People need to say a great big f-you to anyone who tells them they can't move. Snow does not override the constitution. If we comply, we die. Simple as that.

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essential worker travel pass: a euphemism for "police state"

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They cannot arrest us all. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!

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This is exactly the BS we need to nuke from orbit.

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Here’s an idea...IGNORE! Give none of this tyranny ANY power.

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The unmitigated gall of *anyone* to declare another human being "nonessential!" It was offensive for the initial pandemic lockdowns. And remains offensive, even moreso as we see the pattern set in.

Who the F are they?!?!?

I'm reminded of a story I read in May, 2020 about a town in Oklahoma where the mayor ordered curfews and business closures. Same declaration that most residents were nonessential humans. But the community wasn't having any of it. When the mayor was spotted out he was met with jeers, insults and hostility. Not cross the line threats that would be considered threatening, menacing, but enough derision that his existence in the town was unpleasant pretty much any where he was. Even outside his front lawn.

The townfolk said "How dare you?!?! Who the F do you think you are!?!?" And joined in the chorus in such great numbers that after about two weeks - following the first "two weeks to flatten the curve" the nation was sold on - he relented, meekly apologizing and complaining to reporters that he "was only trying to help, geez" and was surprised by the genuine anger he bore the brunt of. Rightly so. He portrayed himself as a put-upon victim for asking the community to make sacrifices for the common good, and withdrew his emergency orders. Not genuinely apologizing, mind you, but declaring he only had the best intentions but if the citizens didn't care about others then it was on them.

That story from Oklahoma has stood out for me these years later because they demonstrate what citizens can do when they act quickly to protect their liberty and freedom. Behavioral science studies show that it only takes about two weeks to make a new habit take hold replacing an old habit. And then the old habit seems odd, out of place. Like beginning a new fitness routine, two weeks in it becomes normal.

The moment that most well-meaning citizens dutifully agreed to the first "two weeks to flatten the curve" orders was the moment freedom and liberty was gravely imperiled. And the longer it went on, the next two weeks, and the next two weeks, and the next two weeks, etc. the more likely it was that citizens would accept their new relationship with government, As subjects, not equals. Some subjects deemed "essential" while others deemed "nonessential." The new normal.

The challenge now for those of us who still cherish and value our freedom and liberty that our nation was founded upon, all created equal, is to find a way build up immunity to authoritarian edicts that instantly kicks in, refuses to agree to any more "temporary" ceding of liberty and freedom, that vehemently rejects any assertions that some are essential while others are nonessential humans. It is never temporary, it is always the biggest threat to humanity, as God intended for us all to live - as equals, none more essential than others.

I urge the citizens in that jurisdiction to embrace the practices of the Oklahoma town in May, 2020 and make their tyrant regret his overreaches, beg the forgiveness of citizens there. It must be swift, it must be unrelenting, it must stay within the lines of criminal menacing, threats, but it must unmistakably introduce the tyrant to the humility of his post and remind him he works for the people, not his own conscience filled with delusions of serving a common good.

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The upside is, this petty tyrant has come right out and outed himself for what he is.

If you're driving in the country in the winter, always make sure the car is stocked with proper gear - even if you're "just driving into town to get milk".

If you don't know what proper gear is, don't go driving in the cold until you've found out. Doing it the other way around means you might be sitting in a car with engine failure, -10F outside, battery dead, phone dead and really really wishing for a couple of blankets.

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I can imagine there will be some interesting "movement pass requests". Under "purpose for request" it will be "leaving the state forever to escape tyranny". It would actually place them in an uncomfortable position. Do they refuse the request and admit that their state has become East Germany?

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I’ll just add this to my list of places to not visit.

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It’s ole Marc Gretzky. Remember when he was caught playing hockey after he shut everything down in his county? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

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Watch for a snitch hotline for travel violators now; "Hello, I just saw my neighbor back out of his driveway..."

How soon will citizens be encouraged to point out where the Jews live?

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Thank God , I moved from Baldwinsville New York to central Florida, just before lockdown. I had been praying for a few years to be closer to my snowbird Mom. 8 miles away. I was able to help with their jab injuries.

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At least attorney Bobbie Ann Cox is fighting New York's quarantine camps. We're going to need a lot of like minded attorney's in the near future, on both sides of our border.

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This is fucking madness. What in the hell is going on in NYS???

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America is looking more like Stalin's Russia or Nazi Germany every day.

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That was a remarkable accomplishment. Treason is STILL in the top ten in several Amazon categories.

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This makes a GREAT early Christmas or Holiday present. Send a copy to your elected representatives, it just might help.



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He should try and spot check enforcement in the rural areas of Eire county. I’m from nearby.


He might want to make his spot checks in an MRAP, or other armored vehicle 🤣🤣


Western NY is settled first by the Scotch Irish. That’s Braveheart’s Borderlands Scots, sent to Ireland (which didn’t mellow them) and then here to fight Indians. That people endure to now, and outside urban areas infused the rest with their culture.

A few years ago Cuomo came out with the SAFE act, messing with our 2A rights. The State police had Sheriffs Deputy escort them certain places, as the Sheriff is elected and has legitimacy amongst the commons.

This just adds to the never ending taunts we endure.

And yes this impacts hardest on businesses and their workers.

I can’t wait to see this winter.

This will be ignored, unless it isn’t... the police here try and ignore the government, as the citizens do...

This is the funniest thing I read all day, thanks Jordan.

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