As governor, DeSantis continues to strike me not as a brilliant strategist, but rather a sensible guy who makes sensible decisions. Not a lot of fanfare, just solid pragmatism. Basically, the opposite of a career politician.

I moved to FL from NY partially because of that. Would he make an excellent president? Probably, though I doubt he'll be allowed to get that far. (And where would that leave FL? she says selfishly... :-)

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Well said!

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DeSantis , if political terminology was literal, would fit the definitions of progressive, independent and constitutional. If there was a political category attributed to pragmatism, it would be deigned DeSantism. If “ We The People” were on the upside of the evolutionary scale, the 90% of our brain’s critical thinking capacity might have reached 50% the 50% mark as opposed to 10% and declining.

DeSantis is one of very few in the corrupt , toxic and no longer tenable duplicitous two party system who asks questions, listens to concerns and ideas encompassing the entirety of Florida’s constituency . He weighs the input, thoroughly researches the issues before making decisions. DeSantis is not a lockstep ideologue. And unlike Trump, DeSantis is disciplined. He’s direct and bold, but not impulsive or distracted.

DeSantis would have opted for Barbara Lagoa vs ACB. A much less controversial, divisive SCOTUS appointment. Fauci would have been extinct. DeSantis chose Dr. Joseph Ladapo as Florida’s Surgeon General. Imagine what a DeSantis presidential cabinet would look like. Who would hold key positions?

DeSantis is the ONLY seated politician to openly name the WEF Great Reset, ESG, Fauci, Bill Gates, Soros, Schwab and take action. Disney, NFL, Zelenskyy…

If he doesn’t go any farther caving to the fundamentalist anti-abortion extremists and focuses on the broader common sense center norm and expose the vileness threatening America collectively, America wins.

As per the GOP and “ Conservatism”, instead of constantly whining of the unfair bias( which is obvious), perhaps the better placed focus would be why.

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Through a partnership with FDEM and FDOH, Publix is receiving 15,000 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to launch a new pilot program at 22 select Publix Supermarkets, beginning Friday, January 8. Appointments can be made beginning Thursday, January 7.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to increase vaccinations and put Florida’s seniors first, I’m pleased to announce this innovative partnership with Publix,” said Governor DeSantis. “At the end of the day, we are all in this together, and the state of Florida thanks Publix for their willingness to step up and lend their infrastructure to this critical cause.”


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Your precious Ron would have faced the same headwinds that Trump faced. The media lies and hates anyone who isn't a leftist. Remember how they loved McCain...until he ran for president?

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McShitstain was a Soros owned monster

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Of course DeSantis will face headwinds, though not the “same” ones. Trump riled up the Leftist media with mean tweets but then went ahead and implemented the Left’s agenda through massive omnibus spending and the “First Step Act”.

DeSantis has gotten a lot of flack from the media already but it has been over POLICY, not meaningless “owning the Libs” rhetoric. So the headwinds will be over substance not personality and ego.

Trump’s single biggest failure (outside of Fauci and Birx) was riling up the Left for no reason at all. I mean, if you’re going to do that, how about also getting something done? Otherwise, it’s a wasted opportunity, which is why Trump’s tenure was a disaster. He left no conservative legacy at all.

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Feb 21, 2023Liked by Jordan Schachtel

Common sense. What a concept. Wonder how it would play in the DC cesspool?

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Excellent and very encouraging writeup. We need some fresh perspective if we want anything to improve.

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Thank you!

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DeSantis is correct about one thing—Putin is not only a dumbass but now he’s Xi’s gimp! The notion we are giving Ukraine a “blank check” when their best and brightest are dying for something they believe in is absurd. Afghanistan had a “blank check” as Bush and the Deep State sent our best and brightest to fight on their behalf while they would rather try to hitch a ride on plane wheel than fight the Taliban!!

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"dumbass" ??? He governs the largest landmass in Europe and 146,000,000 and nuclear weapon arsenal. He rose to the top among a very, very intense competiton.

How many countries do you govern? Do not underestimate the enemy!

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I’m an American—George W Bush was a total dumbass and Cheney was too!

