From an outsiders perspective it seems inevitable (yet before COVID very unlikely) - how the world changes on a dime.

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Oct 21, 2021Liked by Jordan Schachtel

Thought provoking conversation. I am 100% ready for the national divorce.

I have lived for years in NY and SF too, and I agree completely that all the interesting and offbeat people who made these places what they are have been driven out. But social engineering is tricky. Any power given to government, there must be an answer to how it can be remedied when, not if, this power is captured by special interests.

It's also true that politics is downstream from culture and like Reaboi says the red states could take a page from Europe in having strong local / state / national identities. A country needs to stand for something and only admit people who agree with that country's values and want to be a part of those values. That needs to trump money.

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Good conversation. Couple of thoughts on this. 1. Before divorce, states should realign based on culture and values. People are trying to do this with the greater Idaho movement, but it could be done between any states where blue or red voters are "trapped" inside states where the governance doesn't match their values. New borders for states would be a good start before any kind of divorce. 2. Time to actually support parallel economy platforms. You and Dave have huge followings that you could take with you to an alternative platform that doesn't censor and otherwise suppress conservative thought. Make the jump and your followers will follow, and then we'll actually have functioning alternatives to the tech giant monopolies.

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