Appreciate all of the engagement on this post. I respect the robust debate, whether you agree or disagree!

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Nah. There was a novel bioengineered coronavirus. That’s a proven fact. Not sure how one could argue otherwise. How deadly was it? Not deadly to most healthy people. Mortality similar to bad flu season, but it’s not an influenza virus and has some unique pathophysiology associated with it as it was designed to target ACE-2 receptors:


That’s engineered.

As to the rest of your argument, most of it rings true. Deliberate or accident, unknown. Covered up, absolutely. “Cure” worse than disease. Yes for most people.

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Jun 30, 2023Liked by Jordan Schachtel

Great rational public dialogue Jordan. I agree that the medical industrial complex deliberately forged and inflated the numbers of sick that were actually the flue with great assistance from the PCR tests. As to whether the phantom virus actually existed, I see a few possibilities, based on what we know from David Martin’s work. Bill Gates had a corporation apply for and received a patent on a co

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Jun 30, 2023Liked by Jordan Schachtel

This is actually one of the more intriguing theories I have heard. The Ethical Skeptic thinks there had to be 2 separate Covid viruses going around because Omicron was so much different from the original Wuhan which lends even more credence to naturally occuring viruses.

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A hell of lot of fit and unfit middle aged and younger people died in the early months of whatever it was or wasn't, far in excess of the death rate from seasonal flu. How is this explained under this theory that there was no virus more virulent that those of other years?

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This has been my theory from the beginning. They do mess around in the lab, hoping to create bioweapons, etc., but when it turned out to be a dud, pretended it was dangerous & resorted to totalitarianism on a gullible public anyway. For all the decades the secretive labcoats have been working on bioweapons, they haven't come up with anything of note. Biohazard is a self-cancelling phrase.

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I like where you're going with this. But I'll add to that in saying that any increase in severe flu-like symptoms and deaths in early 2020 were very likely caused by the 2019 flu vaccine. I submit that since we know from experience that vaccines themselves are capable of shedding, not just "wild" infections, maybe we should take a look into what the 2019 influenza vaccine looked like?

This publication describes a brand-new style of flu vaccine that came online for the 2019-2020 flu season. Mammalian cell-based instead of egg-based. Claims that it was studied for efficacy...but no mention of safety trials:


"A new cell-based seasonal influenza vaccine has been issued marketing approval by the European Commission and will be available for the 2019/2020 flu season.

Flucelvax® Tetra (Seqirus) is the first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIVc) to be made available in Europe and is licensed for use in individuals aged nine years and older.

To date, there have been no randomised controlled trials comparing the efficacy of QIVc and standard egg-based quadrivalent vaccines (QIVe)"

“This real-world study, along with other emerging evidence, indicates that cell-based influenza vaccines may result in better influenza-related outcomes compared to standard egg-based vaccine options in some seasons"

"In the UK, the potential advantages of QIVc, which is cultured in mammalian cells rather than eggs"

“We are pleased to be bringing Flucelvax Tetra to the UK next season and have sufficient capacity at our cell-based manufacturing facility in the US to also ensure supply in September 2019"

This article is interesting. It says that they added live-attenuated influenza vaccines to the schedule. It goes on to say that flu vaccines most definitely, positively, absolutely don't cause the flu, and by that definition won't shed...even after all of the science on vaccines admit that live-attenuated vaccines do shed. Curious:


"The 2019–2020 influenza vaccine recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have remained mostly the same, with the exception of adding the LAIV to the immunization schedule."

These articles tell us about the WHO's process is and what they decided the 2019-2020 vaccine recommendations would be. I'll note that the first link speaks to concerns with preparing for H3N2 from the prior year, while the second link says they ended up not developing that specific strain of vaccines, after all, and the third link says they went ahead and included the H3N2 variant, after all:




Now, this is an interesting story from CNN that came out in November, 2019, an important time frame in the evolution of the CV story. Note the discussion about the need to develop a new type of all-purpose vaccine, a desire to test it widely, one that focused on a protein they link to a particular virus...like, say, a spike protein. Fauci is frequently quoted in it:


"But a universal flu shot would theoretically cover every strain of the flu using what’s known as an ice cream cone approach."

