 years with 600k dead - crickets

Iran Iraq war - crickets ( toddlers and young kids used to de-mine fields - crickets

Libya wiped out allowed all terrorists of Muslim brotherhood variety free

USA backed Qatar is home to all Hamas leaders - not getting bombed

Soars the Palestinian crocodile tears crap - no one wants them bombed more than Iran Qatar Egypt Saudis Jordan Syria Lebanon etc ... they get rid of their “pests” and get to pint fingers at Israel in the process

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Comment deleted
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I came for the commentary on domestic issues, but I'm sticking around to watch commentators challenge Jordan's Zionist narratives. 🍿

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Many years ago now, I used to meet an elderly german man while we were both walking our dogs, his a dachshound and me with my two crossbreeds.

He often spoke of his childhood in Hitler's Germany, and how he and his Wehrmacht-comrades marched from Russia as far west as they could to surrender to Allied forces, not the Red Army.

It was obvious that he, for some reason, felt that I could serve as some kind of confessor, listening to his grief and angst 60-something years later.

"He was everywhere" he would say. "All radio, all theaters, all papers - everywhere was his voice, always. It was all we knew." he explained.

It chills me to this day, when our "leaders" in the western nations eagerly embrace both censorship and the doctrine of narrative discourse-control.

Imagine a Germany that wasn't trounced and turned to rubble, at the cost of millions of civilian lives, since said civilians worked in munitions factories or just lived anywhere near where the british and american bomber fleets indiscriminately dropped their cargoes.

That is what Palestine and Gaza is, essentially. A racist, supremacist jew-hating dictatorship using its own civilians as shields while the plot and commit war crimes against both israelis and their fellow arab moslems.

The difference being, no-one cried over dead german civilians. If the Allies had adopted the same standards that are demanded of Israel, neither the soviet advance after Kursk or any bombing missions against Germany and Italy could have been carried out.

Think about that, apologists for Hamas and Palestine, and read up on the laws of war: the one who violates them by purposefully targetting civilians, by not wearing uniform with identifiable insignia and id-tags, and who hides behind civilians?

Loses all rights and protections under the laws of war. Think about that.

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They chose this.

Show no mercy , except none.

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You sound like someone who has never put on a military uniform, served, and seen the destruction of war with your own eyeballs

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You are conflating the emotional response with the survival response. Israel faces an existential threat, that won't end with Israel, should the evil beast prevail. To sacrifice the decimation of Jews to placate one's feelings of *but why can't everyone just play nice*, is not exactly moral. Hard choices have to made, in the interest of not just the self-preservation of Israel, but the eventual whole of the non-Islamic west.

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Dude sounds like a troll... one who may have played a little too much Call of Duty

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is 5 deployments and more than 20 years in uniform enough?

or do we need more?

I suspect they'll be more.

Let me esplain barney style:

it's simple reciprocity.

I actually never abused a prisoner or enemy etc

however i didn't run into these types

and i am pretty sure matt you never did war or you would be a bit more realistic.

if they want mercy and restraint they have to show it.

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Your enemies should keep that in mind.

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they already did, they went there idiot.

it's simple reciprocity.

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This indoctrination is a sad reality that nobody wants to talk about. Thank you for shining a light on it.

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Never fear, US State Department and their NGO proxies will fix it with Women's and Alphapbet rights programs. /sarc

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Not surprised at all. There is only one solution available that will achieve a lasting peace total and complete destruction of Israel’s opponents.

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Ah the final solution. Seems I’ve heard of that before somewhere .

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You’re a Leftist antisemite who holds Israel to an impossible standard while forgiving the primitive Hamas atrocities. You don’t think Hamas knew that there would be a harsh response to mass murder? You don’t think Hamas realized that Palestinians would die in a war? Hateful and moronic Socialism of fools.

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No, you have not. You are intentionally conflating Hitler's genocide of *dirty* Jews, with Israel's right to exist. Not even a remotely apt analogy.

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Yes, and it works.

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For who? Didn't work for Adolf, did it?

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The fall of Adolf had nothing to do with his murder of his millions of Jews, Poles, Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Communists.