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they were complicit criminals, not dumbasses. the us public that believes what the msm spews are the dumbasses.

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You appear to be an expert on dumbasses.

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You got me laughing with that one!

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Dumbasses succeed because Americans have been dumbing down for decades

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Those guys were far from dumb. They may have been ideological neocons but then, they are from a generation that truly believed in the notion of spreading democracy to make the world safer. Maybe Bush’s foreign policies did that, maybe they didn’t. No way to know for sure. We now know this is not the way forward.

What we do know is that on policy, DeSantis is more conservative than Bush and Bush was more conservative than Trump.

Again, though we don’t know what DeSantis would have done had he been president starting in 2017 but I’m fairly confident that he would have exited Afghanistan almost immediately whereas Trump never did.

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Feb 22, 2023·edited Feb 22, 2023

Which sounds more like a "blank check" from the USA?

Afghanistan: The USA paid the money and the USA called the shots.

Ukraine: The USA pay the money and Ukraine calls the shots.

The meaning of checks involves payment in money, not blood.

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But Ukraine bears the costs…America is making out like a bandit with this war with LNG exports and NATO arms sales.

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For now...

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It's a distinction without a difference.

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I am not sure that Ukraine is calling shots in Ukraine. More than 100,000 killed and about 12,000,000 refugees. Ukraine is paying high price for this war.

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As a Florida resident I am thrilled with DeSantis as governor. I like his courage and common sense and his defense of parents and individual rights. However it is clear to me, given the historical record concerning Nuland, McCain, Kerry and others actions in 2014 and the promises made by Baker and Bush 41 20+ years ago that Russia holds the moral high ground in the present situation in Ukraine. DeSantis was right about China being the greater threat. I hope he stays in Tallahassee for the full term. The federal government is beyond saving IMO.

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McStain is a vile human being…and Putin the dumbass gave him a win from the grave. I didn’t support NATO expansion but now that Putin has invaded a sovereign nation he has made NATO relevant again!?! I now hate Putin for making me say this—McStain was right about something…I will never forgive Putin!!

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Not buying the DeSantis performance. He's where he is because he proved his loyalty to the Satanic cult that runs DC and New York by serving as the lead JAG officer providing 'legal' cover for the endless and blatantly-illegal torture of political prisoners at Guantanamo. He's committed to doing anything, no matter how evil, un-Constitutional, and un-American, for his masters. Sorry for speaking truth, but anyone who supports him is supporting the criminal ruling cabal and tyranny.

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you are over the target. desantis has not stopped the bioweapon and he has desantis hidden military background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFonj6o0fTI&t=69s

hair stands up when i hear him speak and see him. he is not what he is pretending to be, unfortunately.

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Not buying it either. Not all all. Agree with you on the JAG position. Also, looking at his overall background, it looks too perfect, like power behind the scenes has been positioning him. I have had a bad feeling about him ever since he first ran for Gov of FL. He was on with Laura Ingraham and she seemed very concerned about poll numbers (which I know are rigged) and was questioning him about his ground game. And he seemed way too confident and it definitely gave me the impression (concern) that he's in somebody's powerful pocket and they already told him it was in the bag and not to worry. Obviously it was good that he won (that black guy was a drug addict), but I still had concerns that he was already chosen by the power brokers who run this country. Also, DeSantis was in a secret society at Yale, though that has since been scrubbed from his wikipedia entry. Never be sorry for speaking the truth--if more people were speaking the truth decades ago, we would not be on the brink of destruction as we are now with the bankers/WEF ushering in the Great Reset, the dollar being set up for collapse (to get us on their CBDCs) and America and the American people being set up for destruction in WW3, which is being orchestrated right now.

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Yep, his background starting at Yale, the college founded by and for the British royalty-connected families and primary CIA recruiting ground, is another clear indicator that he's been groomed.

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Yes, exactly, that's the phrase I was looking for! Groomed, he's been groomed by TPTB. It's so obvious.

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I agree that DeSantis holding his first cabinet meeting in Israel is problematic, but otherwise I disagree with your analysis that he represents the Satanic elements in today’s situation. He is no JFK, but he at least is attacking the crooks that brought us the Plandemic. FYI the role of JAG officers in our Global War Of Terror was minuscule.

