Sounds like Substack has been 'got at' because some censorship is appearing for materials that go against the MainStream narrative.

NZ must rank up with Canada and China for being the most unscrupulous murderous Control Freaks by stopping a baby from receiving clean blood from unvaxxed doners?

Fantastic to see so many 'super stars' and REAL EXPERTS of the real world crucifying the Covid & Vax myths during their recent symposium! Hopefully the news won't be buried by BIG PHARMA's immense wealth and capacity to influence Governments.

Everybody on the planet knows Covid came from BATS and has been engineered for years, by Faucci & friends, to be as dangerous as possible against human beings. It's also a well known fact that Faucci's 'GAIN OF FUNCTION' (Bioweapon) experiments were originally carried out in the USA (N. Carolina Etc,.) until it was deemed "TOO DANGEROUS" to carry on such experiments on US soil! So China was incentivised to carry on the deadly experiments in Wuhan labs. Probably working simultaneously on expensive cures (incorrectly called vaccines) in the adjacent laboratories.

Amazingly, within just a few months, two identically engineered mRNA vaxxes appeared. Impossible, considering how secretive the Pharma industry is. Then several other injected solutions appeared all within weeks of each other (A MIRACLE?) None of them work and all can be dangerous or DEADLY.

In spite of millions of Deaths post vax world wide, the Cull continues? Unbelievable, when you realise that in 1976 Bog Pharma pretended to have an injected 'CURE' for Swine Flu. They were given TEMPORARY IMMUNITY from LIABILITY to inject US citizens.

After 50+ US citizens died POST-Swine Flu vax, the US government stopped the 'EXPERIMENT' because just 50+ fatalities occurred - caused by Useless DEADLY vax.

This time, Big Pharma are so entrenched into Governments and Controlling bodies such as CDC & FDA, that they can carry on this depopulation CULL unhindered and without consequence.

Remember, the CONCESSION for NO LIABILITY was supposedly TEMPORARY in 1976, but Big Pharma make the rules now and stupid, incompetent Governments take responsibility for all Big Pharma's MURDERS & Life impacting Vax injuries. Crazy world?

Big Pharma probably had influence in changing the dictionary meaning of 'VACCINE' TWICE over the past 10 years because their lame ineffective injections do nothing to STOP or arrest the spread of the man made poisons.

LIABILITY must be reintroduced and life will get back to some sort of normality.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots.

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Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not joining in. My smart phone was dropped in the river months ago and was replaced by a 'dumb phone'. No iOS, no Android. goodbye Substack

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