Islam has always been intolerant and violent. And always will be. Ask the Christians in Nigeria about Islam. Or the ones in Turkey, or Armenia, or France, or Sweden. Ask the Jews who live in Israel! Or the families of the Olympic athletes murdered years ago.

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Agree totally but add that this is all exacerbated by a weak pathetic out of touch US administration whose actions have promoted the evil Iranian regime, whose militant proxies pose huge challenges for any kind of peaceful resolution, but rather chaotic upheaval not only in the troubled middle East but spilling over into western democracies, all having serious challenges from rabid Islamists seen to be very popular with academia and deluded uninformed Jew hating college students.

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It's not "radical." It's Islam as instructed in the Islamic texts and as practiced by its founder, Mohammad.

"If radical Islam has indeed returned, this time, it will touch every corner of the globe."

It has never ceased touching every corner of the globe! Just to pick one example, look at what is happening in Nigeria right now. Hell on earth.

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Americans who peacefully protested the results of the 2020 election are STILL SITTING IN THE WASHINGTON DC GULAG with no charges against them after THREE YEARS! Thousands have been or are in the process of being arrested by the FBI!

We have hundreds of thousand of so called Palestinian protesters defacing Washington DC and shouting "DEATH TO THE U.S.A. with apparently no consequence???

We are seriously f***ed up in this country!

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Hamas and their Iranian backers have their own interests and objectives...... they do not give a crap about the objectives of any Western leaders, or the WEF, or the Illuminati, or the Bilderbergers, or the CFR, or the Rothschilds, or whoever else one can dream up.

They are very clear about what they want. They want to destroy Israel and kill Jews. They say it every single day. Western “Elites” have little influence over their actions.

And when they have accomplished their goal of eradicating the Jews, they plan to eliminate the rest of the “infidels” which means the entire non-Muslim world.

They really aren’t shy about expressing their intentions, but people in the West have trouble believing them.....

Maybe the next Islamic perpetrated massacre will wake people up, but probably not.

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Radical Islam is in every corner of America. Many have revealed themselves at the pro-terror rallies on college campuses recently, though I suspect an even more radical cohort still lie in waiting for the moment to strike. 9/11 will soon look like a training exercise.

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Jordon, that was a false flag. This doesn't mean people were not harmed but this could not have happened w/o the complicity of the Israeli govt. (or a part of it). It might be worth listening to Martin Armstrong who is not anti Israel at all. His computer, Socrates, predicted this war, not by clairvoyance, but because stock shares in Northrup Grumman, for example, were going way up in price.

There are natural gas resources off the coast of Palestine. What is happening here goes much deep and is much broader than how things initially appear. This vicious cruelty, not just of Hamas but of state actors, is serving the same masters that the covid psy-op served.

Here is a Christian woman reflecting on some questions about this war: 1. Where was the IDF when Hamas attacked?

2. Why did it take several hours for the response?

3. Is Israel actually able to defend itself? How? The IDF demonstrated how incapable it was of defending the Israeli population on Oct 7.

4. Do you, Netanyahu, take any personal responsibility for this massive failure of the IDF to protect the Israeli population?

5. How can Israelis trust the IDF now?

6. How can soldiers want to serve in the IDF knowing how easily they were overcome by Hamas?

7. What are you planning on doing differently this time?

8. You say that war is the answer. Israel has already been involved in 18 wars since the Israel declared statehood in 1948. How many more wars are necessary? How do you know that? What will be different this time?

9. You say there will be unintended civilian casualties. Why? Why will civilians be targeted?

10. You say that you know Hamas has its headquarters and weapons in mosques and hospitals. If you know that, why not send in your secret elite IDF forces to take out the Hamas leaders rather than resorting to wide scale bombing?

11. Who has more military power, Israel or Hamas?

12. Who has the power in Gaza, the people or Hamas?

13. You said you were warning the civilians to leave the combat zone. Where are they supposed to go? How do they get there? Will it be like the forced “Trail of Tears” American Indian exile? Where will the displaced Palestinians stay? Is the Red Cross/Red Crescent handing out money like they did in Lahaina? Are they going to be put up in hotels paid for by FEMA? Oh, tents? Refugee tents? What about all their personal property? What do they do with that? How long will they be gone on this excursion/field trip? When will they return? Will it be safe to return? Or will Israel occupy these Palestinian homes?

