As a veteran of six years with family member that have served for generations, I tend to agree with your assessment of our current military. One of the problems is the revolving door between DC, Media Corporations, and Defense Contractors. Making money and not serving seems to be the new priority with many in the upper echelons of the military.

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Good article, and the linked article by Indian Bronson is excellent too. Full disclosure: I am a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) with 26 years active duty service. I was a musician (drummer/percussionist) in the United States Air Force music program; 2 years with the 590th Air Force Band at McGuire AFB, New Jersey, and 24 years with the premier band, the United States Air Force Band in Washington, DC. Yes, Musician is a job description in the military. So is Graphic Artist and Photographer. Would I do it again? Absolutely! If I hadn't won an audition for a position with the premier band in Washington, DC, would I have still stayed in? More than likely. For me, the military was a good fit. Plus, I was making a living as a musician. That was my goal in life.

Granted, a military career is not for everyone. At the same time, as the military becomes more and more "woke," there is going to be an exodus from the services, that eventually will reach a point where the powers that be, are going to have to rethink the all volunteer force. Hello draft, and this time it will include women. Let's hope that it doesn't come to that.

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I am advising my 5 boys to stay away from the appalling embarrassment the US military has become. General Milley, the coward, epitomizes this. These boys have military, some very distinguished, on both sides of the family going back generations. It is a shame. I would much rather have them join the Russian military at this point. Better yet, the French Foreign Legion.

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It seems like only yesterday, the cops, FBI, etc. had gone woke but there was still the military to be depended on.

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As a professional military officer and veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm, the answer is "NO". For 20 years, these Ivy League Generals have lied to Americans and Congress in their "progress reports". Instead of reading CRT, Miley should have been reading Alexander the Great and the problems he had with Afghanistan. Captains and Sergeants win battles, Generals win wars. Where do we go to get our money back for the taxes we paid to the Generals to win a war? They have squandered the reputation of the best Army in history and they have worn it down. They should all be hauled before Congress to explain why they failed. As well, GW Bush should explain why he though "Nation Building" was a good idea. It hasn't worked since WWII and it is not what the Army is designed to do. No more sons or daughters to inept Generals. And none of my sons.

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I see your concern, we are in that dilemma with our. But there's a dangerous proposition in allowing the U.S. military to fall into the hands of one political side only. This is exactly what happened in Venezuela, and prior to that in Cuba (and every totalitarian regime). When this happens the military is purged from every member that doesn't go with the regime's politics (CRT, etc.), and eventually there's no military to defend the people. Mediocre political hacks are promoted to generals, and the rest if history.

It is up to people serving now in the military to do whatever is within their means to stop the military from being further politicized.

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I served 4 years in the Army 3 of them as an officer and Green Beret from 1965 to 1969 with a short tour in Nam in 67 before being wounded. I am very active in the various military associations and my answer to the question is ...

Ii would discourage anyone from joining any of the services today; they have been totally compromised, like most of the government.

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I can disagree with nothing you said, it's all true.

On the other hand...

The combat training is very valuable, combat experience invaluable.

It's also nice to have dangerous friends in a dangerous world, and a lawless land.

It's nice to have the official soldier status in a 3d world country, as opposed to none.

This is now a 3d world country, it will continue on this path for our lifetimes.

We certainly aren't citizens anymore, a soldier is a risky promotion, but better than nothing.

People become cops for the same reasons.

These are choices of the real world we live in, there are none without risk.

The risk of having power, or being powerless?

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The answer is No.

If your not familiar with Major General Smedley Butler, perhaps you should listen to the Corbett report episode on him. He is the "War is a Racket" author as well as the whistleblower from the 1930's on the fascist plan to overthrow the govt by using the military to train and place people to take control of the govt. They didn't succeed getting him to go along but somehow I feel they later found a General that did comply. If you want your kid to get some military training, have them volunteer for the state militia - the National Guard - instead.


Operation Northwoods, from the 1960's also reveals what the real military leadership is all about


And not to leave out the present craziness - do you want your kid to be pressured into being an "enhanced warfighter"? They could modify him/her to swim like a fish!


