The military will only have sheep that follow the herd.

Mission Accomplished.

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Elections (especially fraudulent ones) have consequences....

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Sep 6, 2022Liked by Jordan Schachtel

I served almost 35 years on active duty, and I never saw anything as criminally negligent as this done to military personnel. At worst, we were required to attend different kinds of "sensitivity" training over the years, mostly dealing with race relations (pretty bad race riots in the early 70s). But for the services to require military personnel to put their lives at risk with an experimental injection simply is beyond belief. Why would officials risk combat readiness by injecting service members with an unapproved substance that had potentially crippling or fatal consequences? As with so many aspects of the fake pandemic, not only do we struggle with what was done to us, we also struggle with the very concept that someone could even consider doing something like this. Which is worse;; that evil people are out there trying to kill us, or that we let them get away with it without fighting back?

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Sep 6, 2022Liked by Jordan Schachtel

I have close family members currently on active duty. They all joined prior to the mandate. Today I would be unable, due to the mandate, to look a young person in the face and recommend that they join the armed forces. That deeply saddens me.

Thanks for keeping the DOD mandate issue front and center. Upgrading to paid. Appreciate any and all DOD mandate articles that help our brave men and women.

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SecDef Lloyd "Raytheon" Austin and General "White Rage" Milley have blood on their hands.

Did they get those orders from the communist Chinese?

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Sep 6, 2022·edited Sep 7, 2022Liked by Jordan Schachtel

Hi Jordon,

(sigh) Sounds sounds similar to the work-contracts of many foreigners working for Japanese institutions. In my case, I came to Japan in late 20's (1982), have been living and trying to make an academic career here continuously here for 40 years, and eventually was the only full-time, tenured native speaker of English working for the English Communication Department of a 120 year old Japanese College.

Although I signed the same contract as my Japanese colleagues, it soon became clear that I had different responsibilities and fewer rights (the equivalence of E1 buck private Gomer Pyle) than those colleagues ... terms which were not stipulated in that work contract.

When asked, I was told by the Department Chair that my position was subject to a separate 'secret contract', which only I was not allowed to see. When I went to the top and asked the Dean of the College, he told me there was no such separate contract, and that by Japanese labor law, I had the same rights and responsibilities as my Japanese colleagues as per signed contract. I relayed this information to my Department Chair, who promptly contradicted the Dean's information under the excuse that I was hired when the school was under the management of a different Dean. When I asked the two for a joint meeting to decide the matter, the two refused to meet, thus making me the ass-end of a 'divide and control' strategy.

The in-house 'teachers union' included the same two administrators — the Department Chairman who claimed I was obliged to follow to a 'secret contract', and the Dean which claimed I was equal to Japanese colleagues under the signed work contract and Japanese labor law. They made it clear that the school's 'in-house union' would not take up my case. As with even some Japanese employees (particularly women, the unconnected, Japanese minorities (Ainu, Ryukyu islanders, Zainichi, Burakumin, the handicapped, etc.) in-house Japanese 'unions' are nothing more than another gamed form of their 'personnel departments' ... a legal cover for separating the 'wheat' from the 'disposable' chaff in the institutional hierarchy. A way of maintaining, if not furthering, a social caste system over here that is every bit as feudal as India's, just more discretely hidden. Just a guess, but the main difference between 'developed' and 'developing' nations can be summed up as how many layers of laws and bureaucracy are used to conceal the same brute hierarchies that can be found among chimpanzees or chickens. A damned pecking order, so deeply engrained in the conscious, that only the outcastes are aware of it.

The U.S. embassy and its executive-class, ex-pat ‘American Club’ are useless to the likes of me. I become a potential 'person of interest' to the U.S. government only so far as I am a potential cash cow for income earned and spent in Japan. My take on it? I think the founding fathers had already stated it quite clearly ... 'No taxation without representation'.

So with no help from the U.S. who identified me as a 'citizen' by passport only, I joined a Japanese labor union, the head lawyer being a Japanese educated in both the U.S. and Japan, and though young, he had represented foreigners in Japan n the past. He informed me that if I took my college to court for breach of Japanese labor law, I would likely win. BUT ... it would be a 'Pyrrhic Victory', as are most legal 'victories' in Japan when lone-wolf individuals challenge corrupt institutions.