14. Why are you punishing the Palestinian people instead of Hamas?

15. How does cutting off access to food, water, energy, power hurt Hamas?

16. You said Hamas has Israeli hostages in Gaza… these are Israelis that your government failed to protect. If these Israelis, which were not protected by you and your government are now in Gaza, why are you bombing Gaza? Are these the “civilian casualties” you are speaking of?

17. Would you agree to a cease-fire in exchange for the release of the Israelis you failed to protect? Or would you refuse the cease-fire and allow those Israelis you failed to protect to be killed by Hamas?

18. You said the world must stand against barbarism, which is extreme cruelty and brutality. How is bombing innocent children in revenge for an attack you failed to prevent not also barbarism? Or are you exempt?

19. You said “Israel will fight until this battle is won.” How do you define won? Is there a number of dead bodies that is the key indicator? Or the number of miles that you have cleared out? Or the number of refugees you have created? How come the previous 18 wars of 75 years have not resulted in peace?

20. You say that “Israel has a right to defend itself…” but Israel did NOT defend itself on Oct 7. And you still haven’t explained why. And if you weren’t capable of defending yourself on October 7, how are you able to carry out your military attack on Hamas now? What has changed? Why are you using the Oct 7 attack, which you failed to prevent, as a justification for genocide?

Bibi, you can email your answers to: support@thehealthyamerican.org

Peggy Hall, Substack

Listen, before you just think this is about Arab extremists, it's about extremists all right, they wear suits and ties and have very good lunches in very fine restaurants.

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Suicide of the West. If anybody believes that Israel is the ultimate target, they are sorely mistaken.

Obama and Bush to some extent before him facilitated this recrudescence by fueling and funding hatred of the West. The Democrats love terrorists and Commies. The open border is endangering everybody in America. It’s only a matter of time before the next horrible attack.

Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and devoted anti-American. He should be in prison for treason for a variety of reasons.

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Jordan -

Where do you stand on the the history of the last 75 years as to the creation of the state of Israel by the colonial powers and, Israel’s subsequent methodical dispossession of the Palestinian lands? Where do stand on the end-time, ethno-nationalistic ideology that refers to itself as Zionism?

Do you know the history of the region? Do you know the history of Zionist Movement? Where do you stand on Zionism? Are you a Zionist?

Readers are wondering, as your lack of any analysis as to the birth and development of this place called Israel, naturally calls forth such legitimate questions and, readers are entitled to know your worldview presuppositions so they can judge your honesty as a writer.

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Islam has always been radical and violent.


The magazine, and Francis ain't Catholic .btw

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People are united in opposing Jewish Nazism.

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It's never left. The Geller report daily lists radical Muslims slaughtering more people.

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Tolerating "radicalism" disguised as "Freedom Rhetoric", Is Sacrificing "Freedom" & submitting to Intolerance

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Does anybody else care about the roughly 30% of Christian Gaza Palestinians who are getting slaughtered? I do.

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The Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld initiated illegal attack on the Islamic world post 9-11 has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of otherwise peaceful citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and other Middle Eastern areas. The further displacement of tens of millions of citizens fleeing the chaos and bloodshed into the West has lead to intense resentment and hatred for the US, our hypocritical government and the Western European Powers. Decades of pent up anger among tens of millions of Muslims fleeing or trapped by the Western War Machine initiated chaos is now exploding into worldwide marches venting their spleens against both the US and Israel as well as the Western powers supporting them. No matter what atrocities each side in these conflicts perpetrate it is ALWAYS the innocent who suffer the most but the notion that they are mere pawns in the global conflicts may be coming to an end. Those with the “legal” power of inflicting death need to wield it with precision and care, a rare quality among military or political leaders in any time and one evidently sorely lacking when dealing with those living in Traditional Islamic countries. We have not been winning any hearts and minds thru our last 25 years of warfare and the latest escalation with the dual tragedies in Israel and Gaza!

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Stop it, Jordan, you’re making the neo-cons horny!

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