I don't trust Bitcoin and crypto though. Eventually it will be hackable and the Government will be able to control it. Better hedge with Gold, Silver, Plantium and Palladium which are tangible and somewhat outside Government's control. Throw in cigarettes and whiskey as well for a hedge.

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governments and banks will close down bitcoin at some point

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We’re all gonna be trillionaires!!!

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No, Jordan, you have this wrong. I've followed you for a year, and will continue to do so. That said, your understanding of energy and resources is just WRONG. You say, "Energy should be abundant." Nope. Study Economics (Austrian or otherwise) and you learn that infinite growth on a finite planet is always possible. It's not. This error is the result of a mathematical simplification when designing economics. That's why Economists always seem to believe in perpetual growth on a finite planet. Also in the Tooth Fairy.

Jordan, I'm a physical scientist who understands Geophysics. Energy does not come from technology. Energy is harvested from existing stores and flows of energy. Technology increases the efficiency with which we can harvest energy but does NOT create more. Now our finite stocks of fossil fuels are depleted and, regardless of technology, we can't get more. We're in what's called an "energy-limited economy." Now, Jordan, most Economics will say, "that's impossible because it violates the laws of Economics". Nope. The Laws of Economics are based on Axioms, and some of those axioms are wrong.

Economists consistently make that error because Economics ASSUMES, in its axioms, that infinite growth on a finite planet is always possible. Assume something to be true in your axioms and your later work will always show it is true. Even when it's not.

Please don't go on an 'anti-Malthus rant', Jordan. Economists sometimes do that, because of the aforementioned axioms that seemed valid when they were made but are no longer valid. Many of your ideas are good ideas. On this one you are flat wrong.

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Bring back silver coinage. A one-ounce coin is currently worth about 20 bucks. It’s practical for everyday use and can’t be inflated away by mere keystrokes on a computer.

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This is a good interview. Among other things discussed, Catherine Fitts talks about the difference between a financial system that destroys (the one we currently have0 and a different system that enriches and improves all of us. Sadly, TPTB would never allow that system to exist because it threatens their stranglehold on everything. If we all were rich enough to be kings, there would be no need for them, the kings we now have.


Also available on Odysee, if you're interested. Educational and enlightening.

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Contrived scarcity, whether as a function of lunatic climate policy or continuing dysfunction with supply chains, and profligate spending are the inevitable consequence of lackluster, unintelligent leadership. Whether the underlying policies are enacted with actual malice, this amounts to malfeasance and is a grievous harm to those most in need.

Great reporting, Jordan, and let us hope that, though exercising our franchise rights collectively in November, we can introduce accountability for the cretins inflicting this needless economic damage to our Country and countrymen.

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Have noticed mainstream outlets like Barrons fluffing ETH lately, my theory is that is the real spook money. The Cabal knows this system is collapsing so they need a digital money they can control, ETH may be the precursor to CBDC. BTC will hum along and collect adopters as people do the hard work to actually understand its properties and how it works. Everyone else will get trapped into the digital coupon hell / social credit score system of the CBDC.

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Thank you! I tell people this all the time. Things should be basically free at this point, but they've stolen the margins. The efficiencies created in the last 100 years, and especially the last 25 years are unprecedented. Yet things cost 5,10 or 20x or more what they did a century ago. 25 years ago I worked at a hotel while in college. Every guest who had ever been there had a paper registration card. It was tucked into one of many many file cabinets. At night we tallied paper receipts and matched them to the accounting books, category by category. It took some 6 hours to audit and close the previous day's business. Then we got computers. Those big file cabinets went away along with all the paper records. Daily books were a click away as we're reports and tallies. The close of day operations were reduced to printing some reports and making sure the numbers matched. There were never math errors. Later this process was automated to the point of clicking a single button. As you sat in a room with only one $600 computer. Exhaustive recordkeeping tasks were eliminated completely. The front desk area shru k considerably without the need for miles of filing cabinets. Any idiot capable of reading at a 4th grade level could do all the daily accounting tasks forlesser wages. A model of efficiency! And what was the reward? Today it costs 4x what it cost to stay there than it did when I worked there. WTF? The entire world is one big glaring example of this total disconnect. All these efficiency gains led to productivity gains, profitability gains, bigger margins, and larger volumes. All of which should have driven the cost of things down significantly. Yet the exact polar opposite has occurred. Because they stopped?e and squandered all the productivity gains. But more importantly because some had the access, authority and opportunity to do so that you did not have. As you toil away in their rigged system thinking you'll ever get ahead, as your money and it's value are stolen almost as fast as you can make it. We could get off this train at any time if we had the will but sadly most are too busy chasing the rising cost of things to stop and see that it's all just theft

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A hidden and cruel regressive tax on everyone, is what inflation is, was, and always will be.

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I have long invested in metal , I'm a mechanic, machinist, welder, and have long held "capital" in the form of steel, aluminum, copper, all the metals our Nations, our societies are built out of. I began investing in silver in the early sixties, one of my "favorite metals" because it's so easy to work, to melt, purify, cast, forge, one of the perennial useful metals. Gold remains money simply because it can't be forged, anyone with the knowledge, can easily determine it's weight, purity, and thus its "portable value", simply being the most affordable, portable metal. The bottom line that most seem to miss, is gold, silver, copper, iron, only have value while others continue to plant and harvest, to provide food that all, including metal workers, must have to live. Gold and silver, copper, aluminum, iron, hold value because we make tools of them, tools that improve our harvest, planting, our production of bread. If we can't get those things, we won't need the metals. Crypto is already broken, because it's not accessible except with electrical power. We forged this world because we have full control over fire, we will never have full control over "electrical power", it will always be in the hands of the elite. No house could ever stand, without a sound foundation. Gold and silver remain the foundation of civilization.