Germany overreached and then he foolishly did not allow realistic contractions, moreover he and they threw away every chance for a settlement (mainly with Stalin) that he had.

The Final Solution was Hitler making good his threat to murder all the Jews in his power if America entered the war; that’s why it started the evening of Dec 8, 1941 on his direct order to Buchenwald. He completely misunderstood the actual influence or power of Jews in America or England.

What does however work , a short sample list;

- the utter extinction of Early European Farmers male DNA 2300 BC by the Indo Europeans.

- what the Russians did in East Prussia, formerly Konigsberg, now Kalingrad.

-what we did in Germany; surrender up front and every house has white sheets or we’ll kill you all- and we did.

- what we did to Japan - which of course some have a problem with, now that it’s safe.

In context no Japanese unit ever surrendered in WW2, and Japan had no record ever of surrender, even to the Mongols .

It works.

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It’s not necessary to destroy enemies at peace.

In many ways the overreaching of peace efforts led to this crisis, peace can overreach just as nations at war can overreach.

In fact Israel by the 90s had won, and had we and perhaps Labor in Israel had not tried to extend the peace made over time with most of their neighbors to the Palestinians, perhaps if Arafat hadn’t been bought back, above all if the funding for Palestine.inc.com had been cut off (UNWRA) we wouldn’t be at this pass.

Israel made peace with most of its neighbors on the solid ground of victory, balanced by Egypt’s and Syria’s redemption in battle in 1973. Israel then gave back the Sinai at Camp David, this an enormous concession.

In many ways our 🇺🇸 trying to extend the peace too far with Arafat, and reaching out for rapprochement with Iran * was the overreaching of peace that led to war.

With regard to the alliance- as if we don’t have dozens of alliances- one does not desert or turn on an ally in need, in particular to pick losers who hate us and are natural enemies.

We should when the dust settles end all our alliances, as we should have done in the 1990s.

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Intolerance is not limited to the Palestinian people. Intolerance seems to be growing around the world as reflected in the protests occurring in so many places. Universities have brainwashed youth to be filled with hate and we are regressing as a culture because of it in the west.

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Intolerance is rampant because it’s biological. We want to be amongst our own. But in many western countries we have been forced to live amongst people who don’t look like us, don’t think like us, don’t act like us, don’t believe the same things as us. I don’t “hate” any race of person but I do believe the world would be more tolerant and peaceful if all types of people had their very own special nations and stayed there. I truly wish this were so. Countries with more homogeneity have infinitely less crime and social issues plaguing them. May I just add an example, albeit very mild and seemingly insignificant? Tonight in Canada, where I reside, it was Halloween. We took our 3 yo son out trick-or-treating. However, we did not trick or treat in our neighbourhood, nor in his father’s family’s neighbourhood, which is about 40 mins away via highway driving from our home. We drove one hour away from our home to the far south-eastern part of the huge city we live in and went to a small, quaint, homogenous, Canadian neighbourhood to trixk-or-treat. Why? Because in our neighbourhood it’s all foreigners and no one celebrates it, but the kids who do come through cause damage and are rude and indignant and come from the ghetto area surrounding where we live. There is gun and gang violence and lots of stabbings and car thefts and attempted kidnappings. The grandparents’ neighbourhood is the same, albeit with less violence, but has a particularly high population of Muslims and break-ins, and being out at night is asking for trouble. We have tried going out on this holiday there before and it’s a bad idea. So we go to where our people are. And you know what? We had the most magical Halloween. In fact, whenever I go somewhere and am surrounded by my own people, I feel like I belong, I feel happy, I feel safe, I feel welcomed, I feel known, I feel recognized, I feel understood, and I feel hopeful. We try to go to other towns or parts of this city for family outings where majority of people partaking will be our own kind, our own race. And you’re lying if you say you don’t feel the same. So while my Halloween tale may sound trivial, it is a small example of a much larger problem that is only going to grow across the West. Don’t get me wrong, I tolerate and cooperate with everyone, I work alongside everyone, I am kind to everyone. It’s not like I’m flying the confederate flag on my doorstep. But we don’t sing the national anthem and we don’t celebrate Canada Day. It’s not our country anymore and we don’t belong here. It’s a very sad state of affairs. So I believe this is the true root cause of this “intolerance” that we see spreading. What’s the solution? At this point, there really isn’t one except to stop immigration and allow whoever is within the country to settle where they like. So that means folk like us must move on to greener pastures in more remote towns with faces that reflect our own. Mixing everyone together really doesn’t work. I grew up alongside allllll kinds of people in a very nice little town and was brought up in a very open-minded home and went to a united church. Our church was one of the first to allow gay marriages and have female pastors. So these ideas just sort of blossomed from within me as I got older and realized that I simply don’t belong- even sometimes amongst my own people who would never openly admit that they agree with my sentiments or concerns, lest they be called the “R”-word (“RACIST!!!!!”).

