I noticed people who still suffer TDS are no longer enjoying the lockdown as much. So I hope they will let go of this lie since it will be harder to enforce.

The bureaucrats running this dystopia fear fest seem to have forgotten how humans think and feel. Though the behaviors of the Covid cult makes me question if they sacrificed their humanity. I don't call them sheep. Sheep are gentle, affectionate and warm blooded.

Zombies is a fitter description. Brainless but devoid of empathy, mindlessly devouring, and they make the rest of us wish they'd hurry up and get buried since they're dead for all practical purposes.

If a lot of them suffer so many phobias and mental problems so they never leave their homes again but isolate forever I say Good riddance!

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They already grabbed the power. The masses awakening is worth exactly 💩.

Forget any idea of the masses.

They are sheep.

Meanwhile power moves to despotically consolidate their position with “Fortified” democracy.

Really its cruel to awaken them, it would be like teaching sheep to read.

Quite serious.

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Has no one noticed the similarities between the Covid contrick19 and the Climate change contrick. They emanate from the very same source.

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It's too little too late. We've already given up our livelihoods and freedoms.

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Fauci has no shame and he should be ashamed. For me at this point in my life I have a higher chance of dying from a heart disease when I’m 50 based on my doctors numbers. She said I have a 10% chance of dying because of it. I said I have a 90% chance of not dying from it woman!!! I already had covid. Take off your muzzles slaves!!!

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If masks, distancing and washing hands worked then why does the US have the 8th worse COVID death rate per capita in the world? Only 7 countries have a higher death rate than the US. (see https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality).

Recall the FDA banned the use of HCQ in this country because there was no "gold standard" proof that it worked. Well, the data is in and countries that treated with HCQ have per capita death rates 20 to 30 times lower than the U.S. This data indicates the policies advocated by Dr. Fauci, et. al., resulted in the unnecessary deaths of more than 400,000 US citizens.

Why is the media silent on this? Never mind.

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A year ago, I never would have imagined this tidal wave of freedom sentiment we are experiencing now. All seemed lost. But now we are in a curious mix of mass psychosis and awakening. Let's hope the tide continues to turn. https://thefreethinker.substack.com/p/are-we-in-mass-psychosis-or-a-great?utm_source=url

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This is pathetic ... Who knows how much the numbers are hyped up , or just made up ...

It doesn't matter anyway , because with essential oils to prevent ( simply mix with water and spray in closed up areas ) , or if someone is actually sick , whether it's a flu ( actually more deadly ) or some Frankenstein lab variant , medicinal herbs will do just fine ( but I don't see hardly anybody

talking about it !!! )

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Keep listening folks...This Jordan guy predicted on March 20th, 2020 that covid would be "completely insignificant" and be gone by the end of the month... This guy is a fraud and con...hey but he entertains us!

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