Our NSS is to commit seppuku through DIE and ESG, while flying the trans flag at our embassies and escalating towards nuclear war. No wonder why the world hates us. The swamp is by far the greatest threat to peace.

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#1—Russia and China need defeated to progress the climate hoax, Russia particularly needs broken up because, well, there are certain people who stay up at night figuring out ways to destroy Russia. The hatred is very deep. The Neocons think the American system is the only system and war is the only way of changing minds. Have they ever looked into history and the prior results of attacking Russia? I doubt it. Both Alexander and Hitler learned the hard way. Ukraine, BTW is flat and the route all armies of the past attacked Russia. The dots start connecting, don't they.

#2—Those in DC are control freaks, just as the great reset people. They admire China's social credit system and wish to copy it in the west. That is what this message is, from the idiots. The people behind Biden are gay, trans, neocons, and great reset control freaks. It's communism Act 2.

The first attempt at communism came at the heals of serfdom. People looked at the idea of communism, or socialism, at least on paper, as a good thing. They were hungry, poor, with nothing to own for themselves. Socialism/communism looked pretty good.

Today it is completely opposite. People are at the peak of owning, wealth, fat and happy. Communism will have zero appeal and any attempt to force that system will be met with extreme violence. The managers of the great reset realize this, so what is done to move people to a socialist system? Make a virus, make everyone wear a mask, lock everyone down.

The reason governments are also lining up with the great reset is because their days of borrowing money are over. The Keynesian days of easy money are finished. We will soon see massive sovereign defaults. Governments can hide the fact that they are defaulting by adopting a new system where everyone owns nothing, you have no debt. They make it sound that this is for our benefit, when in reality this is all masking the largest sovereign default in history.

There are many moving parts to our current situation. There are different interest converging as one. It is a perfect storm for civil war earth-wide, or WW3. I don't know which, maybe both.

"May you live in interesting times" is turning out to be a curse just as the Chinese proverb intended.

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Just as they did here in what was once Portland when Katz handed the keys to the city to


Since then, it has been downhill all the way

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So, more bullshit from the Biden Admin, roger that.

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I thought half of it might be about MAGA.

This stood out to me though, as the pure BS of the authoritarian impulse and seeing everybody but themselves as the enemy:

"We are reaffirming the rights to free

speech, a free press, peaceful assembly, and other core civil liberties. And at the same time, we

are standing up to threats to our democracy such as domestic terrorism by implementing our

nation’s first-ever National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism and tackling head-on

global forces like weaponized corruption, information manipulation operations, political

interference, and attacks on the rule of law, including in elections. America will not tolerate

foreign interference in our elections. We will act decisively to defend, and deter disruptions to

our democratic processes, and we will respond to future interference using all appropriate tools

of national power.

Using Diplomacy to Build the Strongest Possible Coalitions

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This Democratic Socialists who are actually Fascists and Marxists are so desperate to cover up their 100 plus year "collusion" with the Communist Worldwide Revolution they will print anything, say anything, do anything, to cover up the truth.

"The thing you need to know about nuclear war is that (1) its preparatory stage begins when Russia’s communist surrogates in Washington find themselves in an untenable position; (2) when Heaven and Earth must be moved to hide the alliance between the Fifth Columnists and their Russian sponsors through an outrageous diversionary campaign; (3) when this effort fails once and finally war becomes unavoidable. " --JR Nyquist.


Commentary for 16 October 2016


Folks are about to find out Jeff was right about even more stuff than Alex Jones. -Edwin

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You know, America. If you really don't want to lead the free world anymore just say it.

Reading that I was all like Krusty after he watched that commie cartoon.

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These clowns are stumbling and flailing about till their demise, then they fall.

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All according to plan for Bidens puppet masters. Just bring it all down baby. We have to take our country back.

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Is “inclusion” synonymous with assimilation, like the Borg collective from Star Trek?

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Except I ain't included.

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Somewhere, Samantha Powers is smiling down on us. Milking that soft power...

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Amazing but not surprising

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The left is engaged in an ongoing public demoralization effort. On every issue, they choose the way that is destructive and nonsensical and shockingly wrong. Multi-culturalism was the worst idea ever to infiltrate public thought. People originally accepted it as simply meaning there should be tolerance of those from differing backgrounds, as they assimilate and adopt American ways. But it has been pushed far beyond that. And now “diversity” has become the enemy of the culture. E pluribus unum stands for assimilation, not a forced confederation of dissimilar, warring tribes.

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Total garbage from The Dummy. The ONLY security you have is to bypass government nonsense and trust yourself.

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Do they actually believe this nonsense, or have they completely lost touch with reality?

Who’s pulling the strings here: the administration or the security services? The NSA and the rest of the spooks can’t really believe this fairytale.

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