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Not gonna serve so woketopians can be free and do nothing for this country. Not gonna serve so elites kids don't have to. Not gonna have my sons doe for a country that hates patriots. Let them serve. No more thar ended with my 24 years. My family is done.

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It’s been this way, as mentioned about the industrial complex of the military; essentially lining pockets of insiders through government contracts, from replacing perfectly fine buildings on US bases, to building totally unnecessary ones overseas! From Vietnam, white boys have been slaves on the plantation of the wicked ruling class, being murdered Uriah style.

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The answer is “No”.

Not until the ideological woke corruption is addressed and removed from the officer ranks and the government exits from 5 eyes.

Probably have to fire half the Generals or more and take clearances. All military academies should have every instructors and. professors looked at and fired for any woke anti-American teachings.

The only thing our military should be focused on is winning actual war. Been a long time since WWII…

Why would anybody want to serve under a regime who is literally going after their loved ones for disagreeing with woke anti-American ideologues bent on destroying everything good that is America?

Wait till the VA payouts start happening for injuries caused from vax. No known long term testing results for the EUA vax for a disease that kills less than 1 percent . We have Galaxy Brain leaders…

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The US Army are Controlled by Treasonous Generals

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You exposed where the problem lies. "Our 21st century military and political leadership class in D.C. represents arguably the most corrupt and deceitful Pentagon and White House in our history. There are no signs that things are getting better. In fact, all the signals point to continuing decline."

The people that are voted into power don't intend to honour their Oaths of office. They have no scruples and will sell their souls to the highest bidder. The senators seem to be an example of the worst kind of people that are elected for Congress. They are liars and connivers. This is where the rot is and it flows downhill.

The House of Representatives are as corrupt we see this from how the election laws are manipulated and fraud is openly practiced. We saw this in the last election with the blatant election fraud.

Look at Bidens statement admitting the problem when Biden said in a video posted to social media that his team has created “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Even the highest court seems to allow this to persist. All the indications are there that there was wide scale skulduggery and fraud when one looks at the numbers and the evidence coming out in various investigations. The democrats are doing everything to stop the audits. If they felt they won why are they protesting the audits. Common sense and logic says that they would welcome it.

As an outsider I am so disappointed in the US that seemed to be the bastion of a true democratic republic only to be exposed as being at the same level as a banana republic.

The citizens need to continue volunteering and any attempt to disarm the citizens must be stopped at all levels.

Patriots are essential.

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During the Clinton administration I saw, and wrote about it, the beginning of the change that we now see happening. After 9/11 and with the patriot act what I saw was then was the final stages of the elimination of the Constitution and the republic. Fortunately, my academic and work experience in the energy field allowed me to see through the climate change narrative that was being pushed on world wide through the IPCC. So after meting with a world class physicist that I knew he showed me the physics of what keeps the earth at the right temperature for life. Based on his input I developed a a climate model that was very actuate at predicting the global temperature until the Obama administration wanted to join the Paris Climate Accords. Then all of a sodden the temperature jumped up; mostly by making the past colder. At that point I knew the system was rigged.

Since I already had bad thoughts about the government from Vietnam and my detailed after action study of the war in the 1990's --- this "Fake" climate change that was now being pushed was just another nail in the coffin that Biden is putt that last nails in now. So if we are going to stop this "change" it is not going to be from the military the officer core is totally corrupt today. The problem stemmed from getting rid of the draft as that reacted a professional army not a citizens army. For example, I belong to the Special Forces Association and now and then we get a active duty Green Beret to give us an update (not classified). After one of these briefings I was talking to the lieutenant colonel that gave the presentation. This was about 10 years ago and I was concerned about all the wounded vets coming back from what seemed to be wars with no strategic purpose. So I asked him what he thought about the current wars. His answer was "I don't care I just want to practice my art."

So my answer to should you have you son join the military is --- if you do will he come back wanting to practice his art? But not caring about "why" he is practicing his art?

Now with Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in the military I would never suggest that my son should join the military.

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I understand all the rah rah for abandoning Afghanistan as a "nation-building" failure, but I don't think that was ever the best reason for being there. The best reason for being there was forward basing. An ancillary good reason was live-fire training exercises. The military can't sit home training for the last war. They have to have skills for the physical part of the next war, which is more likely than not going to be with China.

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