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No, the role of JAG was not miniscule; it was key. The role of JAG, and DeSantis in particular, was to make sure that nobody in government who was honest and trying to uphold the Constitution and the law could do anything to stop the horror of Guantanamo. Providing the fake, illegitimate legal cover was critical to the whole operation. Not only that, but DeSantis in-person witnessed and even participated in the torture.

And FYI, Israel is the home lair of the Satanic elements that have taken over our country. By holding his first cabinet meeting in Israel, DeSantis was flaunting who he represents.

And he's doing absolutely nothing resembling "attacking the crooks that brought us the Plandemic". He's actually providing cover for them by pretending to be protecting people while doing nothing meaningful.

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What other governor in the country has convened a GJ to investigate the shots? None is the answer. To me his actions do not sound Satanic. More, I know there are a few good men and women in Israel. They may be minorities just like in DC, but they do exist. Pardon my skepticism, and you might be correct, but I need some proof regarding your claims of DeSantis involvement at Gilmore. Many generate false claims about the man. It’s possible he is aligned with the Deep State, but I’m skeptical.

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You should know by now that everything in the mainstream press is propaganda, so if you want to find out who DeSantis really is you'll have to actually look past that. And there's plenty of info if you want to find it.




And convening a grand jury is nothing but a show for the naive public. A grand jury is totally dependent on what the assigned prosecutor wants to show them, so if the prosecutor is a cabal insider then the grand jury will find exactly what the cabal wants them to find. It's a convenient way to whitewash any crimes.

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I read the various articles and watched the video for a few minutes. It all appeared to be standard political hatchet jobs to some degree. Hints and allegations and things unsaid, like how long he was actually there. Having served in the Army in Viet Nam and doing rotating duty as ‘defense’ attorney with JAG officers, I don’t see the story detailed enough to offset its political heritage. Thank you for not linking to Wikipedia or Google.

Because it’s politics and name assassination, and having numerous Democrat friends who constantly make false and emotional claims about “Don’t Say Gay”, reading those stories remind me of those angry encounters here at home.

I read Zimbardo’s book about Abu Ghraib years ago, and there were no lawyers involved in the torture, just superior officers and criminal shrinks. I don’t find your claims to be persuasive.

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I had no intention of being "persuasive" or shouldering your responsibility to find truth. There's plenty of other sources that back up what I've shared. What you're really saying is that you choose to not look, as you're content with your beliefs. That's exactly why the US is being destroyed right before our eyes.

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Gitmo was a total joke—we degraded Al Qaida by December 2001 and everything after that in the GWOT was just about getting Bush re-elected via rally round the flag effect.

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I have to assume David, that you prefer either Trump (who is way to the left of DeSantis) or Newsom (or whomever the Dems nominate).

You might want to clarify the reason for your bias against DeSantis.

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Didn’t DeSantis give the hospitals in Florida liability shields?

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Indeed he did, and he just extended the law last month. It protects not just hospitals, but nursing homes and any other 'health care facilities'. And it's worse than just liability protection, preventing families of those killed and injured people from being able to sue. The law mandates complete liability protection if the health care facility followed "government-issued health standards", which has the effect of insuring that hospitals continue following the CDC protocols that kill people, lest they lose their liability protection.


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DeSantis is governing the opposite of what the DC cabal prefers. If he gets in look to see them get behind Trump - which can be done in two ways, one obvious and one subtle.

TACTIC ONE will be to rile up the GOP base against DeSantis by slandering him as a neoconservative warmonger and loyal to the cabal. That’s a tough sell for all but the Trump fans.

TACTIC TWO will be to have prominent Leftists say they prefer DeSantis over Trump for the nomination (as Soros has already stated) which has a two pronged benefit.

a.) it makes DeSantis appear to be in the camp of the Leftist even though said Leftist didn’t actually endorse DeSantis but merely is stating their preference and

b.) it reminds Trumpworld that they should prepare for an independent run if DeSantis gets the nomination. This is what the Left really wants since they know that the Trump camp will vote for Trump if he runs Indy and conservatives vote DeSantis as the nominee. This guarantees a President Biden or Newsom, two guys who have no hope against DeSantis.