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It’s strangely enough the reassertion of humanity against the dead hand of the Enlightenment.

Admittedly by appealing to our absolute worst instincts, but still human. HAMAS is indeed appealing to humanity, not humanitarianism.

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Stoking (actual or perceived) chaos (war, disease, disaster) is a profit making opportunity for those with strategic positions (on either side of the chaos). Cui bono?

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The only long term fix is for a capitalistic alternative presented to Gazans, under a 2-state solution. Poverty breeds crime. Can’t emphasize this enough. Israel cannot genocide poor Gazan people and expect a lasting peace. They will always come back. Gazans have to be presented with an alternative, but there is big $ on both sides of this conflict that prefer the status quo.

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Uh, Gazans could freely work in Israel from 1969 until they began to kill Israelis in the 1980s, which was their choice.

Americans always want to buy everyone off. Well they took our money and kept killing anyway.

Poverty doesn’t cause war. The desire to make war causes war.

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Oct 31, 2023·edited Oct 31, 2023

Poverty breeds strongman leadership which can lead to conflict. Post WW1 Germany is a prime example. It led to WW2, and result of that conflict is literally what we are talking about now. I would back a Marshall Plan type package for Gaza & West Bank rather than endless neocon money $ pump. Build up capitalistic enterprises within the new Arab state, so they ‘own’ and ‘cherish’ and have pride over. Yes, Arab citizens from new state can still come to Israel and work. But build up up capitalist institutions inside the new Arab state is IMO, the only long lasting way to thaw the historical ethnic and land grievances. You have to give people hope of a better, alternative life.

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We’ve not only heard this one before, we tried it from the 90s until 2006 when HAMAS won the election, and we’re still trying with the PA on the West Bank.

We’re trying with Iran. Still.

They don’t want peace.

They want Blood,

I realize you think anyone can be bought - they can’t.

We tried.

And you’re analysis of WW2 ignores the German desire not to be a British or American satrap, not that it worked.

Some people and nations can’t be bought.

Imagine that.

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And some people and nations cannot be "civilized" into democracy or capitalism. It's absent from their history and tradition. And their DNA.

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It’s an insufferable offense to their pride and their religion to endure a Jewish country in the Middle East. The states there, most of them, can endure it for a time. Time and peace may ease their rage. The various tribes and frankly outcasts calling themselves Palestinians cannot, mind you war as always is easier to support from a safe distance, in a nice Western country or a 5 star hotel in Doha where most of the support and leadership comes from... and Suha Arafat gets to spend her time between Paris and her Villa in Cyprus.

This has always been the richest guerrilla movement in history.

This doesn’t mean they’re not committed. To a point.

It would help if this phenomenon wasn’t so well funded and for sale to all sides, including not only the Americans but at times Israel. It would help to cut off the money.

The offense of a Jewish- or alternatively Christian, or Buddhist, or Hindu, or Yazdi, or Zoroastrian state would remain an insufferable affront to Islam and frankly Arab pride. They cannot be equals. This problem will hopefully be resolved later, at present the choice of the combatants must be respected, we should at best allow our ally to utterly destroy HAMAS.

In more realpolitik terms this is a leftover war from the 20th century that needs to be ended on the only terms acceptable to the aggressor; they explained their terms on Oct 7.

