Fauci does not care if a 12 year old hangs himself, just as long as his grandma is safe and can attend her grandson's funeral.

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More excellent research and points, Josh. Thank you.

Politicians, bureaucrats, and their agents of doom are not only "not the most competent of human beings," but they are mind-controlled puppets of their elite globalist "handlers," eager to please their masters by wreaking as much destabilization, destruction, despair, and death as possible. And it's working on the majority of the people.

Truth-and-freedom seekers need to start speaking up and out as much as possible about the "evidence-free" definitive statements underpinning the zombification of humanity. I'm doing what I can, while attending to my own process of healing from this constant trauma, inflicted for no other reason than the globalist dark occultists and their political lapdogs hate humanity. Stay creative, vocal, and hyper-vigilant: This is the way out of complete enslavement!

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I'm so tired of being held captive by these power-hungry witch doctors and ideological elite zealots. And I'm so disappointed we aren't doing more to defy them. There is no other option to take back our lives and our freedom at this point.

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What Florida is doing needs to become the new norm. States need to set their own rules as they see fit. The fed can do what they want with their employees and in their buildings. This is our only way out with Biden as acting President.

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Politics is Power.

That's all politics is, views through any other lens distort.

They are showing who has the power, and who does not.

We the people do not.

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Trump should have fired Fauci and Birx immediately in March 2020

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This stuff bugged me from the beginning. Not on an intellectual level but a gut level.

Shunning all our fellow men and women because they MIGHT be sick?

Not opposed to quarantine of those with contagious illnesses. Especially ones as bad as Covid. But quarantine was always seen as a necessary evil.

Isolation has always been seen as a bad thing. Till 2020 when Experts everywhere hailed it as the New Normal.

Now they have announced their desires to continue the isolation and semi isolation BS permanently! I guess their announcements fall on deaf ears of both leftists and freedom lovers. Though mostly the former.

But the people of my community refuse to live in fear. Our preacher caught Covid. The Sunday after his quarantine ended he announced, "This virus will just have to run its course like they always have. Perfect love casts out fear and we won't let it dictate us any more. From now on our church will stay open."

We have a herd immunity it seems. Most of us have caught it and survived. In April we're having a revival. Regardless of Caesar Nero's "public health" policies. Like tyrants give a rip about whether or not their slaves have the sniffles. Since when has the government brought anyone chicken soup for feeling sick?

I guess the audacious lying is hard to grasp for many.

Notice how Chairman Xiden mentions 100,000 deaths instead of 300,000? Faustus predicted 2,000,000+ deaths in just a few months. No reason to believe either.

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