Jordan, you are correct that the vaccine will assist the mental health of a certain class of sheeple. Unfortunately, the incremental cost to a free society of indulging such pantomime is too high. Furthermore, the assertion that the vaccine will support normalcy is only true if you down-define normalcy to include conditioning all of us to live under a crisis-fueled tyranny.

No, we are in the later stages of a global war for liberty that has been going since at least the first Fabian's kaffeeklatsch--and make no mistake freedom is losing. Our populations are uneducated (re-educated) and lack even a the basic sense of morality provided by Judeo-Christian foundations. Instead, neo-Marxism (BLM, etc.) masquerades as history and mathematics and climate change provides the alter of communion and sacrifice. The supreme power is no longer God, but Government and we will surrender to its will.

Stemming the tide of many decades of decline means a long arduous fight over almost everything. The long history of good faith people's incremental surrender to the teacher's unions, the media, the nanny state, the globalists, etc. has left us stranded in a progressive (nee socialist) purgatory just before the hell of full blown communism. Remember, Saul Alinsky dedicated his communist revolutionary manifesto to Lucifer...*

*read the epigraph itself, not the apologies of "fact-checkers" who may themselves be morally "confused"

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Great comment! Sadly, year and a half later, who woke up? Almost none, those who belonged to Lucifer are still belonging to the lord of lies and darkness.

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Thanks for this important post, Jordan!

I have been researching the vaxxes, and from what I see so far, these will not be "ordinary" influenza-like solutions of toxic chemicals and animal tissues. According to many doctors and medical researchers, these vaxxes will splice the DNA with recombinant DNA molecules from multiple other sources not normally found in the human genome, and insert nanotechnology designed to allow uploads of "medical records" to the IoT--which presumes that if people can upload information, someone (or something, AI perhaps) can download information. One vaxx includes the tissue of a 14-week old aborted male fetus, which is not just disgusting but immoral. The DNA alterations alone will create a non-human, or what proponents call "Human 2.0," as if becoming a cyborg, however slowly, is better than the being designed by our Creator.

Ultimately, the goal of all of the vaxxes is to further disconnect us from our Divinity (although it is hard to believe some people still have ANY connection) and permanently connect us to the exotic, non-organic technology of AI. So takers may want to believe life will return to normal, but it most certainly will not after their DNA is permanently restructured. Some researchers have described this as creating an incurable, lifelong physical disease that can only be "managed" additional AI technology.

My husband and I are not interested in going back to "normal," but living as a free man and free woman, the way our Creator intended!

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Nobody in my rather large family (my mom is one of 8 kids] who btw, all got together for a wonderful Thanksgiving, will be taking any vaccine. Nobody in the entire company I work for will be taking any vaccine. In fact, only one person I know has said they will take it. Good luck with that, I will be keeping my DNA the way God made it.

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This is a new article from Johns Hopkins that throws a huge question mark on the entire COVID thing.


In light of all these lies and craziness one must rely on their own speculations. Mine is that the Deep State behind all this spent millions and millions to have the corrupted left leaning corporate medical community to mark regular deaths of the old and sick as COVID after a false test that also gave positive results for goats and fruit.

Why? To inject people with this vaccine.

Why? To reduce the world population.

Sinister as this may seem ask yourself has there ever been an operation of this magnitude where a government used a propaganda media to lead so many astray? One can think of Nazi Germany. What else was Nazi Germany known for. Liquidating millions of people.

Why not here as well? If people start getting sick from this they can again just claim that another fake disease is on the rise and that more vaccines are needed right? Even if most in the public are sheep taking this very curious vaccine that has been prepared and disseminated under perhaps the strangest and falsest pretenses ever devised in world history may do more then merely soother their fears

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I think most Americans know the whole Covid thing is B.S. and don't want the stupid vaccine, even if most of the world is less liberty-minded and hence more gullible with swallowing whatever their governments and the mainstream media say.

You have to go into America's big Democrat-run cities to see areas where most people are gullible sheep who don't know how to question anything or research outside of what mainstream media, Snopes, Big Tech, Wikipedia, and the political establishment tell them.