Personally I think the Leftists really want Trump as the nominee because he’s easy to beat in a general election but their backup plan, as telegraphed by Soros, is to get Trump to run as an independent.

Trump has already proven his value to the Deep State and their associated puppet-masters.

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The leftist cabal overtaking this country first started in the education system and spread from there. They want total control of school boards, teachers, and school admins. To turn this around, conservatives need to take back school boards, something we know (from the FBI and DoJ effort to label parents as “terrorists”), the Powers That Be do not want at all.

DeSantis’ effort to replace leftist board members is a very good Litmus test on where he is at, politically.

For example:


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I can’t believe people are falling for another liar. How dumb can people be? Do some research on his history. Especially at GITMO. This guy is just another Trojan horse like Trump the self proclaimed SNAKE.

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His best buddy is Laxalt who is neocon royalty and worked for John Bolton. Mark Levin was his big backer in the Republican primary and Levin is a huge neocon warmonger.

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Totally agree!!!

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People want to see a conservative elected to the White House rather than get another 4 years of a Democrat.

Nobody is going to care about his JAG history when they go into the voting booth - and they shouldn’t. They should judge him based on his current policy prescriptions and successes as a governor (or in the case of Trump, as a president).

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Fools just can’t see the truth. They are ALL THE SAME. Bought and paid for. Nobody will save us except US. And nobody wants to go to jail or risk their comfort by fighting back.

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DeSantis appears level-headed in regard to foreign affairs and far superior to Trump on how to handle the Covid tyranny!

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Refreshing to see any semblance of common sense in American politics currently. I find DeSantis interesting. His visit to Ohio is a very good and compassionate move. We have so many problems now to solve and only precise and intelligent common sense has a chance.

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Feb 21, 2023·edited Feb 21, 2023

Sorry. “But he Don’t impress me much”. Lol.

We have to agree to disagree because...

Mr TPP voting record has rino written all over it. I don’t find him genuine yet and find him too whiny. Lol. He needs more experience.

He didn’t remove the cheating election electronics from Florida so that says Rino.

Mr TPP is Bush 3.0.= more China, more wars, and more amnesty.

There is already a corporate, pro China globalist in the White House. Don’t need another.

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Yup, Mr. TPP is another Bushy. Also, I posted a comment below about law DeSantis signed two years ago (current FL law) and it's definitely NOT medical freedom. Here's a snippet from my comment (this is not my info--it's from a comment I found on Sasha Latypova's substack today about FLs Surgeon General:

This bill passed just 2 years ago, is current Florida law, and DeSantis signed it.


From pg 38&39:

4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.

The plain text of this law allows the state health authorities to do whatever they want to you for whatever reason as long as it serves some vague public good. If this isn’t Soviet level tyranny, I really don’t know what is then.

And this is supposed to be the freest state in the union? Yikes.

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Thanks for the reminder. Passage of that bill was actually the red flag that got me to look into his background. It couldn't have been any more obvious that he's doing the opposite of what he's saying, and serving the criminal cabal by laying the legal groundwork for complete tyranny (probably to be imposed after he leaves office and moves to DC).

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Yup, he signed that law and yet campaigning for President while doing a tour for his book "The Courage to be Free"--LOL!!! What a snake!!

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No Republican can win the nomination without Florida and no Republican can win Florida without Palm Beach County. Club 45 is aligned with leadership of Palm Beach County Republican Party, in particular, Joe Budd Linda Stoch Sue and Larry Snowden. Rank and file Party activists are 100% Trump

Trump describes ‘common sense agenda’ to supporters‘2024 election is our one chance to save our country,’ former president says

The visit from the former president was hosted by Club 45, the nonprofit aimed at supporting the former president’s re-election campaign. After Monday’s speech, the organization officially changed its name to Club 47.


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Adding to my first post here (because for some reason I can't edit my original post), DeSantis' background gets even more dark after providing legal cover for the torture at Guantanamo.

He then was assigned as the JAG officer working directly for the commander of the Special Operations Task Force in Iraq that was part of the siege and complete annihilation of the city of Fallujah.

