Our vaccine, who art in needle...

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Seriously, shame on them. As a Christian I am mortified and indignant that they would take advantage of and twist people's trust in their faith communities in this way. Disgusting isn't the word for it.

Here in Canada a pastor has revealed that the government offered him $50,000 to promote the vaccines, and $100,000 if it was promoted out of a non-profit: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canadian-pastor-says-health-officials-offered-church-50000-to-push-vaccines. One wonders how many churches quietly took the money and kept silent about it? Goes a long way toward possibly explaining the betrayal of churches during the entire covid fiasco, if so.

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DC is mostly black, so this is similar to planned parenthood targeting the same neighborhoods. History rhymes with eugenics.

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Yep -- It's Religion, not Science.


You learn in First Grade that in REAL SCIENCE you make your data available for independent review, not try to hide it for 55 years. This is not, never has been, science. What is it? Probably the Crime of the Century.

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I wonder how much these pastors are getting paid for genociding their congregations?

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Where I live in Canada, our bishop was featured on a poster promoting the covid shot last year with the caption 'I have faith in the vaccine'. Many of us were in shock over this including most priests of the parish. I think it was the Babylon Bee that featured a cartoon with people worshipping the new golden calf: the vaccine.

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Jul 15, 2022·edited Jul 15, 2022

SATAN - welcomed right in the churches! All souls sold to Satan.

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Remember when cigarettes were good for you? So said Lucky Strike.

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Jul 15, 2022·edited Jul 17, 2022

Jordan you keep hitting them out of the park. Well done.


Will we (and the minority communities) ever tire of seeing this leftist control model, be successful?

An earlier commenter alluded to the historic use of the churches (for pushing medical tyranny) , by the left and I thought we should revisit it specifically....Sanger's "Negro Project"

You can find this quoted text many places, but I pulled it from here:


The “Negro Project” in 1939.

"The objective of the “project” was to infiltrate the black community by presenting birth control as a health option for women to kill off the black race. Kill them off by limiting the growth of the population by abortion and sterilization.

They knew that some blacks would figure out their sinister plot so it was decided by Sanger to take the plan to the clergy and charismatic members the black community to have them deliver the death message to their congregations.

In a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble Sanger stated, “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Now, these and other tactics have always been out there and always will be. The left uses ANY and EVERY resource they have in order to control and or crush their enemy...the peasantry.

Be it churches, hollywood, music, sports, social media/influencers, corporations, employers, governments, etc., they will use all tools at their disposal to move along all issues, in the larger agenda.

I've asked this question numerous time and while I have received a myriad of answer, certain ones make little sense.

If XYZ business/church/school/hollywood/sport/sport conference/social media platform/company/etc. is aligned with and actively pushing the message/policies of the woke-industrial complex, why have you not removed them from your daily lives.to wit: stop patronizing them with your time, attention and money?

What will it finally take, for people to stand and refuse to be part of institutions, that are (in this case) preaching a message of death. Take away a pastors congregation/money and they either change their tune quickly or you find out just where they stand on issues (secular and spiritual). Same goes for secular entities as well.

If you are patronizing someone/something, that supports the woke agenda, then you are part of the larger problem...because you are funding it. Their slow, ceaseless take over (seen today), didn't happen in a vacuum. They used conservatives to get it done.

The leftist elites have always known (read for centuries) that 3 things can be used to control the peasantry...Comfort, Convenience and Entertainment. The peasants will trade their freedom, liberty, property, integrity, morals, convictions, families and most recently their children, for those 3 things.

Ask yourself what would it take for you to dump hollywood for good, how about sports, social media, starbucks, ben and jerrys, pick anything you covet (that is supporting the woke agenda) and ask what would it take to actually live my rhetoric and convictions, on just one issue?

We've seen parents do this in response to the discovery of CRT and sexual grooming of their kids.

Many have dumped hollywood (me included), since that industry was and still is the largest and most successful tool the left has for funding, social engineering and radicalization of our society, as a whole.

Those are just two examples that feed the global woke agenda. It has been said it is a hydra, with thousands of heads...which I believe. Until we all cut the heads off that we respectively covet, we will never stand a chance.

Jordan rightly calls out, this time tested, despicable practice of using churches against their parishioners, but it is only one pine needle on a VERY tall and healthy leftist tree.

Until we ALL decide to be uncomfortable and walk away from the institutions that hate us and to the institutions that respect us, they will always win.

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Back in December 2020 I called it the "Vaccine Saviour" Narrative. Little did I realise how long this one would run and run. It seems to be a most egregious case of life fraudulently imitating art.

Something happened back then in a few very short weeks - screeching handbrake turns post US election result.

My take: "History is full of beliefs that turned out to be 100% false, despite their prevailing narratives being untouchable shibboleths at the time. Those that spoke out could expect severe punishment – and many a heretic has suffered a fiery end, despite being on the right side of history. Throughout such episodes, many nice people put aside raging cognitive dissonance and clung – firmly, though incorrectly – to their belief systems". https://alexstarling77.substack.com/p/tina-turned

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I am going to be sick...

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They can start showing everyone what "faith in the vaccine" looks like by standing behind their product 100% and ending the emergency use authorization for it.

Show the world that you stand behind your product by putting out an official tested product that you are willing to risk lawsuits for death and injuries over because you believe in it so much.

Until then, BUGGER OFF.

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Still trying to get used to the overt in our face open genocide taking place. I knew they were killing people for years but never imagined that when these monsters went LIVE that it would be so fucking obvious. All hail the stupid and the gullible....NOT.

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We'll, at least they're not hiding it anymore.

If it was actually scientific they wouldn't need to have faith..

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It gives us every right and the necessity of throwing the medical industrial baby out with the bathwater. Once we see that where something leads is to pure evil we can categorically deny any common sense to it.

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