Chris Wray MUST go to jail.

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The WEF Wehrmacht “public private partnership” steamrolls on... nice shoutout by disclose.tv! https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-save-private-ryan

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Lucifer has been redacted.

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Jordan, the WEF is just a PR machine. The neo-fascist movement is being planned here:


Tharman Shanmugaratnam is leading the way, and Carney, Summers, Carstens, they have all decided in 2015 they want to reshape the world into Singapore. A corporatist utopia with a thin veneer of democracy.

An example:

Did you know that in Singapore there is no private property ownership? "Buying" property actually means it's a 99-year lease, and the government, i.e. the ruling party in the one-party state, decides which citizen is assigned which 3, 4 or 5-bedroom appartment, with "mortgage payments" automatically deducted from the paycheck.

You'll own nothing and you'll be happy tries is describing Singapore to the letter.

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Psychotic, narcissistic, satanic, sad, sick little people 🔥

Did I miss anything? 💩

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"The Good Club" 2023 edition.

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Jan 10·edited Jan 10

Look at the WHO's proposed amendments to the IHR. They intend an unbelievable power grab and want to strike out any responsibility to human rights in Article 3.


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Thank you Jordan.

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Amazing work! Thank you!!!

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Jordan, are you able to contact DeSantis or any of the GOP electorate worth a shit ? This is the major issue that should be front and center.

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I don't know how my blood pressure stays normal but I'm thankful it does. That is a lot of people, not to mention who pays for all of these people to travel to Davos? Is this just a big social party? I shudder at the thought of what will be discussed and what decisions will be made. The level of trust for all these people and the politicians not listed is zero.

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Are there no current” elected “ or appointed representatives aside from DeSantis and Ladapo willing to take this apocalyptic leviathan to task? Are the rest silent because they’re complicit, absolutely ignorant, naïve or cowardly? Threatened? There is NO excuse!! None. Silence is complicit consent.

Nary a peep about the Great Reset aka Build Back Better aka Brave New World.

Nary a peep about Biden’s Transhumanist Executive Order

Nary a peep about the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Nary a peep about the U.S. conducting animal/human chimeric mutant research, human/tech/ genomic research, including ( can’t make this up) human brains cells wired with AI devices taught to play Pong, babies literally grown from ex-utero fertilized eggs to full term in sort of bubble incubators… no pregnancy necessary. Ergo, no maternal instinctive connectivity

Xenotransplantation of chimeric organs

Nary a peep re: migrant invasion funding using US dollars funneled through the UN via a treaty that originated in the White House signed by Biden

Nary a peep regarding Agenda 21, the players, timeline… even though it’s an open secret

Nary a peep regarding the players within the Biden admin. A panoply of BlackRock/Vanguard/StateStreet/Bloomberg/Carlyle/McKinsey/JP Morgan/Silicon Valley/Soros/China/Muslim Brotherhood/Pharma/Military Industrial Complex/ UN/WEF/ Brookings/Carnegie/Rockefeller/Atlantic/MediaMatters/Iran Lobby/Qatar….

Nary a peep re: the treaty currently in the making to reunite North, Central and South America into “ One America” with a single shared government ruled by the delightful corrupt installed WEF graduates.

Nary a peep about the created global chaos or the leadership of said nations . The Young Global Leaders-Trudeau, Lula, Sunak,Ritte,Macron, Sturgeon,Merkel,Ardern, Australia,Spain,Portugal,Peru,Chile,Wales, Ireland,Luxembourg,Ukraine,Czech Republic, Bolivia,Argentina,Nicaragua, Honduras,Colombia, Panama,Austria,Guatemala ,Brussels, Lithuania,Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden,Malaysia, Indonesia,Uruguay, Tunisia,Algeria,Pakistan,Kuala Lumpur, Ethiopia, Romania,UAE,Niger +

The few who fought back and won: Italy, Hungary, El Salvador for now. Putin’s been fighting the WEF/Soros for years

Nary a peep: The funding for GOF has been through the DOD for decades and is enormous. The “ vaccines” are created by our Faustus/DOD/BARDA/DARPA agencies , the players at hand include the upper echelon HHS,State Dept, NIAID,DHS,FDA , Science and Technology among them

Not a fucking peep!

Trump should do the right thing and expose the cabal. What more can they do to him? At this point, should anything happen to him, his children or anybody close to him, the implications would be far too obvious. If for once he’d surround himself with a tremendous group of qualified people in the know, regardless of personal ideology and blew the damn whistle, he’d have accomplished his pledge…

He could and would pull the plug and Drain The Swamp

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I think it's interesting that Manchin and Sinema are on the list; would be interested to know if they have gone before. Like, those two could really derail some domestic implementation of Davos priorities--organizers are all, let's give them the full court press!

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USA is incredibly well represented ~ 21 pages worth!

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Zelensky - grifter extraordinaire will be attending. That's all you need to know.

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