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Anything that goes away when you unplug the computer is not real. Period. Better get into tangible assets. Good land, real estate and essentials are the real deal. Gold for wealth preservation and silver for commerce. Guns, ammo, tools, food stocks and the ability to live for long periods off the grid will be required if you want to stay out of the coming shit storm. Think for yourself. Can you lock the front gate and sit tight for a month? a year? better figure it out. Pray, plan, prepare and RESIST.

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"...market forces will ultimately restore order."

No. The natural state of market forces with no other control mechanism is chaos. Any spontaneous order deriving will be an actor having grown large enough to start buying up other actors, eventually leading to greater and greater parts of the entire market - from raw material to commodity or good on the store shelf - coming under unilateral monopolised control, effectively creating a monopoly.

I.e. order.

In theory, and as recent evidence seems to bear out (concerning large corporations the only purpose of which is ownership of other corporations.such as Blackrock ring), this development will lead to planned economy and a sort of communism arrived at via capitalism. (Which by the way is how Das Kapital described communism coming into being as the dominant financial system would happen.)

The state will be reduced to the enforcer arm of the corporation, and eventually all notion of them being separate entities will be gone - witness the collusion of the Biden White House and social media for a concrete example, or the overlap of Pfizer employees and FDA/CDC staff.

You don't get to travel in style and comfort by giving the horses loose reins, or losing the reins, nor do you get to travel anywhere fast by insisting on leading the horses.

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"controlled and manipulated by unelected, unaccountable, unsanctioned masters of the universe." --

Today, the so-called "elected" and "accountable" also remain completely unaccountable and unsanctioned while rabidly committing the crimes.

You state that you are an investigative journalist. I have been unable, for several years, to find an honest and true investigative journalist or any genuine "gov. accountability" establishment, although I was offering the actual evidence of the endless crime, being committed under the color of law (by the so-called "accountable" and "elected.")

Could you look at my story? https://1dissident.substack.com/p/good-bye-my-beautiful-body

And I apologize for off-topic.

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I have some comments, Jordan. Paid subscriber for about a year now.

"there is absolutely no organic trigger for the inflation you’re witnessing today"

Well, we've been printing our way to prosperity since Nixon took us off the gold window 1972. But I'd say printing $7Tn to pay people to not work during the plandemic is about as an organic trigger as one can find. But even before that, financing Obama and Trump's deficit spending was some serious organic inflation. We'd been able to offshore some/most of that because of the petrodollar, but CovidBucks was that spending on steroids.

"while the 99.9% become the ultimate fiat bag holder suckers"

I mean, ultimately, sure, but DXY is up 18.43% YOY. Dollar holders have done pretty well, especially compared to the Euro.

"But now we are witnessing cascading failures"

Europe is committing suicide, but that failure is not headed for Russia, the US, China or the rest of the world. I mean the US is gonna pay, but the Fed is raising rates and it's been fairly painless thus far (housing will feel the most pain going forward, but the jan-feb 2022 bubble needed popping anyways).

"If their system breaks, all bets are off."

Who's system? The US' is being fortified by the Fed raising rates. Europe is stuck between the proverbial rock and the hard place.

"There’s a lot of both warranted and unwarranted critiques on governments’ potential imposition of a CBDC..."

The Fed opposes this. The WEF is for this. I know it seems crazy, but we may need to re-check our priors. Why is the FED doing the opposite of what Davos/WEF/ECB/EU/LaGarde wants?

"..is that the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, etc. is already a tool for control and manipulation."

This tool for control and manipulation is currently EFFING the EU in the A if you know what I mean (maybe even worse than Putin cutting off Nordstream!). The Fed is sucking up all the world's extra liquidity, yet the stock market, though lower, hasn't cratered. Why?

"The CBDC only sharpens the power of dollar to coerce, manipulate, and control."

Neil Kashkari tweeted recently that the Fed is not interested in CBDC. Singapore's national bank did the same, too. The only ones who want this are the Davos/WEF/ECB crowd, and they are currently bent over a table now by Jerome Powell.

I too think BTC is a tool for freedom, and the ruling reason for owning it is still sound. But keeping cash is a good idea, too. (If cash were invented today, do you think they would let us use it?) I don't know what the future holds, we are in uncharted territory, esp w/r/t the Fed/ECB split. Therefore, at a high level, I'd be long USD/oil; short the Euro and wait to see how far AU, AG and BTC fall before getting involved (or DCA your way down).

Tl;dr: Our priors may not mean much when their is a split btwn elite bankers like there is currently between the Fed and the ECB/Davos/WEF/EU crowd.

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As with any asset the price of a currency, in goods and services terms, is a function of supply and demand. Conjuring US fiat out of thin air (through nothing more than accounting entries at the Fed, no printing required) does indeed expand supply. But sudden declines in demand, due to loss of confidence, are what really drive dramatic inflationary events.

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