"Last spring, doctors at the NIH started testing universal flu shots on Sonn and other study participants to see how their bodies respond.

“I have a personal connection to the flu,” Sonn explained. “My grandfather was orphaned due to the flu epidemic in April 1919.”

The 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world’s population and killed 50 million people.

Losing his parents at 6 years old left a mark on Sonn’s grandfather, and subsequently on Sonn himself.

“He really had great trust in science and medical research, so I know he would be proud I’m taking part in this,” Sonn said.

One of the most useful things about the universal flu shot is that if it works out as hoped, it will also protect against flu pandemics like the one that killed Sonn’s great-grandparents.

In a flu pandemic, a new strain of flu virus emerges. Since very few people have immunity to it, it can spread quickly and easily.

There have been four flu pandemics in the past century: in 1918-1919; in 1957-1958; in 1968; and in 2009.

The research got an extra push in September when President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at developing a better flu vaccine.

Fauci said it could take less time – but still many years – to develop a semi-universal flu shot, which would protect against not all flu viruses, but rather a group of flu viruses."

"The faster and more precise method is not to grow the virus at all and instead just create the virus’ protein, he said.

“We clone the gene that codes for the specific protein we want,” Fauci said. “I don’t even want to see the virus. I just need the sequence of that virus, the genetic map of that virus. And you could send that to me by email.”

That’s the technology that’s being used to create the vaccines being trialed on participants like Sonn right now.

“We feel like we’re pioneers, and our volunteers are pioneers,” Ledgerwood said."

Hmm. What was that experimental technology they were trying out in the summer of 2019? Has everyone who took the jab been made unwitting "pioneers" since 2020? Especially now learning that large percentages of the CV biotech injections were placebos, like an actual (stealth) trial would have? And what of that experimental mammalian cell-based vaccine technology that the 2019-2020 flu vaccines were supposed to have? Could the 2019-2020 influenza vaccine been the precursor to the pandemic?

For public dialogue.

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Thank goodness someone is sticking to the truth. It is driving me brontobananas that people like Igor and Mathew Crawford and others are discussing their latest bouts with Covid errr the actual flu or allergies, or a summer cold or crappy terrain what ever.

Sure GoF work is being done. Sure Fauci ordered and funded a 21st Century Manhattan project to decimate America. But the

Spike protein with its Furin Cleavage site GP120, venom like peptides etc ad nauseum was rattling around in cyberspace until the complicit American deep staters, Mr Globo, China, and the WEF (apologies to any Super-Villians I neglected to credit) scared the shit out of the world to trick 60% of people to clamor for the actual bioweapon to be injected right into their muscle! And then attempted (and actually succeeded to some degree) to exclude critical thinkers and plain ol' skeptics from society for resisting to be injected with inarguably poison. Uhhhggg!

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But if it was a sort of accident, what explains the killer hospital protocols? I saw ngo from 2019 pushing doctors not to use antibiotics for viral pneumonia-- which is grooming for 2020. Massive orders of midazolam? The Chinese advice to use ventilators amplified by the WHO, adhered to despite it being nearly a death sentence?

The pandemic planning scenarios? Bill Gate's fortuitous investment? Moderna patents with furin cleavage site sequences? Moderna's entire funding history?

For that matter, what explains the decades of small changes to US laws that build up to EUA like the prep act? It was all just benevolent public servants carefully legalizing the deployment of deadly 'countermeasures' for our own good?

The incompetence is nearly indistinguishable from malice. Also, there may be some that were witting and others that were simply playing the same corrupt role they had always been.

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There was no virus. There are no viruses. It has been proven that virology is a fraud just like all the other lies they tell us. This entire democide was originated by the DoD to depopulate the earth. They injected graphene oxide (an established poison) and nanotechnology to cause disease and death and to connect their new trans humans to the internet of things. To exterminate humanity and all life on earth is their goal. And total control of the new species by the antichrist.

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Jun 30, 2023·edited Jun 30, 2023

Sorry, Jordan.

There was a GOF virus. Or at least a weaponized GOF spike protein hooked to LNP’s.

Baric’s research and GOF papers going back to 2005 prove it. David Martin has spoken extensively on this.