Prior to the US invasion of Iraq, Fallujah was a thriving city of 300,000 on the Euphrates river, and one of the oldest continuously-populated cities on the planet. Known as the "city of mosques", it was a treasure of Middle-East ancient culture. And it became the center of resistance to the illegal and brutal US occupation, so it was completely annihilated. The story of fighting ISIS was just that; a cover story to justify wiping out an entire city because the people wouldn't lay down for a band of invading murderers.

The Special Operations Task Force that DeSantis directly provided legal cover for was in charge of the US, British, and Australian special forces units that were instrumental in wiping out Fallujah, including indiscriminate raids and rounding up of military-age men and killing anyone who resisted. Torture of those who were captured was widely reported by human rights groups.

Fallujah was turned into nothing but a pile of rubble by the US, becoming a 'city of the dead'. It's one of the greatest war crimes since WWII. And DeSantis is one of the war criminals, or at least would be if the US was the country its people pretend it is.

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OMG!! Thank you so much for your posts. I haven't had as much time to do digging. Thank you for the info on his background, which is as I expected it would be. I'm copying and sharing. Thanks again!!

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1. It was not ISIS, it was AQ in Iraq.

2. You left out that there were two Fallujah battles. The first one ended and the US left. Then AQI moved in and started slaughtering the civilians in Fallujah. The US came back and wiped out AQI.

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1. That's a nonsense point. The US claimed that ISIS emerged from AQI and then they had a turf battle. Both groups are the same band of hired murderers that the US, Britain, and Israel have employed from 1980's Afghanistan all the way to present-day Syria and Iraq. Call them whatever name you like; it doesn't matter.

2. Yep, then AQI picked up the slaughter of civilians as they were trained & paid to do by the US, providing the excuse for the US to finish the complete annihilation of an ancient Sunni city. And no, the US did not wipe out AQI. Many of them were re-deployed to Syria.

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1. Wrong again. AQI and then later ISIS were ex-Iraqi military that were not allowed to reintegrate into Iraqi society. That was a foolish US decision. They were not employed by any Western nation.

2. Wiped them out in Fallujah. Remember that place?

2. So now that we have established you don't know what you are talking about and are just some disgruntled leftist, why don't you get smart before embarrassing yourself again.

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I can see you feel very secure with your programming from the Mockingbird media.

What got wiped out in Fallujah was the lives of 300,000 civilians. And it's millions of mass murder apologists like you who make it possible.

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The reality is that DeSantis governs as a freedom-first conservative while Trump governed as a Trump-first liberal.

It may very well come down to this choice.

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That may be your "reality", but it's based on the superficial, media-generated public image that has no basis in objective reality. Just the legislation he's passed that's mentioned in this discussion contravenes your statement. Same as Trump, what DeSantis is saying and what he's doing are opposites, and the media has covered for both of them.

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I have to vigorously disagree with this take David. Feel free to back up your opinion. I will attempt to back up mine.

Enduring, measurable policy outcomes are the key metric here. Not rallies, not mean tweets, not insults about his opponents.

Policy Outcomes.


He pressured the RINO Florida legislature to pass a number of conservative bills including:

-Fines on social media companies that remove users

-Restricting mail in voting

-anti-riot legislation

-banning businesses, government, and schools from requiring vaccine passports

-ban on transgender athletes from competing in girls and womens sports

-$200 million in tax cuts for individual taxpayers and small businesses

-Cut leftist Nikki Fried's budget by $11 million

and a lot more I won't take the time to list here.

Just a quick sample of his executive orders included firing the Soros DA and his well-known push-back on Disney's hegemony in the state.


Accomplished only minor conservative legislation (rollback of Dodd Frank, and a few deregulatory bills - which was laudible but not hard with a GOP Congress). But indeed the big things he DID accomplish legislatively were well to the left:

- Funded Planned Parenthood

- sponsored and then signed the disastrous "First Step Act" anti-incarceration bill

- signed multiple omnibus bills passed with majority Dem votes and a minority of his own party's votes. Those spending bills were in direct contravention to Trump's promise to pay off the national debt. They were in fact, the largest spending measures in the nation's history up to that point - with the discretionary portion of the spending going to expand and enrich the deep state and leftist causes.

