My heart breaks a hundred times a day witnessing the horrific, traumatizing, and immediate effects of these "pandemic" "measures on children. Despite what some people pass off as the results of "unprepared, stupid politicians," this is planned, organized, and expected (not by the average government worker, but by the higher-up Pavolvian lapdogs of the controlling elite: I'm looking at you, Nuisance in California.)

Jordan is right again: The pro-lockdown/social-distancing/mask-wearing camp is responsible for mainstreaming its fear-porn propaganda to everyday folks. But people still need to step outside their tv-watching, social-media-addicted, politician-worshiping mentality and think critically about these "measures."

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You are absolutely right. I find it’s a very very selfish cohort (dare I suggest, largely upper middle class baby-boomers!) that has imposed this lockdown. Fear and short-sighted selfishness. It’s tragic in a very insidious way - and on a scale that’s hard to comprehend.

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These are dark hearted monsters who will hurt children, kill our economy, and run our country into the ground to promote a political agenda that seeks more and more control over us. We need to stand up to these tyrants before we all wind up crazy, broke, slaves with no real freedom. Enough I say.

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This article is a great summary of what we have put our children through. However, as a watcher of language, I found especially gratifying your point about the media's blaming the pandemic rather than blaming our *reaction* to the pandemic, our policies. We forget that every ill consequence we've seen--lost businesses, lost time with loved ones, loved ones dying alone, an increasingly isolated and mentally dysfunctional population, increased mental health issues, lost income, people dying due to lack of medical care for issues other than COVID, the hysteria--all this can be blamed on people, and a particular set of people at that. But it can also be blamed on us, the population in general, for not exercising our own judgment to counter the less than altruistically motivated edicts of these people. But the media continues to blame the "pandemic" as if the "pandemic" somehow made us do all this. It didn't. We have led normal lives through far worse. If anything it's human weakness in general that has gotten us here, not some virus.

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What is the mental health issues rate for homeschooled kids?

That's the only data we might, might have to compare COVID from home.

Schools especially mass mandatory schooling is a recent development.

It is possible that for some children schools are the only beacon of order and sanity, a refuge from home. Possible.

Otherwise Drama, and their mothers being hysterical now that they have to spend time with their kids.

The Horror!

The Horror !

Sure the lockdowns are wrong and repressive, but that's the point of the lockdowns: Repress us, harm us. We go along easy enough, but the Dems can't be blamed for our weakness.

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Why I chose to homeschool this year. Best decision ever.

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"“The pandemic” is not responsible for inhumane action."

Of course NOT... degenerate uman animals are.

That child in the last image is a parent-less one!

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