They chose. Respect the choice.

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No, I'm not so naive that I think all can be bought. Never stated that. A people group are not monolithic, there are some in ethnic culture who will choose evil and others that will gravitate towards the light... if there is light to move towards.

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Matt - that light- sounds like Religion. They’ve got one.

> their light shone brightly on October 7th. The light of Jihad, the light of just war against the enemy, the light of martyrdom beckons their young men.

They are going to die a heroic death, a holy death , a martyr’s death in a Holy cause.

It’s Chanson du Roland in Arabic, most young men dream of being heroes. When I was that age and even now (and yes I’m a war veteran) I would still prefer that death to wasting away.

Gaza has their light.

Respect it.

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Is it really good or evil, war?

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Poverty? With all the *humanitarian* money and aid received over the years? When Israel vacated Gaza, they left the foundation for a prosperous existence, profitable businesses, comfortable homes, but the savages destroyed it. These people voted for Hamas, and are still on board with it and its brethren terrorists. Overwhelmingly. They marinate their own children in the glories of martyrdom, for killing Jews.

This isn't even about capitalism or land or economics or any other blah blah...it is ALL ABOUT RELIGION. They TELL you this, explicitly. Over and over and over. It's *the Jews*. Period.

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Tori, I’m not talking like all the $ shoved into USA inner cities for folks to just use up with nothing to show for it. That formula has come up short, wanting and unsuccessful. That is also the sort of ‘aid’ that has been funneled into West Bank & Hamas. I’m talking about an overarching aid package with strings attached that teaches people how to fish. Get it?

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My dear Sir; if you give them a fishing line, they’ll set a tripwire bomb. In no way are they lacking any economic skills. Not many could take plumbing infrastructure and manufacture rockets that work. You gravely underestimate them.

And why go fishing?

They have chosen a heroic death, a martyr’s death. Did you never dream of being a hero?

Well they’ve got it, in a cause pure to them.

You want to replace that with... fishing?

Truly to a man committed to a cause, the fate you wish for them worse than death in war.

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every Nepalese Vietnamese Chinese Russian Cambodian etc should be strapping in bombs for the cause

I think the mentality of Muslim degeneracy and innate stupidity sets them apart when it comes to “long grievances”

And btw - Where’s the outrage over Yemenis getting bombed by USA and Saudis for 7 years

600k dead

Crickets from virtue signaling assholes

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The residents of Gaza are Hamas.

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I’m so glad you showed the picture of the child and what is taught to them, “ stab, stab, stab.” Most people don’t know that these things are taught by their parents. So the only solution is to put them asylums and ‘ try,’ to teach them the truth ! I saw an alarming video recently, a man dressed in all black went to the back of a short train and began just stabbing and stabbing away on a completely innocent person. Others tried to help but he came at them, too. Afterwards he just stood gazing off and the attacked one was pulled off in a heap on the floor. You can not trust them.

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Violence begets violence, and history demonstrates that the Palestinians have endured more than their fair share at the hands of the Israeli cuckoo in the nest - not least the ongoing massacre of the "women, children, and elderly” in Gaza.

While it is not difficult to comprehend why Palestinians support Hamas militants calling for similar treatment of their oppressors, it is an unfortunate reality that the adherents to the Religion of Peace have a penchant for committing acts of unspeakable brutality - beheadings, disembowellings and even worse - that has earned them an unenviable reputation globally.

This certainly applies to my UK homeand and other European countries which, over the years, have suffered appalling atrocities at the hands of jihadists secreted among asylum seekers and refugees imported from conflict zones in the Middle East and Western Asia..

While sympathising with the plight of displaced mostly-Muslim Palestinians, I doubt my fellow Brits and I will be lobbying the government to throw down the welcome mat again. Once bitten. . .

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Oct 31, 2023·edited Oct 31, 2023

Great post, Jordan. I agree with you.

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I’d say this goes right along with what that one Saudi fella in media said about how Palestinians flat out don’t want a two state solution.

He said other stuff too, but that’s the relevant part to this article.

