This isn't a surprise to anyone is it? Biden et al earned this, chickens comin' home to roost, just hope the chicken shit doesn't get all over us.

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Actually, this is predictable as the sunrise. The only real question is how long it takes before the US media gives this "version of events" credibility.

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I've been subscribing to your newsletter since last January because I found you very concise and helpful on COVID and because I followed you on Twitter. You recently posted a comment about Israel, and because I had the (apparent mis-) conception that you were in fact seeking solutions (if not truth), I commented, I thought in a respectful manner, though sometimes I'm not as tactful as I think. Of course, my point was not one that I had any illusions you would agree with. It was just a different, but honest, point of view. And for my efforts I got blocked. I'm not asking you to unblock me. I've kind of lost some respect for you, though I'm not really surprised. We're in the fix we're in because people can no longer stand to hear opinions that aren't their own, but, and this is given in an honest spirit of seeking a better world *and* solutions, if you're not willing to listen, soon you'll just be screaming in a bubble. If that's what you want, it's America and that's your right. I just had hoped I could find a few people who wanted more than that.

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I would like to post the following facts that may raise some interesting questions.

In early 2019 an "outbreak" (CDC's terminology) with similar symptoms to C-19 was spreading in the U.S. at the same time Fort Detrick was suddenly shut down. It was eventually, conveniently, associated with "bad e-cigarettes" from . . . you guessed right . . . China.

Months before the rest of the world knew the seriousness of the Wuhan outbreak, a special medical intelligence unit within the U.S, Defense Intelligence Agency had produced a report warning that an out-of-control disease epidemic was occurring in the Wuhan area of China.


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This is the same tactic the Democrats have been using, deny and counter accuse. Over the last few years this is the big tool in the leftist arsenal, accuse the other side of what you are doing. Tucker has pointed this out repeatedly.

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“ So instead of discussing the lab leak thesis, China is attempting to redirect blame at the United States, claiming that America is the true culprit for the spread of COVID-19.”??

China, which warned the world about Covid two weeks before the first Covid death and has since hosted several WHO investigations, is asking the US to be equally transparent.

Given that CDC figures showed that 4-6 million Americans had Covid antibodies in December, 2019, is that too much to ask?

Remember that the USAF used bio weapons on China in 1951, and maintains 400 biowafare sites around the world. In that light, China’s request seems modest, indeed.

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I don't know when's the last time you've been to Frederick, MD, but it is a lot more than an hour away from the Virginia border.

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I still wonder why people are in a panic almost 452 days in my country when the first case was declared on the 5th March 2020. It's absurd the continued panic and accusations of creation and source being thrown around.

If this thingy called Covid19 was created in lab it is actually quite pathetic as a weapon if that is what was intended. The response by Government has proven to be far more lethal than the so-called pandemic. The latest Government attack is using an injectable experimental drug to decimate the populations and here we are still squabbling about the origin, Red herrings everywhere. China is one of them. A real red one.

This is a well coordinated attack against us all.

The biggest issue we face is what people seem to have missed. An attempt is being made to take over the world by a New One World Government. Bar a few governments, those who we have appointed to take responsibility for our protections have turned on us and are openly at war with the citizens.

This is worldwide treason, There has been no consent by the governed to grant this power, yet it carries on unabated.

Is it not time we stop this?

At least there are a few countries that have woken up and are starting to protest. In my country South Africa, the government has become completely socialist and are heading to totalitarian communism. They are attempting to take away all property rights using expropriation of ALL property not just land and have now proposed disarming the population and declaring that self defence is outlawed using a firearm.

Wake up everyone and smell the coffee.

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Jordan, how does this accord with your uncompromising emphasis on the psyop, not the origin ? Are you changing your perspective ? Personally, I don’t envision a resolution to the origins debate absent transparency from Beijing.

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