Rand Paul laid waste to that highly paid liar. No more of this nonsense, it is time for massive civil disobedience on many fronts including this one. Fauci was trying to scare us back into submission with the variant boogeyman. Jordan is right, this scam is played out.

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Mask mania, in review: A mask is not necessary (Fauci), masks don't work, then a mask is for people who might have it, to not spread it, then masks help people not get it, then two masks are recommended, then when you have had it or have been vax'd you don't need a mask, then you do still need to wear a mask and maybe two. Masks are useless for kids under 11, then kids should be wearing them. Toddlers don't need masks. Toddlers should wear masks. States who did not mandate had no worse numbers than Nazi states. Nazi states did all the mandates and lock downs and are worse off. Geez no wonder people's heads are spinning. What's the mask flavor for tomorrow? I will stick with scientists and experts who did NOT jump to conclusions and go wishy washy and after a solid year know more than the guessers like Fauci. Squirrel, but doesn't that pic of Fauci look like Macaulay Culkin in the Home Alone movie?

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Sadly, and regrettably, far too many people drank the koolaid, and a great many of them can't believe they could have been duped so thoroughly. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful force in most people's lives, and for good reason. It helps make life in otherwise intolerable situations far more tolerable. But, it keeps them from questioning authority.

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They got rid of Tribune Trump and installed one party rule, enriching themselves by trillions while destroying small businesses. The Military leaders grovel at their feet.

They don’t need COVID now.

Rational arguments can argue with the above.

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Why have a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.++% recovery rate? Does anyone have a logical progression of thought to answer this question?

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There need to be MASS arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations/executions of the traitors, liars and predators that have perpetuated the hoax!

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Hey kids... this is what your boy was tweeting a year ago today "cases are stabilizing and will be gone by the end of the month"

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the weirdest thing I have seen is this politicizing of safety precautions. Its absurd, no one is asking anyone to pay money or tolls, no fees...just be careful and wear a mask! In Asia they wear masks to stop others from getting a cold they have, and yet in America that is tyranny? Soooo crazy! Of all the other safety precautions no one challenges people challenge ones that are the least intrusive. the seven eleven store says you cant come in without a shirt or shoes---no one says that is tyranny, they say wear a seatbelt for safety---no one says tyranny, mandatory vaccinations for kids to go to public schools--no one says tyranny. you cant drive without some kind of liability insurance--no one says tyranny? It seems like People just want to push back just to push back. this is happening world wide, covid is just not in one country. All this sheep calling and the real sheep are people that listen to dissent and just fall in line to the detriment of their own safety. its very easy to not wear a mask or get a vaccine and let others take risks and sit back and whine and complain. The real reason for all this dissent is laziness and ignorance. The "non sheep" are just tired of taking precautions, they cant hang on so to make themselves feel better they created this false narrative about tyranny that is so flimsy. you dont know what real tyranny is

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The one problem is that when the vaccine escaped mutations start spreading and killing people because wimpy Doctors won’t provide any treatment the lockdowns will come back. Dr Bossche is correct. There is a three part series of him and Dr McColough on YouTube that explains the problem and Episode 208 at The Highwire that destroys this “Controlled Opposition” interloper sent by Gates and Fauchi because their narrative is falling apart.

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Witty writing, clever insight and thoughtful perspective. I quoted you here: https://muchadoaboutcorona.ca/incredible-hulk-variants/#hl

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One of the Top Virologists in the world sent warning letter to his peers and created this video.

If you watch nothing else - watch this video from 38:00 to 45:00 - 7 minutes that will probably save your life - WOW!!!


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Or mass fear & insecurities being brought on by the impending "Death Boom"?

The "Baby Boom" began around 1946, with increases in birth rates of ~25%.

Given a contemporary average life expectancy of roughly 72-78 yrs, the subsequent Death Boom, large increases in death rates resulting from that Baby Boom, is now descending upon us.

I've a feeling the recent hysteria we're witnessing regarding illness & deaths is actually being underlined & driven by the fear & insecurities of that pending Death Boom.

Fear of loss, aka Death Anxiety.

Those aging Boomers, whom are now sitting in political offices, sitting on Corporate Boards, Directing Governmental & NGO Agencies, sitting on or influencing mefia Editorial Boards, and otherwise influencing and/or controlling public policy, are perhaps looking to do most anything to eek out a few more years.

Even the Flu posses a possible death sentence to those advanced-aged persons.

From Anthony Fauci, to Bill Gates, to Trump & Biden, and far beyond, most of those making or directing public health policies are in, or quite close to that Boomer generation.

That Boomer generation has also widely been termed the "Me" generation.

Self-involved qualities.

Self-sacrifice was displaced by self-fulfillment.

The whole are expected to cater to the desires of the one, the "me".

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February 26, 2021

CDC: 1265 DEAD 25,212 Injuries Following Experimental COVID mRNA “Vaccines”

The CDC added more data yesterday into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.


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