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And Israel has kept them in what conditions for that whole time?

Look we can go on blame storming all day or we can start to talk "let's make a deal that will pass referendum on both sides". Or we can just have the 2 sides point at each other endlessly and whine "It's their fault" and NOTHING will change. We'll be having this discussion again and again and again.

I've posted mine. So what is your solution Jordan?

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...sigh...they have told you EXPLICITLY what they want. They mock those who insist on a civilized *solution*. It is about the eradication of Israel, completely, and the complete extermination of Jewry, everywhere.

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And your side has the same type of extremists who want all Palestinians dead. Both sides refuse to deal with reality. The Palestinians aren't going anywhere and neither are the Jews. Both sides have let their religious nutters take control.

So what is your solution? I've posted my proposal because that is what it will take. People can blame, whine and point out the other side's atrocities while ignoring their own for as long as they want. Until they start talking to each other and stop listening to their "leaders" nothing will change.

So what is your proposal to end the cycle of stupid violence?

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Unconditional surrender by Gaza.

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ROTFLMAO. Riiiiight. Delusional you lot. While you were distracted your own "leaders" (and theirs) poisoned their own populations. Bad news for the Israelis is that they had a higher percentage take the shots and took more of them. This might not turn out the way you think.


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One destroys the other is the deal.

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Good bye to you then. But yea, go ahead with your genocide as your own "leaders" poison you with the delayed onset, slow kill bio-weapon injections. Keep falling for their BS LIHOP operations while they laugh at you.


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Good to know that there are those like you who have the answer to everything, and woe to those *unwashed, gullible sheep* who refuse to see what only you and a few elevated others *know* and feel compelled to theatrically lord the conspiracy theories over the rest of us. (note...sarcasm) And to what end does your *knowledge* serve, other than to strut with some elevated sense of intellect and being?

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What is your proposal then? What is your solution? Or do you not think in those terms? Just keep killing civilians, blame and whine. Just like ... the other side!!!! You deserve each other.

For every Israeli killed there are 20 Palestinians killed. Does that make you safer? Would 40:1 make you safer?

Your attempt at mocking me is pathetic. It's not a theory. They did the bait and switch on all of you who took the shots. Pfizer's own documents are the evidence.

Naomi Wolf has an interview with Dr. Chris Flowers about the "bait & switch" found in the FOIA docs. European Medicines Agency and the FDA knew about it in 2020.


Confirmation of e.coli DNA in the shots getting inside the cells of your organs throughout your body. Sept 13, 2023 testimony by Professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults (University of South Carolina). You have foreign DNA inside your cells throughout your body if you took the shots.


It isn't a theory. It's a fact. 6-7 billion people just got injected repeatedly with an experimental vaccine that was tested on 252 people TOTAL. All for a disease with an IFR of 0.3% (CDC, May 2020).

The PA in the West Bank, Hamas in Gaza and the Israeli government all put the screws to their OWN people forcing/coercing the injections into them. The PA & Hamas had less leverage because it's hard to threaten people's jobs when unemployment is 50% but Israel got 90% of their adults with the first 2, 80% for the third and 50% for the fourth.

Just keep trusting your government to protect you from those "others". Go get another booster. Keep ignoring reality.

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yes, all this is certainly true.

they are the mirror image of the fundamentalist lunatic jewish settlers in the west bank and of ultra-ultra orthodox jewish residents of jerusalem who've been known to spit at and mob lttle jewish girls of slightly less ultra orthodox sects.

all cults are bad. all crazy is dangerous.

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Do the fundamentalist Jewish settlers and ultra Orthodox Jewish residents kill and brutally rape others? Do they do it in the western countries?

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Maybe these cults have been deliberately created by a 3rd Party? To keep selling weapons ?

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Not exactly something the leftists can wish away with money and “prosperity”.

Something the western mindset couldn’t comprehend as they tip toed their way to Oslo and disaster.

The irony of course is that before Rabin and Beilin took over, the PLO was almost destroyed. They resuscitated them and brought them into the heart of Israel.

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How did Rabin and Beilin resuscitate the PLO?

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