The vast majority of the country however laughs at the big unsustainable crime-ridden cities fretting over the latest Marxist trends, including all the Covid lies, and the Great Reset cultism. Either they laugh or are angered when the delusions of the big cities reach them via political edicts for the whole country.

Marxists don't leave people alone. So there's no chance there won't be conflict with them by those who aren't part of their religion.

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Nice try. No, I will not be consenting to the toxic jab.....ever.

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I don't take ANY vaccines!!!

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Uh. Sorry. These people where never at the sanity table. The only thing that happened is our "betters" have learned how easy it is to herd them all. This isn't an end of anything. These are good times compared to what they are going to do next. Us naysayers need to group together and organize. It is our only hope.

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Jordan, firstly, the web-page doesnt allow read-aloud by Firefox, pls can you check?

Secondly, there is no doubt that very soon the sheep will be herded again by new "revelations" about nasty mutations of the virus that defeat the vaccines and that the vaccines are only for 6 months anyway.

and then, there is the Great Reset.

For sake of record, I do not call for violent revolutions but at some point, the back of the camel breaks. Perhaps you Jordan can investigate how technically patriots can communicate without the Big Tech being able to silence us. I will soon buy a DeGoogled phone, set of walkie-talkies etc.

But it is obviously much deeper than that. What can be done so that at judgement day the few good men dont look away and can communicate with other good men and women. Because our silicon overlords can with a flick of a key stop the communucation we have today.

Will be great if you can have a go at this issue, Jordan, thanks and god-bless (I am a subcscriber).

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I don't need a vaccine.

I don't consider myself an antivaxxer, but I am against one-size-fits-all medicine.

Even Penicillin, which was once considered a miracle cure, and has saved some, has killed others.

I've also been around long enough to know that certain people will do anything for money, and that many humans have a way of making things even worse

Those that profit off the problems they create, often also profit off the faulty "solutions" they create, which often cause even more problems.

Fritz Haber was a Jewish German Scientist credited with the invention of Nitrogen synthesis, via the Haber Process.

Haber received a Nobel Prize for that process, and during his acceptance speech warned against reliance on that process, stating that humans still don't understand microbes nor the microbiological processes that make plants healthy.

Fast forward some 100 years later and we're seeing the devastation created by reliance on that synthetic Nitrogen.

Our plants and produce have lost much of their nutrition.

Our plants & produce have lost many of the microbiological processes that create beneficial compounds, like natural vitamins, natural antibiotics, allelochemicals, and other compounds we still don't understand.

Read this study, for example, regarding the links between soil/plant nutrient enrichment to greater disease emergence:


As such, much of our foods have to be enriched with synthetic vitamins, which are often made from the byproducts of mining, oil refining, and such.

We've also become increasingly reliant on synthetic antibiotics, which don't evolve naturally to meet the changes of naturally evolving microorganisms, and thus result in antibiotic resistance (which was one of the main concerns of the CDC prior to the "covid" event).

Humans have not learned to replicate Nature.

And Nature itself has proven to be the best steward of Nature.

Humans largely still don't even understand viruses yet.

The Murine (mouse) Norovirus has long been considered harmful.

Yet more recent research has shown that Norovirus likely exists to combat dangerous microorganisms that have weakened immune systems.

Thus it is perhaps beneficial, not harmful.

Imagine if the same is later found to be true of coronavirus.

What if we're doing far more damage?

History, time & again, has shown the vast limits of human perception & understanding.

Plus, I used to suffer from chronic Pneumonia, for over 25 years.

I used to go thru the same routine, to the hospital, or clinic, or to the Doctor, to be prescribed synthetic antibiotics/antivirals, which would take 7-10 days to clear that Pneumonia, just to have that come back, every single year, at least once a year....like clockwork.

Then I began experimenting with steam inhalation of natural antibiotics/antivirals in Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil.

That steam inhalation using those natural products cleared my Pneumonia, within 24-48 hours.

