People are treated the way they let big gov, big pharma, big tech, big food etc treat them. I don't know what is more infuriating between the massive brainwashing/propaganda that has been going and the way most people gobble it up.

I'm starting to think it's hopeless.

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Frank Luntz was a wolf in sheep's clothing for so long. I have been stunned by the exposés against him but glad his true occupation -- professional gaslighter for the authoritarian ruling class -- is finally getting out in the open.

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Good article. The manipulation of polls to further specific political agendas has been a hallmark of this pandemic. We had a mask mandate installed after a business person, also connected to the town political class, allegedly tried to spark a confrontation between a maskless person and the business person. That "confrontation" turned into an online poll created by supporters of the mask mandate that was later given to City Council and that's how we got a mask mandate.

It's a terrible problem of leading behind polls, and too many in political classes are taking the lazy, scenic route to legislation via "polls."

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"Frank Luntz, Chelsea Clinton say they both cried getting COVID-19 vaccine"


Covid's not a thing in Sweden. At all. I wonder how Swedes view the Great Reset and its enablers here in the states.

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Frank Luntz paired up with this very important person to get to know, Maya Shankar, earlier this year. She's a very important person to begin to get to know. Warm and fuzzy exterior. Much different practitioner of the craft of manipulation and coercion, given the name, "Behavioral Science/Economics." Fascinating subject to get to understand. It's no accident or act of charity for Frank Luntz to be on a show with her. She holds the power structure in that professional relationship. And you should get to know why.


Shankar was the former head of the Social and Behavioral Science Team (SBST) established under the Obama administration.


This team built upon the theories of Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler and their "Nudge Unit" approach to coercion and manipulation as public policy "enhancers." (Side note - Sunstein is married to Samantha Power, former Obama UN Ambassador, and he worked closely with Jessica Hertz, who headed up the Biden administration's staff search and just resigned as Biden's Staff Secretary).



Behavioral science is a very dangerous field when applied without strict ethical guidelines. Because it is also "the science of totalitarianism," when it becomes coercive, manipulative and mandated. As it has been applied during the pandemic. The official government incorporation of behaviorism that began in the US under Obama was incorporated in the UK at the same time under the Cameron administration, known there as the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT). With many cross-Atlantic members advising both teams. And in the UK the BIT became a part of the UK's SAGE Special Pandemic Insights Group, Behavioral (SPI-B) that has managed the UK's pandemic public policy plan. Which has received a great deal of scrutiny in the UK since the release of a book by Laura Dodsworth, A State of Fear, which explored the abuses of behavioral science as official UK policy.


The application of behavioral science described in the book has been a massive, coordinated undertaking - media, tech, corporate, entertainment, academia, medical fields all enlisted to advance the same, centralized narrative and script to the pandemic, including propaganda and censorship as official policy. While the book focuses on the UK's response, the same exact massive undertaking has been deployed here in the US.


Maya Shankar, former SBST head, has been Google's top Global Behavioral Scientist since 2017, a direct Big Tech connection. Jessica Hertz worked at Facebook before joining the Biden administration. Many of the top behaviorists involved in the SBST and BIT are working in Big Tech and Big Media coordinating public policy collaboration with government officials in the spread of propaganda and censorship.




In fact, Behaviorists have a template for any and all public policy goals. Which can be plugged and played for climate change, social justice, vaccinations, whatever the goal.


- which is the source for this .pdf of the plug & play behaviorist plan:


And I discovered this UN document co-authored by Maya Shankar:

Behavioural Insights at the United Nations, Achieving Agenda 2030 (pdf)


It's an agenda that is quite similar to the WEF's Great Reset. To be achieved using behavioral science, the template above. Behavioral Science is how they will make us, "own nothing and be happy." And they've shown us they're not above using behavioral science's totalitarian "shoves" and "smacks" to achieve their goal, not just the nice, gentle "nudges" they tell us they use. As the UK's inquiry into their CV fear NPI has begun to expose.

When you understand that behavioral science IS "the best science" being followed by leftist policymakers everything that doesn't make sense about the science supporting their assertions begins to make sense. Because it's not the natural sciences, it's the social sciences. The science of totalitarianism.

And when you understand that Marxism holds the view that, "there can only be one science, the science of history" as Marx and Engels wrote, who viewed separate natural and social sciences as a threat to central authoritarian control - as they view religion as a threat, both give basis for challenging authoritarian edicts - you will understand why this poisonous type of "science" must be exposed and defeated for freedom to prevail in this titanic struggle for the future of humanity.

And Frank Luntz is in on it.

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Jordan, you have written yet another fabulous analysis. Some further notions to consider:

Frank Luntz is a high-level Satanist with extensive NLP training. He is clearly a "handler" for numerous mind-controlled politicians, public appointees, and cushy-job-holders in all levels and arenas of media including academia as another layer of mediated BS dissemination. The Satanic network has infiltrated every aspect of society in every town of every size: D.C. and Hellywood are just the obvious hubs where the most spiders work to constantly spin spin spin the web of deception.

No one can say that Satanists don't work hard enough; that should be as clear as a Riedel Crystal Champagne flute to anyone with eyes to see — and ears to hear to the glasses clinking as they toast to their success. Everyone else? Mind-controlled and regularly triggered into dissociation by Luntz & Co.'s carefully crafted word-spells.

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The foundations that were named in this piece were the ones I heard of when I would watch PBS. I feel so betrayed.

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I will not comply

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Quoting Luntz: "In the end two-thirds of adult Americans are vaccinated; two-thirds have made that decision. And the one-third should not jeopardize the health and safety of the two-thirds." So, accordingly to Luntz, the unvaccinated people have to get vaccinated in order to protect the vaccinated people, who are supposedly already protected from the CV by the vaccine. As a language expert, Luntz has perfectly distilled the disingenuous, nonsensical public relations campaign that is demonizing persons who have merely exercised their right of personal medical decision making in choosing not to receive the vaccine.

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The best thing you can do is ignore Luntz completely.

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Frank Luntz - Kevin McCarthy’s roommate.

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Luntz looks like Pop 'n Fresh, the Pillsbury dough boy or is it the Michelin Man.

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Is Frank still roomies with Kevin McCarthy? 🧐

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Luntz is nothing more than a self aggrandizing exploiter who deserves to be mercilessly mocked and ridiculed into oblivion! His polls are always a joke as is his existence..

Let’s Go Brandon - F’k Osama Obama

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Doesn't Luntz live as a "batchelor" with Republican House Minority Leader McCarthy?

Isn't Luntz a freaking Republican?

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The elites are losing this battle and there is going to be gallows at the end of it. This was their hail mary for the new world order and it is failing. We will have justice in the long run.

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