At this point, anyone who believes anything Fraudci says is a complete idiot or a progressive. But I repeat myself.

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"...several ulterior motives in play, none of which have anything to do with our health" should be obvious to all people, but most are so mush-brained from their crappy diet, lack of critical thinking, and mind-control from tv/film/music/social media, that they may NEVER come back to the living. They have succumbed to the Death Cult run by CON-TROLL-ers who seek our constant adoration/worship in order to remain in power. At this point, I think enough people are aware of the scam that the so-called "authorities" and "experts" have actually IRL lost their "authority," but they are clinging to their power, pulling out all the black magic stops with these ILL-USIONS, desperate to permanently zombify enough folks who keep them alive and in CON-TROLL, however ill-usory that control is. Stay on your own unique path of freedom, one step ahead of the Death Cult . . . by being TRULY ALIVE in your love and creativity!💖

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China’s economy grew 3% during the plandemic. Major corporations of all stripes profited handsomely. Follow the money to the culprits. Our government gained more power over us and we have less freedom. Do the math, this is not complicated.

Now that the COVID mania has subsided, they have a nastier and more deadly boogeyman to scare us with. The beat goes on……

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Excellent post. Its a Hoax of huge proportion. The vaccine cartel has very sticky tentacles and a number of heads. The tentacles are long and sharp. The pillar need to be destroyed- the PCR lie. Its the number generator and main psy-op machine. The source of the terror and the variants. We need to hope Dr Reiner Fuellmich from the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee" or Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss can succeed as that will cause the collapse.

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That modern moron slave named Don Wolt seems to be drinking too much bourbon! The thing that was prevalent in India and caused the spike in PCR labels [covid-19] was the massive deployment of artificial infections... I mean jabs!


Keep enjoying OPERATION COVIDIUS and do nothing except OBEY!

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Great piece, Jordon. Their shoddy, fake official medical/biological science is further breaking-down in the eyes of the public. Baseless 'scientific' claims resting upon baseless claims resting upon baseless claims... resulting in countless bloodless coups....

As a thought experiment, consider, for a moment, 'Virus Theory' to be a failed hypothesis and utterly discredited.

In the ashes of that razing, what are we then left with when trying to explain the progression from sniffles to severe cold to pneumonia, etc -- in an individual?

* an overabundance of toxic chemicals in the body?

* an overabundance of toxic metals in the body?

* lack of sunlight (vitamin-D)?

* not enough sleep over an extended period of time?

* mineral deficiencies?

* side-effects from opioid use (shallow breathing)?

* a combination of some/all of the above?

the list goes on


Cheers (hot toddy)

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This scott person, seems to be VERY triggered here. SO MANY "IMPORTANT" things to say... apparently he didn't feel heard as a child....

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Ok Scott, after all your bloviating posts, lets just lock down again. You live in fear, you die in fear. You so 2020 man.

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The symptoms of the "Delta Variant" are the same as arsenic poisoning. India is highly polluted with arsenic.

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I think the reason is that there were recent articles circulating saying what a low Covid rate Africa has despite a very low vaccination rate. So the PR machine went to work to make Africa look like a viral epicenter .

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More and more information is coming out about these vaccines. Why are medical experts who are speaking out being censored? Check it out and you decide what you think.


Sadly most of the media has become corrupt and being dishonest about all of this but one of the few real news channels that is not censoring and not being political correct is News Max.


Defending your freedoms and your country


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The American people and the rest of the world needs to fight back and stop allowing the government to take away your freedoms. Nobody has any right to try and force these so called vaccines.


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How is it that Sputnik V is effective against this as well as many other variants? Seems Moderna, J & J and Pfizer have to be retooled. What a crock.

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Why is Fauci still allowed to talk on tv? People have gone to prison for life over far less than what he's done.

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I'll supply the wooden stakes and salt..

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