Plus, the frequency of reoccurrance of that Pneumonia was much less frequent.

I now haven't contracted Pneumonia for over six years...after formerly getting it every single year for 25 years.

And when I do start to feel ill (sore throat, body aches, etc.) I simply do that steam inhalation using that Eucalyptus and/or Tea Tree oil, and am back to 100% within 24 hours.

Guaranteed, every time.

There are now numerous scientific research studies showing the effectiveness of those natural products, against viruses.

Check this study, for example:


I don't need failing, for-profit medicine, sponsored by Big Government, telling me what I need to do.

It just a couple years ago that Johns Hopkins Medical College identified the U.S. medical industry as the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., via preventable medical errors (malpractice).

Where you have dependence, you have a lack of independence.

Where you have a lack of independence you generally have a lack of freedom, liberty, human rights, justice, etc.

There are massive power & profit motives behind systems of dependence.

Plus, now that DARPA, Big Government and Big Tech are actively pursuing AI infused vaccines, I wonder what the human version of the BSOD will look like.

Let's not forget all those buggy Microsoft updates.

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Will the tyrants that rule over us take said vaccines? I think their jab will most likely consist of sterile saline instead. Heck, wanna bet they invite the msm in and get it all on TV? Just a thought.

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If they take it, it will be a placebo. They will probably take it very publicly to convince the masses they need to take it too. God willing they will get the real vaccine that they want to give everybody.

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Always thinking, Jordan. The virus has been so amazingly handy to all enemies of our rights and freedoms, they'll pump that well until they find another one. Complacency is OVER.

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If you replace 'virus' with 'feared outcome' and enemies to 'feared and hated denials', you may recognise that fear, given welcome as guide and protector, is the 'deceiver'. Not to suggest we lack true guidance and protection that fear can insinuate to usurp, but 'WHO told you you were naked?" is the gift of the capacity to question our mind or thinking, rather than place its thinking on the altar of our heart's allegiance.

Possession set under fear shoots the messenger. (As in the parable of tenant farmers). Much of what is reckoned sickness is the health in action, that calls for aligning of the heart in trust. Compounded errors or debts and curses, accrue in place of treasures in Heaven - such as blessing lived and shared. Complacency hands over decisions to a mind of reaction, by which we can be deceived to know not what we (truly) do.

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Everyone with mandates or big government programs is a potential tyrant-in-waiting, no matter the good the programs purport to do. Having said that, over and above the higher-than-flu but still rather low fatality rate, COVID-19 does seem to frequently reduce the function of various organs (including the brain), affecting both physical and mental ability for an undetermined, perhaps permanent, period of time following even a seemingly mild infection. While the vaccines purport to be about 95% effective in preventing the full-blown disease, we don't yet know whether they will prevent the long-term damage too, prevent infection and spread or merely prevent the virus from taking hold enough to cause obvious symptoms. But even if the problem isn't NEARLY as bad as the power-hungry alarm-mongers would have us believe, the odds are that a vaccine is more likely to provide REAL as well as imaginary help at this point, than not.

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Vaccine can’t hurt and might help. The Hong Kong flus in 1957 and 1968 are hit as bad as Covid when adjusted for population size, urbanization, global travel and trade and most importantly obesity.

America is fat and if your fat you do much worse with Covid so should get a vaccine.

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When the vaccine is administered, each male will morph into a Saul Alinsky borg, each female into a Hillary Clinton. The Phase II injection will render them immortal. By the end of CoVaccineYear 1, the homogeneity will be akin to glancing over an indigenous crowd in a Beijing auditorium, save for the unusual surplus of bespectacled males. The constant, mumbling chorus will be imitative of Samuel Beckett's "Play" 2001, with the petty, inter-relational-concerns dialogue replaced by chains of endless wisdom from Castro, Mao, Che and Stalin. Utopia!

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Excellent! It's what I have been saying for months. (and get screamed at for suggesting such blasphemy.) http://kate-mcvaugh.blogspot.com/2020/10/califronians-need-to-stand-up.html

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