- Added Covid to be covered under Bush's PREP act giving Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability (https://lawandcrime.com/legal-analysis/this-law-says-youre-mostly-screwed-if-you-receive-bad-coronavirus-products-vaccines-or-treatments/)

-The pandemic response was leftist and authoritarian in its approach:

- declaring a national emergency (4 times)

- funding the states (CARES Act) allowing them to lock-down. No CARES = No Lockdowns

- approving the EUA for the clotshot

- pushing the clotshot production and rollout (Operation Warp Speed)

- Appointing Fauci and Birx to lead the Covid response

Indeed, if you look at the Trump White House archive website, it lists only a smattering of conservative legislation while mostly focusing on the economy, none of which was due to him signing any legislation but rather, putting an EO brake on Obama's expansion of the Dem agenda. The economy did improve, as one would expect it to with a president that stopped punishing business. But as we saw, that all changed when Biden came into power because Trump's policies were not enduring.

While this demonstrates the significant chasm between DeSantis and Trump on policy successes, that is not to say that I think Trump was all bad during his first 3 years. Certainly he was more liberal in what he accomplished than any other GOP president before him but his deregulation EOs and his lack of foreign adventurism beyond Afghanistan (a war he said he would end but then never did anything about) was a good thing. Certainly a departure from Bush and Obama.

So I ask Trump supporters this, Did Trump twist arms in Congress like DeSantis is with the FL legislature to get conservative things done? If so, I'd love to hear what those things were.

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I know there is a tiny group of perhaps a few hundred people which includes the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill gates, and others that comprise a ruling government of the world. They are identified by many names such as the Elites, Globalists, Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia, the Cabal, the Deep State, New World Order (NWO), and the Sinister Secret Government. They have been ruling the world for centuries if not millennia. Presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers, dictators, military, governments and others have been under the Cabal's thumb with threats of killing them, their loved ones and taking over their countries if the did not do their bidding. And they have ruled every country from the shadows. They rig elections, assassinate resisters and whistle-blowers and anyone who upsets their rule. Don't believe me? President Kennedy warned about the NWO in his speeches. Look up his speeches. I remember hearing one of them and was alarmed because he wasn't speaking about a threat from a specific country but from a group who sounded evil. This is the main reason he was assassinated. The Cabal has been very successful in keeping their identity secret and hidden but it won't be for long. Mainstream Media will not report on them but I have read about them in other news on the net. From what I understand, the Cabal has a very strong presence in Ukraine. Putin is tired of the Cabal trying to interfere in his business and his country and doesn't like sharing a border with the Cabal and Ukraine. Putin is destroying the secret labs in Ukraine that can produce epidemics with viruses as had happened with Covid, so the Cabal cannot use those labs again. Putin is also protecting Chernobyl so the Cabal doesn't use the radioactive materials there for a weapon. Many times Putin has said he did not cause destruction in many areas in Ukraine. Why would an aggressor claim that when the opposite would cause the world to see him as powerful? I might be wrong about what I think about Putin or the details but I'm not wrong about the Cabal. I bet the Cabal has been doing a lot of destruction in Ukraine so it looks like Putin's military is doing it.

"One of the things I did in my life is to fight against those who would seek to control the entire world, from behind the scenes. It is my great pleasure that you Lightworkers (now) are continuing this fight. I bow down to the wisdom that you are showing in this struggle."

Temüjin, whom you know as Genghis Khan (in Spirit)

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Scrolled to here, and you and Sandra seemed to have it pegged. Congratulations!

Americans seem to have little idea of Russia, its culture and history which reaches back well over a thousand years. One thing I can say having been in Russia in 1968 (a long time ago by the way!) and seeing video of Russian cities in the present day, is that the difference is night and day. The old grey pallor over Russia has lifted, replaced by a shining gleam. By contrast, and with fifty-five having gone by, the decaying United States looks more like the Russia of the Soviets as I saw it back in 1968. (I would have never thought that possible.)

