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Put simply, Covid-19 was not an epidemiological event, it was a money laundering scheme, a smoke screen for economic/social restructuring towards total control and a massive psychological operation.

Two and a half years later, as bureaucrats and politicians wind down the Covid restrictions in order to quell growing unrest, we can be assured they will insist on retaining the “right” to re-impose them at will.

As long as “new variants lurk right around the corner”, public health bureaucrats and pandemic profiteers can invent the next “health emergency” to impose more shutdowns for any “viral event” that conveniently suits their political and financial aims.

While the Covid propaganda has vanished it is imperative we keep the mountain of lies under scrutiny and continue unveiling the massive corruption that defines the “Covid Era.” This is the only path towards justice and is necessary to defend against future episodes of “pandemic” hysteria.

Ultimately there can be no comprehensive debate and complete understanding of the devastating consequences of the ‘Covid Crisis’ policies without a historical and up-to-date analysis of the Medical Industry’s role in pushing socioeconomic and political agendas which benefit the ruling elites.

It is vital to understand that the public health industry is now directly tied to global markets and operates based on the demands of those financial conglomerates. Manufactured pandemics are now mammoth investment opportunities that increase the wealth of billionaires and further consolidate their power.

It is also necessary to recognize that the primary purpose of the medical industry is no longer the “art of healing”, it has become a financial instrument benefiting investors.

‘We the people‘ must also recognize that the Medical Industry has now been fully weaponized as a punitive system designed to process, dehumanize and control every single person in the system.

Before our very eyes, we have seen up close how mere biological existence is criminalized by that system.

Though the story of the fraudulent "Covid Pandemic" is nearly over, the sorcery that created it has not been exorcised.

The urgent message that we must take from these past two years is that we are under sustained psychological warfare and have been for quite some time.

We won’t have truly won until it is universally established that Medical Freedom is not a negotiable commodity controlled by state bureaucrats, political opportunists or the medical cartel.

Nothing has been won until the ideology that the state controls our bodily autonomy has been thoroughly repudiated.

This story is not finished until the individuals and institutions that deceived the public and censored and persecuted dissenting voices over the past two and a half years are publicly held accountable, prosecuted and imprisoned.

This fight is not over.

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Outstanding article. I've been telling friends and family all along the FDA approved shot was not available. Many scoffed at my tin foil hat comments. The lies coming from D.C. and "Public Health" are astounding and when shown in the true light of day, are criminal. Where is the FBI raid on NIH, CDC and the Oval Office ... ? Pray, plan, prepare and RESIST.

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This is the first time in the history of the FDA that once a drug is given approval, the EUA version still stays on the market. The "argument" is that the formulation is the same, but even if that is the case, this is unprecedented.

And, if all this weren't bad enough, the CDC has just said that vaxxed or non-vaxxed people should be treated the same--only that is not being respected, either. Without question, this is the worst public health catastrophe of all time--and that's because it was largely intentional.

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I have wondered about this the whole time and wondered how they’re getting away with it. So you have this little nugget of truth and now you have updated CDC guidance that admits natural immunity is not a conspiracy theory and there is no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated… And yet… And yet… Colleges/universities and businesses are still requiring the vaccine. The university where my son is now a junior is doubling down on it and still requiring the EU a vaccine for new students, faculty, and staff. And last week my son was notified that he will have to apply for a renewal of the religious exemption he got approved for last academic year. I have a daughter starting college this coming Monday and I have to write an exemption request for her despite the new guidanceI do not have money to hire an attorney but I sure wish that I did. I think the powers that be who are continuing with the mandates I mean for the past 18 months I think the mindset has just been to try and wear us down so we just go ahead and get it

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The largest organized crime perpetrated on humanity utilized a sophisticated psyop to convince those unable to think for themselves to risk their health to protect less than 1% of the population. The government would never have been able to pull this off without being able to utilize big tech censorship, Pfizer’s use of obscure investigators and sites willing to violate good clinical practices and the prearranged safety profile that included cardiovascular events as expected.

Anyone who profited from this crime should be forced to pay restitution to the families of those killed by the vaccine and all medical costs resulting from the adverse events of those who survived, not to mention damages.

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People were shocked when I told them that Scandinavian countries were banning the mRNA jabs for young men. Amazing how much people blindly adhere to the guidance from the FDA.

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Wealth transfer on the tax payers' dime, and an opportunity to perform a large-scale, financially risk-free clinical trial on humanity. No telling the long-term health implications of this shit show (all four members of my family have had vaccine injuries, including severe blood clots, liver damage, and cardiac events in my children), and no accountability for these garbage people. There will undoubtedly be a reckoning, though, one day. You can't hurt this many people, children included, with your base fuckery and not pay for it in the fullness of time. Unfortunately, that reckoning will not do anything for those killed or permanently impaired by these experimental genomic therapies.

Great reporting, Jordan, and please keep it up. The longer you and people like you shine a bright light on these fuckers, the greater the likelihood they will receive their just desserts.

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There would be loss of liability protection if it were not under Emergency Use Authorizaation.

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It blows my mind that this will be new information for anyone, but the majority of the population had been blindsided and lied to from the beginning

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Fantastic piece, Jordan.

I’ll never forget how disgusting it was watching Bill de Blasio live in a special broadcast claiming it now had “full FDA approval” and there was no longer any excuse. The shaming, gaslighting and threats were real. They fired thousands of city workers over this! It’s absolutely criminal what they did and continue to do!!!

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I agree that this is true for the Pfizer shot. What about FDA approval on the Moderna or J&J shots? What is the real story there? Inquiring minds want to know.

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good work.

my questions are here:


on top of that, there is this piece about the rt-pcr tests


External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.

from november 2020.

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I'd rather get a ghost shot from an actual ghost than anything produced by Big Pharma. Hopefully all this will go into a massive fraud case at some point, how is this not fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud?

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Great post. Difficult to see hoe this fails to be a huge crime against the American people and the nation.

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A lot can be said for how this was even remotely possible which is why they continue to push the envelope and exploit it - with everything! A imbecile knew the shots were death sentences for something you had LESS THAN a one percent chance OF DYING FROM! I would've pay good money to have watched them sitting around their board room tables laughing their asses off at the stupidity of these people. You can't really blame them as it was simply there for the taking! As our most products. No one was prevented from researching the facts and evidence as all of us certainly did! They were just to lazy and obsessed with themselves. IMHO that's what caused all of it. We now live in the most narcissistic society that ever existed - primarily created and caused by these damn cell phones. People were so focused on themselves and DYING! That's the new normal we live in - unable to think of anyone but themselves. LOOK at them in cars driving alone wearing a mask? I went to the grocery store yesterday and about 25% of the customers were wearing them. It's stupidity on steroids. But it's also ALL ABOUT ME! When the Kardashians become billionaires for doing nothing and having no talent you know we're in trouble. They too exploit it! The question is how and when is it going to stop? People are already dying in astronomical numbers and still no alarm bells going off. Oh that's right - because everyone is so enamored with themselves!

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Australia has killed hundreds with these wretched things and are now giving them to kids aged 5-11 - last week I found two reports of liver transplant failure either before or after the jabs - so that is 2 young women who will either need another transplant which will reject or they will die of liver failure. I found another 27 year old woman whose entire body broke down

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