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Excellent article Jordan, as always. What a monumental overhyped unscientific load of horse manure these clowns are feeding the gullible and helpless populace.

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Thanks, Jordan. Also, conventional, anachronistic, and unproven "germ theory" is part of the baseless, menacing propaganda. And even if one believes in "viruses" as they are currently understood, COVID-19 has never been isolated, purified, or seen under a microscope. All studies claiming to have done so FAIL Koch's Postulates, the gold standard for viral epidemiology. There is no COVID-19. This whole thing is a house of cards, lie built upon lie upon lie, and so on. Finally, as we see vocal truth-seekers being booted from all social media platforms for questioning the scripted narrative or speaking truth to power, we can surmise quite easily that there are many more people in the truth camp than we are allowed to see. It helps the globalists continue their black magic.

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Never let a fake crisis go to waste.

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Covid is all scam designed to take away our liberties. Covid death numbers are total, TOTAL, nonsense, just an effort to scare people into giving in to the almighty government. Anyone believing this propaganda is a tool.

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The communist countries of the Twentieth Century used their subjects' fear of one another to cement themselves into power. Anyone's deliberate betrayal -- or offhand remark -- could be the reason the KGB appeared on your doorstep. The aspiring dictators of our time also use our fear of one another to subjugate us...our fear that our neighbor will give us a cold!

No wonder it's so hard to write satire these days.

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As a citizen living in England, suffering from a third hard lockdown, I am aghast at the stupidity and illogical actions involving closure of schools. My two grandchildren age 4 and age 6 can’t attend school / nursery but yet can play in the kids playground ! They are happy mixing with other kids so I cannot see the logic ? Great article by the way Jordan.

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Good work Jordan we are 74 million peons who have been lied to enough. Like the Reformation when Martin Luther gave the finger to the Holy Roman Empire. The Science Gods are keeping us in line, but let's rejoice that the Empire was defeated by the plague and we were better for it. We rose up.

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And many countries are in lockstep. In South Africa they have raised the level to a level 3 due to the hype with increing draconial regulations that take away civil liberties unilateraly. Imposed Curfews from 9PM to 6AM.

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BoJo says boosters every 3 mos. for age 18 and up. Does anyone know if they will be mandated/coerced?

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What is it about the Brits that is almost laughable in it's obvious bogus hyperbolic reporting that gets everyone so excited but just for a little while until people figure out they have been scammed .

Whatever happened to the Russians did it ? Over used and over the top .

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Bravissimo !!!

According to GOOGLE / New York Times:

On September 29, 2020:

There were 974 U.S. deaths attributed to COVID.

The 7 day average was 718.

6 months later on March 28, 2021:

There were 487 U.S. deaths attributed to COVID.

The 7 day average was 990.

The numbers have peaked, turned downward and stabilized. Nevertheless, the Chicken Littles are still trying to rule the roost, running around wildly even though their heads have been cut off.

Biden parrots Fauci. Fauci parrots Big Pharma.

And why not? “Follow the science” morphed long ago into “follow the money” and “follow the politics”.

Masks and vaccines? As Everett Dirksen would put it: “A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.” Add to this Fauci's poignant Norma Desmond moment: “I'm ready for my shot, Mr. Biden.”

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It is incorrect to interpret absence of evidence as evidence of absence. In other words, the fact that there is only limited evidence for increased transmissibility does not mean that the virus is not more transmissible, just that we don't know, yet, whether it is and if so, how much.

The solid evidence of the rapid rate at which this strain became dominant in much of England is suggestive evidence that it is more transmissibility. There are other possible explanations.

When someone says "no solid scientific evidence" - they are committing an error - the error of requiring hard evidence - which takes months to acquire - before acting. The scientific establishment has made this mistake a number of times in the epidemic - basically, using the habits and standards developed in normal conditions, and applying them to emergency situations.

To take this current state of uncertainty and translate that into a conspiracy theory is pretty weak, and frankly, silly.

Is there a worldwide conspiracy theory, involving millions of scientists and doctors, and the governments of widely disparate and often antagonistic countries, about COVID19? No. Believing that is a sign of madness.

We don't yet know.

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All of this can only happen if the peop;e allow it to happen ? Let that sink in ?

Ther is no pandemic and never was and yes DJT went right along with it like a fool !

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They need to Swing.

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