Support him on many issues especially the C19 vaccines, but his stance on climate change makes him a 'pass' for me. Glad he's declared nonetheless to put the spotlight on the vaccines though.

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Gun control and climate BS are non starters, despite the other good stuff.

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He may well be the very last pro-America Kennedy alive. A distant echo of our assassinated John Kennedy, and, hence, imperfect.

Today we forget that JFK had a 1st term learning curve that saw a long string of costly disasters. The Bay of Pigs. The Berlin Wall, McNamara, an accountant, as Secretary of Defense, and, yes, even an entry into the Vietnam War. But he was a good man, intelligent, patriotic, and honest.

He figured it out. So they killed him.

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Apr 20, 2023Liked by Jordan Schachtel

Well written Jordan. I did read his book about Fauci and found it to be the equivalent of a college level course in the medical industrial complex and mad scientists.

I agree strongly with your analysis. The Democrat Party is far too corrupt right now to support him.

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RFK, Jr has always been a fascinating person and one well worth the listen.

Can he translate that into enough political momentum to overpower the entrenched Establishmentarians inside the Democratic Party? That's going to be the key question.

He'd have the same challenge if he tried for the GOP nomination. His name probably gives him more traction with Democrats, even though his platform will give both sides of the Uniparty a case of the vapors.

Still, a Kennedy-DeSantis or a Kennedy-Trump matchup next fall would be what 2016 could have been had the Democrats not kneecapped Bernie Sanders.

That's reason alone to hope he enjoys success in the primaries.

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Who makes the decisions in our society? Who writes public policy?

Years of social engineering has caused people to be deluded on this matter.

The White House and Congress don’t make the decisions, Wall Street and the Pentagon do.

What we have is the continuation of a duopoly in which the differences between the two sides of the duopoly are far less important than their similarities. There is a largely successful establishment effort to control the political process so that the range of options is severely limited. We have the outward semblance of democracy without the reality of it.

Voting in the United States isn't about "democracy"—it's about perpetuating the illusion of democracy.

In today's US, especially at the national level, elections are worse than worthless -- they simply perpetuate illusions and waste time. They are degrading and repulsive exercises in Madison Avenue PR techniques, where "the truth" is off limits from the get-go. Effort should be directed not at participating in this system, but at exposing its corrupt essence and building genuinely constructive alternatives.

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Many of his policies are great but we cannot do another 4 years of democrats killing of oil production!!!

China is now making power moves and the dollar dumping by Saudi Arabia will kill the American petro dollar and as the reserve currency.

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I won’t vote for him, because on most issues we won’t find common ground, but I admire his honesty and tenacity in exposing the medical-industrial complex corruption and their COVID related crimes against humanity. Like a handful of other old school liberals, he’s not relinquished all of his integrity to satisfy the woke mob. If he can get Biden on stage for a debate, I’d love to see that. Unfortunately I think he’s likely to turn out to be an unwitting stalking horse for candidate Brylcreem.

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It would be great if Kennedy and DeSantis ran. For once we could hear a civil debate between the candidates and not hold our noses when voting for the lesser of two evils. It would probably prevent a civil war too.

Therefore, the puppet masters won't allow it.

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I figure the A/I robots have already re-elected The Dummy who is the perfect non-president for the left to use as a facilitator. I have always said that I would never vote for any democrat for any reason. Not yet sure about RFK, although I follow him on CHD. Not sure he can plow through the DC Swamp and make much headway. Trump tried it and was not very successful because the corruption in clown world runs as deep as a pit all the way to China.

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Trojan horse that will strip 2A and leave everyone defenseless against PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE murder scam and WHO bioweapons eugenics.

Not safe bet.

Loved his Fauci book, but even while reading it he dared not fully condemn the AIDS scam nor did he go against the rest of the vaccine schedule, etc.

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I agree fully with him on vaccines, lockdowns, the merger of government and corporate power and war.

I admire his personal courage - there was something heroic about his two-hour speech, in which his voice seemed to grow stronger as he went on, despite the challenge with his vocal cords.

And he does look like a president, if only because of the family resemblance (a fine set of County Wexford faces on those Kennedy boys).

The climate issue is the one I need to hear more from him on. Maybe he has evolved after seeing how “The Science” was manipulated and abused during Covid? A lot of people have, I reckon.

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Unfortunately RFK may be a "nice" guy...but he's no better than anyone else...germ theory supporter...virology supporter...climate change hoax supporter...all bad news that really doesn't get cancelled out because of his Covid jab stance...but he still supports "good" vaccines, and that's a big no-no...so no better than anyone else

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Sadly, few people understand that it doesn't matter a whit which politician is (s)elected and anointed. The sad truth is that the Central Bankers, headquartered in the City of London, are calling all the shots. Truth told, if JFK, Jr. ever enters the White House, he will have done so with the blessing of the bankers and he will be told exactly what to do as a consequence of them letting him win. Until and unless we recognize this reality, and take steps to get central bankers out of our lives, we stand no chance of living as free human beings. TPTB (bankers) are ecstatic that we are focused on issues of gender, left-v-right, race, LGBTetc. etc. as long as we don't focus on what they are doing to the world.

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An excellent overview of his superb speech.

RFK Jr. is the leader for our times. He can provide the balance, pragmatism, wisdom, and statesmanship our country very much needs. He understands the issues and what is at stake.

I am a lifelong conservative Republican - now calling myself a "Kennedy Republican"

RFK Jr. 2024!

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“Let’s be honest. The NRA is as responsible for the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas child murders as if they pulled the trigger. The NRA has turned the 2nd Amendment into a suicide pact for our children. When do we deal with the NRA?”

- RFK Jr., 2018..

Does that sound like someone who believes in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution?.. And NO.. Kennedy has NOT modified his opinion regarding the private ownership of firearms, nor the culpability of those who would defend the 2nd Amendment.. Pro climate change, pro abortion, pro taxation, pro marxism. Vaccines?? He is on the right side. All else??? Study up folks! Even blind pigs find acorns on occasion, so please, let’s not be fooled by this PIG…..

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