The individual may occasionally ’win', but individuals have no right to a fair and speedy trial in Japan. My 'win' would likely take many years, if not decades, I would likely be paying heavy fees for the long, drawn-out, stalling tactics every school or company has been using for decades, and any penalties or fines levied against the college would be a very small, symbolic token payment ... without the institution having to admit guilt, with the right for the college to keep the information out of the news, and with myself under a gag order. In other words, there would be no incentive, financial or moral, for the institution to admit their fault and change their ways. You don't have to dig deep beneath the legal system in Japan to find that 'might-makes-right' tradition trumps all. Japan Inc. is not known as a champion of individual human rights.

At age 57, I was advised to forget the college, put my 20 years with the college — 14 of which were in a token tenured 'Associate Professor' position — behind me, and just move on. Living in the Tokyo area, I thought I would go back to the grind of an itinerant 'Adjunct Professor', teaching part-time at a different school each day of the week. I did not realize that resigning from a tenured position also put's one name on a circulated black list.

I not only put that school behind me, I threw away nearly 40 years of expensive graduate school (Temple University Japan), original academic research-publications-and presentations (Event-Driven Curriculums to Motivate Foreign Language Students), and other experiences accrued through 'Community Outreach Work' as a 15 year volunteer-judge for All Japan English Speech Contests (I was the token tenured foreign academic), Vice President and Board Member of a City funded NGO helping newly arrived foreigners adjust to life in Japan, an NGO member supporting education among rural Cambodians, volunteer work supporting the homeless, the severely handicapped, mental health care outpatients, kindergarten kids, and retirees, and so on. — ALL irrelevant to my 'new career' as a yearly contract, minimum-wage, token English pronunciation assistant for 2500 hundred elementary school and Jr. High kids in a small township in West Tokyo. As of today, I am 67, and my ‘future’ extends only as far as being able to pay the next month's rent. And I am one of the lucky ones. Had I been of a darker complexion or from a developing nation, I might have been one of the foreign 'trainee's' forced to work at the Fukushima nuclear disaster site.

From the very beginning, even more than the U.S., 'the rule of law' is a euphemism for 'the law of the jungle'. The legal system is systematically built to favor the ruling class and their institutions. End of story. My saving grace is that I never found the time to get married, so I have no wife or kids dependent on my salary.

I think I have an idea of what at least some of these American military personnel must be feeling — the betrayal of having given decades of their lives, and in some cases, their health, to serve their country only to be cast aside, much like the sketchy health care given to many veterans of corporate motivated regime-change wars.

Ooops ... time to head to school. May return to edit for brevity and clarity. But the understanding and empathy remains.

Despite it all, in defiance of all the powers that be ... cheers.


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Sep 6, 2022·edited Sep 7, 2022Liked by Jordan Schachtel

Jordan, thanks for giving MSgt. Kupper and his family, another voice for their cause.

As many vets here know, he is ice skating uphill.

When I was in the service, I always laughed, when someone would say..."you should file an I.G. complaint". That would have been like writing to Merrick Garland, about mumbling joe's over reaches of power; corruption with China and Ukraine; suspected child abuse of his daughter and other children; covered up sexual harassments of Secret Service agents/others and his knowledge of the illegal drug and human trafficking activities, of his crackhead son...and finishing the letter off with, I voted for President Trump twice, believe the election was stolen, believe the jailed Jan 6th protesters are political prisoners and own a MAGA hat.

Everyone in the military knew, the only results would be more top down covering up of the problem and a nice big target affixed to the troublemaker's back.

Multiply that by 100 fold, in today's age, of the Woke-Industrial-Complex.

As we have seen in the past 3 years, no matter what the evidence, research, common sense or a report says, the regime will bull dose ahead with the plan, regardless of legality.

It is a calculated decision, made with the following perspectives on the left:

1. Regardless of legality, imposing agendas and mandates, sets a precedent. It pushes the Overton window further left and seeds ground we previous didn't have.