I know that it was Yeltsin who tapped Putin to take over ... and I am sure that it was not Yeltsin's decision alone. Nonetheless, without going into it all, picking Putin to run Russia has proven to be a brilliant choice. Russia now has large gold reserves, built up industry, stores chocked full of consumer goods both food and dry, a rebuilt military including hypersonic missiles, sovereign debt at around twenty percent of GDP (and a lot of this was undertaken solely to build an internal bond market). If it weren't for Putin, it is doubtful Russia could have withstood sanctions. And not only that, now the ruble post-sanctioning is now seen as the most sound currency in the world. It is the mistake, and an all too facile agreement with the propaganda, that Russia is a second rate place, or weak or feeble. As to this, that chatter is on the level of balloon and space aliens. Just totally ridiculous.

I am not a Putin Puppet. The real puppets in the USA are The Narrative Puppets. But I give you this as a look into the modern Russia ... and specifically the pride Russians have in their Rodina (Motherland).


The letters on the side of the boats say Rosatom Fleet. Yes, Russia still has a flourishing nuclear industry. What do we have? Energy or food security? Or planned shortages and inflation ravaging your ability to plain survive? Russians don't want to go back to the Soviet era, but they are very proud of winning the Great Patriotic War and saving of the Motherland. Don't make more than that out of the imagery with all the Red Stars. Also, all those new skyscrapers. Not there back in 1968. None of it! And a total surprise to me. Russian call their national anthem a national hymn (гимн -- pronounced 'gimn') ... and the same word was used in the time of the Tsars. The tune is the same as the Soviets used words are now different. View and see if we have any of this patria spirit left in America. Maybe only in those who resist the Terror State ... but the rest are ironically 'internationalists.' Meaning Woke NWO.

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The banking cartel derives it's power from getting the power to issue national currencies (create/print them out of thin air) and loan them to governments at interest. Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is why they gave the issuing power to Congress. However, in 1913, the whores in Congress gave this power to the private bankers with the Federal Reserve Act. So, now our govt, and govts around the world are in debt to private bankers for money they could have printed themselves. For more info on the Federal Reserve and central bankers, watch:

Bill Still's The Money Masters (3 hours, but the best history lesson, it's the follow the money approach to history, you will understand how wars are created and orchestrated and who benefits.)

Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism (also about the banker takeover in 1913, including the illegal income tax)

Mike Rivero's All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Money As Debt (our current monetary system is a debt based system, it does not have to be this way, Lincoln found a way to break free of the bankers with his debt and interest free greenbacks and they blew his head off)

If The Money Masters is too long, then just watch F. William Engdahl's The Gods Of Money- How America was Hijacked on youtube (shorter version of the same history)

Or just read the quotes here:


Interesting info on Genghis Khan--I truly have no knowledge about him, so I don't know, but have always wondered what the story there was.

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Hi Sandra! Great references and thanks for posting. 911 changed my life. It just didn't look right. Well! It wasn't! Two airplane and seven buildings blown to smithereens somehow doesn't make for a good math equation!

I loved that Aaron Russo documentary, the one where he talks about Nick Rockefeller. I saw a good bit after my 911 research. Aaron Russo! What a great American and I am sure he is missed by lots of us.

God bless and take care.

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Hi Daverkb, Yes, 9/11 immediately did NOT look right to me either. Same for Dave McGowan (RIP, his site is centerforaninformedamerica--he did a post on 9/11 the day after, immediately knew it was a false flag, ended up dying from fast-acting cancer after calling out Boston Marathon Bombing as a hoax psyop)

Yes, Aaron Russo was a real hero!! And the documentary blew me away--I already knew about the Federal Reserve scam, but the income tax not being legal and 16th amendment not being ratified by an appropriate number of states was new info to me. Also, Aaron Russo was the one who warned that in the future the banksters wanted digital money and a chip in our hands as the money. Well turns out he was right--there's a quick video with Professor Richard Werner (economist), something like "Central banker end game in 3 minutes" and he says the same thing--the central bankers have RFID chips ready to go, they will turn us off if we speak out or dissent.