I agree there was no “super virus”. What was cooked up was just enough to kill elderly or immune compromised or unhealthy people. Like a typical flu. They couldn’t make it too deadly or it might kill them.

Add to that a common coronavirus sequence provided for the fraudulent PCR scam test and viola! PsyOp planDemic. Roll out the jabs.

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“That things were made up and proceeded to get way out of hand?


A man modified super virus bioweapon successfully appears for the first time in human history, but it is not at all unique and cannot differentiate itself from any other recent respiratory season.”

OR a third scenario:

“They” know that viruses don’t exist but their eugenics program can create a cure for the supposed virus based on a computer model that they already patented so they can make money while killing you. Its like having the mark dig their own grave in the corn field.

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Jul 1, 2023·edited Jul 1, 2023

One issue that has always been glaring with the whole covid came from a lab theory, whether a deliberate or accidental release, is the same issue that givers rise to MAD - mutually assured destruction. Do people really believe that Fauci et al would be wiling to fund scientists that would tinker with a virus that might ultimately kill them and/or their loved ones? One might argue that they have a sure-fire cure but that's weak because sure fire cures that work on everybody don't exist. Also, if it escapes it becomes uncontrollable and evolves so the sure fire cure may no longer work. Plus, you would have to share this cure with everyone you want to save and expect they would all keep it secret.

The reason people believe there is a novel deadly virus out of Wuhan is because of the propaganda out of Wuhan showing people dropping dead and armies spraying down streets. Now though Wuhan remains the focus from that early focus along with leaks which also could be propaganda. The virus was detected in Italy in September 2019 which isn't explained by a lab leak that took place well over a month later. One also has to wonder how long ago this virus would be detected if it was searched for further back in time. If one were to want to pretend a deadly virus is plaguing the land, what better place to pretend an origin story whether natural or lab than a city where a virology lab exists and where one could also argue for a natural origins? Perfect camouflage to get the plebs to argue how the virus came about rather than question whether a novel deadly virus even emerged .

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Jordan, step back a bit and I'll point to a bit larger view. Wuhan was funded by DOD way back, same with Orange Ukraine labs, et al. Bat virus was made by the one genius, Baric, out of NC State; he sorted out how to insert genes without leaving a trace. Baric, to my knowledge, was NOT a part of the endgame, just a brilliant scientist that appears to be a pro. Everything Wuhan did was a cover for to present the bioweapon c19 vaccines. DOD and pharmas worked together with timing of the rigged election for MORE than one goal: produce a critical mass of consensus that Trump lost the election due to the fact that the c19 vax was released AFTER the rigged election. All observers noted that Trump won with the numbers in all critical states until the LAST minutes. All observers knew then, as all the DC pols, CFR controlled fake news, all knew the election was rigged.

DOD-Trilateral would NOT allow Trump to win as they knew he would sort out the following: c19 vaxxes were NOT even the typical lousy vaccines but THEY were the bioweapons. Each loaded with nanos with the ability to self assemble, make protective hydogel, and mimic internal organs. Transhumanism with autism are factors with the nanos. Much more but ran out of time. I'll gather a list of authors and we have a couple researchers on net with material. Carnacom is one.

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This was not simply "bungling", this was a well orchestrated political and economic set of maneuvers using the well established architecture of the medical and bio-security apparatus in conjunction with the media cartels. All of them owned and operated by the same financial conglomerates.

Fauci and Collins are professional liars and crooks- there is nothing they say or write that can be trusted- nothing.

How many times do these people have to "bungle" their way to another record-breaking theft of public monies at the expense of public well-being before people realize that getting what you want time and again isn't "bungling."

They didn't panic. It was very carefully controlled and designed

The "first wave" was Vents/ Fetnanyl/Midazolam euthanasia in hospitals and old people's homes via the deliberate misdiagnosis of common flu as "covid" with case numbers inflated by fraudulent PCR test results Remdesivir followed and then the mRNA injections.

That the CIA's Avril Haines, ran the Event 201 pandemic planning exercise is a pretty easy to understand clue.

There was nothing 'mistaken or panicked' about the governments & media's fear propaganda over the fraudulent 'Covid crisis': They all said and did the same things, stage by stage.

This was all planned.

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