2. It will be months or years, before anyone challenges us in court. By then, the policy/mandate will have had the desired effect on the majority of the target population and they will pressure the remainder...they will do our work for us and then oppose any legal action taken by the right.

3. We can tie-up any legal challenges indefinitely, especially if we get the right judges.

4. If we ultimately lose in court, we will tear apart the verdict via MSM. Besides, we will already have made hundreds if not thousands of examples, of those who opposed and resisted us. That will send the message, that even if your side wins in court, we will strip you of everything and you won't be able to recoup or recover. Let them decide if they want to roll the dice.

I'm sure there are more calculations the left goes through, but those four seem to have been prominent, in the last 3 years.

MSgt, Kupper is in a precarious situation and the military knows it. There are few who would toss 19 years and the retirement that goes with it (are they still threatening the loss of that?), especially if they have kids. If he stands strong, I hope he starts a crowd funding campaign. I would willingly honor his resistance against tyranny, with a donation.

I keep saying America needs to wake up and understand, we are in a much different reality, than we were 3 years ago.

Many who are waiting on an election cycle or political savior...are deluding themselves.

This is not just an addled president, with crappy policies, it's a global agenda push and it's being implemented simultaneously, for effect.

Watch this winter as reports of people across the globe, struggle to eat and heat their homes, due to orchestrated shortages or skyrocketing prices. It will be a wake-up call for some, but many will ignore the intentionality of it all.

Understand that we are living in a Global class system, with the top tier orchestrating everything you are seeing today. If you're smart you'll prepare, so that you're less dependent on their systems. At the same time, you need to use the only remaining power you have...the every weakening dollar.

Stop funding the left and it's agendas, that are designed to destroy you. Every penny you thoughtlessly give them, is one they put to work, to beat you into submission.

What we are seeing with Msgt. Kupper and those like him, is just the tip of the ice berg and tame compared to what is coming. If you haven't done so, read Solzhenitsyn and then seriously ask yourself, why you think the same can't happen to you. If your answer is..."because this is America"...go read about the current status, of the Jan 6th protesters and their cases.

Good Luck MSgt!

Thanks for bring this story to us Jordan.

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How can someone be that evil? astounding. takes my breath away

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Let’s hope the US doesn’t actually go to “real” war anytime in the next few decades. If what’s being seen in the general population will hold true for service members, vaxxine casualties may dwarf those from action.

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Obama appoint the ones in charge who have given our military death shots. China owns them.

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Government that hates, loathes, and disdains the people.

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The control group must be protected and not coerced. This is to the benefit of ALL.


End all mandates immediately.

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"Thank you for your service." Ya gotta love hackneyed, knee jerk expressions such as that, particularly as it's stated as if it enjoys even a modicum of profundity. It is, taken one after another, little more than virtue signalling, and little else.

So you signed on and made a career in your service to an international cabal of corporate enforcers/hit squads, breaking things and killing people throughout the planet, as a means to protecting the interests of the spectacularly wealthy. And now you're shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, to discover that they don't give a hoot in hell about hangers on such as you and your "pension". They in fact killed your career and broke your pension, but isn't that what those cretins do best? Hard to play along when you're the target, one might suppose. That ringing in your ears is the Karma phone and..... it's for YOU.

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SOP for the military…remember how they covered up and stonewalled the “friendly fire” death of Pat Tillman…the man quit the NFL to serve his country after 9/11 and the military chain of command disgraced themselves with their actions. Tillman was a rather famous person so it’s no surprise to me that the “regular” (excuse the phrase) rank and file stand little chance against the military-industrial complex.

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I don't know if this woud work in the US?

In Sweden when you file the equivalent of a FOIA and get that kind of response, that the material or parts thereof has been deemed classified, you can then file for information on whose order and for what reason and when the information was classified and copies of those decisions, including names and dates and protocols for any debate.

And that information may not be classified.

Maybe that would be a way forward, if there's a US equivalent?

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Time to fire everyone at the top when we retake the White House. Cut them all out and when the press complains, to bad, ignore them.

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