Also, fwiw, the best 9/11 documentary I've found (actually found it just a couple of years ago on Darren Beattie's twitter) is this one September 11: The New Pearl Harbor (Full Documentary) https://www.bitchute.com/video/Lp81hoFneM4z/ (5 hours, and totally destroys all aspects of the official narrative)

Yes, God bless and take care, and keep spreading the truth!! We are being set up for disaster (WW3 and the Great Reset)--IMO we need a new political party asap because both parties are controlled. We need a party that wants to end the Fed, get us out of the UN and the WHO, which is right now in the process of passing a pandemic treaty that amounts to a global coup (basically setting up a medical dictatorship over the world, but since we have no media, nobody knows).

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I don't know how it all will play out. It is not going to be all a perfect resolution. Nothing ever is.

The Walk-Away with the colossal Sanctioning miscalculation may help us more than anything else. Setting up a new monetary order based around the Asian hub (BRICS Plus), this may crack USD hegemony and at least bring price discovery back to reality. Another words, the US is going to find it harder to pay for things with Imaginary Funny Money. The US's greatest export, fake debt is now on life support. This may be a game changer.

I too would love to see the Cretin CBs get deep sixed. Marianas Trench is not deep enough.

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what's the truth about genghis khan? we know 'bout everything we've bee told/taught is a lie.

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Yes, once I woke up to 9/11, I started questioning everything. And so far, yup, everything has been a lie.

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Thank you for supplying links to additional information. L&L

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It took only a short time to 'feel/know' that it was Bush behind 911, not the Saudis. Also, actually, it was Senior Bush, first Bush president who was behind 911. He enlisted his son President Bush to go along with the ruse. The NESARA Bill was going to be voted on in one of the Towers on 9/11 which the Cabal could not let happen, nor many of the rich and powerful. Bush Sr. Planned 911 since he heard about NESARA, and he knew there was gold that he had to get out of the basement of (steal from) one of the Towers before they collapsed. Another world Trade Center building was deliberately razed (building 6?) to destroy paper evidence of some of this. It was made to look like a collapse caused by damage from the other Towers collapsing. I believe that all this will come out within a couple years.

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Thank you for the 'like. I don't know anything about Genghis Khan other than he ruled in Asia and he and his men traveled thousands of miles on horses during their campaigns. He was supposed to be brutal but a lot of history is exaggerated to make it interesting and seem scary. His quote while in spirit doesn't sound like it's coming from a psychopath but rather by someone who genuinely cared about his people. L&L

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For one, Genghis was a ruthless, no nonsense conquer. And very good at his job! You can take that to the bank.

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Thank you for supplying links to additional information. G'day 2U

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Where, Oh Where, Have Our Statemen/Diplomats Gone?


Paul E Vallely, MG US Army (Ret)

How many Americans realize the difference between our modern-day political leaders and diplomats and those great statesmen of the past? What has happened to the art of statesmanship in the West? This has been validated in the Biden and Obama administrations. We see total incompetence in our modern U.S. State Department officials and in Europe. This is apparent when we view the Ukraine-Russia conflict and relations with China and North Korea.

THIS FROM MY COAUTHOR OF Reality Prism. Essentially, we have NO professional diplomats, just corrupt bureaucrats. We are blundering forward into an unnecessary war -- possibly nuclear -- that serves no purpose. This is bad enough, but worse yet is that our dysfunctional policies are paving the way for an alliance between Russia and China that would be the most disastrous diplomatic blunder of recent times. Tucker Carlson has started reporting on this coming disaster.


It's bad enough for America to be involved in massive money laundering and weapons trafficking in Ukraine. It's bankrupting us. Russia is not our enemy, and Ukraine is not our friend.

We have disasters right here in America. Did Biden conspire to Nuke Palestine?


Please share and repost as widely as possible. THANK YOU.

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Gov DeSantis has employed the people who ran Sen Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign. They’ve orchestrated his entire public persona for a year. Of course he’s running for President. I love the way he governs Florida, but don’t think he could handle the Presidential Campaign. Like the Cruz campaign, he’ll crash and burn.

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It is exciting that his pragmatism extends past just covid policies. The one question people have about Desantis is whether he would cave to the Uniparty Republicans. I think he is beginning to show that he won't and is capable of leading his own agenda.

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